Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This day can only get better, right?

Last night I had my talk at the church (that’s another blog post) and because D had to be home at 6.30 latest, he couldn’t work late and finish some deadline stuff.

While I’m in a rant-y mood, his company thinks their employees are the only ones with lives.

When he told them he had to come look after babies so I could go do my thing, they freaked.


So he then told them (he is verrrrrrry private and doesn’t like to let them know a THING they don’t absolutely have to know – yes, the opp of me) that I do a monthly talk at the church and it has been planned since Jan.

Even if it hadn’t, I still would not have cancelled.

Anyway, point is because he left “early” he went in at the crack of dawn this morning (6.30) and I did morning shift with the kids.

I am not a morning person. At all.

The children were tearing up my room, books everywhere, my things flung everywhere, etc.

I eventually fetched their dummies (pacifiers) and Friday (Connor is seriously attached to this bear – I’m starting to worry… but it’s still cute) and plonked them on D’s side with “books” (old magazines).

They were quiet and I fell asleep.

Woke to see these blue plastic dental floss things EVERYWHERE – they got into my bedside drawer and FLUNG these things everywhere. Connor was saying “sore sore” because one of those things got in his “shoe” (slipper).

And then he got manic because he was hungry. No doubt from all that running around at the crack of dawn.

Connor goes from normal to STARVING in seconds, a real little boy, and has absolutely NO patience when he’s hungry, much like his father.

I plonked them in their high chairs and gave them Provita and raisins til V got there and made their oats.

Then it started calming down.


Tuesdays is when Nester, Rogers (gardener) and V are all there.

And today, Rogers brought a friend to take over from him for two weeks while he goes to get married. To be 100% honest, I find Rogers very abrasive and aggressive – even this morning the way he checked that we had his money ready… ooh, boy, he should be glad the kids were going crazy and needed my attention.

It makes me go crazy when there are so many people in the house because everyone asks me questions at the same time, etc.

And remember, I am not a morning person.

Oh, some feedback. Both Nester and V said that the pillowcases were definitely not there. I doubted myself so have chosen to believe them both BUT I gave them both a very stern talking-to and I think they’re a bit scared of me. In this same conversation I said I’m tired of being the only one in the house to put things where they belong.

My old “toys and books do not belong in the kitchen/ on my dining-room table, etc”.

Connor loves Nester – you should see him when he hears the intercom signaling her arrival – “Where Ne?” Then when he sees her, he gets all flirty! “THERE!!!” with such glee and gorgeous smiles. Both V and I laugh and laugh.

Well, while I’m having a cup of coffee to calm down from the morning madness (and check work email), V announces that the iron I bought on Saturday (after the previous one stopped working after 8 months) is not working.

I flipped.

But since I want that pile of washing ironed, I dragged myself to Clicks to take the two irons back and buy number 3.

The one manager started talking to another one (in another language I don’t understand) for a full 3 minutes or so.

Now I may not understand the language, but I do understand tone and body language.

And so I flipped out!

I said, “if there’s a problem, tell me and I’ll just pay for the new one and complain later. But I do NOT have time to stand here while you decide if I broke the iron or not. I need to get to work”.

And so they refunded without further problems.

But the one lady gave me serious attitude.

I had had it!

And that is why I got to work at 10:15.


I’ve just come back from a FANTASTIC meeting – seriously fantastic. Loved the guy. He knew what he was doing, could answer all our questions and if it were up to me alone, I’d sign him up on the spot. I am on a high but this is why we need actuaries and accounting people :)

Are you a morning person? Night owl?

To brighten up this rant-y post, some cute pics.

Connor feeding his father some coloured rings

Kendra sporting ponytails for a few seconds before her brother pulled them out of her hair. And yes, I was organising the medicine drawer (see background in pic on bottom left)

PPS I have 100 followers - thanks to each and every one of you. Giveaway tomorrow!


  1. It definitely sounds like your day could do with a bit of sunshine now.

    I would have flipped my lid too about the iron and the rudeness.

  2. Oh, that is not a good start to the day. We have many of the same problems that you guys have - just dovetailing between us. And H work is in Midrand, which add to the issue.

    And yes, that is part of my Clicks list to come - they are rude! Apart from the pharmacists, who I love.

    And seriously, irons - gosh, they just work for a short while.

  3. Oh yes and I am so not a night owl.

  4. Oh my goodness. Can't you stagger them in some way? Or arrange for them to come when you're not home and let V take care of it!?

    We've been futzing with pony tails too but Claire's hair sticks straight up out of the pony tail. She looks ridiculous but it's nice not to have her hair going every which way.

    I'm happy to say that through many moves, drops, and a flood-my irons still works great! I absolutely hate knowing people are talking about me in front of my face and I can't understand it. Luckily here the second most common language is Spanish and I have 5 years of that under my belt. I don't know how you cope with so many languages. It's just rude to do that, especially to a customer. I would be filing a complaint!

  5. It can just get better;-)

    I am also not a morning person...when my little grandson storms into our room at the crack of dawn it feels as if I have a hangover, and I don't even drink.

  6. I'm not that much of a morning person, but I'm definately not a night owl. Once I have my coffee and start moving in the morning, I'm OK. I do not like multiple people talking at once. That is a big problem in our house these days between SIL Niki, Phoebe and DH.

    And 100 followers! You lucky lady!

  7. Hahaha….I am so glad to be reading this post now. I wrote up a similar post this morning and was just about to publish “Are you an owl or a lark”

    I used to be a morning person before I had kids. They have most certainly ruined it for me.

    Now I am definitely a night owl. I actually can’t relax at night and I am extremely hyped up (without any caffeine btw) and at my most productive.

    In fact, my DH is also a night owl. In order to preserve our sanity in the mornings we prepare EVERYTHING at night. Lunches, clothing, reply slips, bags etc so that there will be absolutely no cause for anxiety and tension in the mornings.
    My Tween is definitely a morning person. Very chirpy and all that. Joel is a morning person only if he wakes up naturally i.e. without any interference.
    I generally DO have a problem with too many people talking at once, whether it is first thing in the morning or not.
    Congrats on having 100 followers. Am I a follower if I read your blog in GR?

  8. I can never fall asleep if Marshall is up - but my hubby has done it one more than one occasion...and I walk in to a completely trashed house! O' the exhaustion of raising kid(s)!!

  9. I'm a morning person. But not because I like mornings (I don't), but because I HATE to stay up late. I usually hit the hay around 1030 on New Years Eve! And no matter how early I wake up, I'm pretty awake and peppy, even if I feel half asleep.

    If you'd like, I ship you my iron. It's not like I ever use it anyway! On the ironing thing, I find this to be very cultural. My husband thinks most things should be ironed. I disagree. Most Americans I know do not iron casual wear and business clothes often get dry cleaned so there isn't much need for ironing. I did iron clothes when I worked in an office but that was only certain things that got very wrinkled in the dryer.

    Where my husband is from (El Salvador) they iron EVERYTHING. Baby onesies, underwear, JEANS! I find it so odd and, if I am frank, somewhat time wasting. Certainly, my cotton underwear does not need to be ironed, does it??? :)

    so glad you got your refund - its amazing how much paying customers are hassled!

  10. Oh I am a night owl. All the way. So is Nick, and it seems Henry is going that way too, so it works for us!

    I am way behind on reading my blogs, but wanted to say congrats on the nomination with Circle of Mom's! I voted for you :)

  11. What a morning! Hope tomorrow is calmer.

    My hair straightener stopped working last week, as I was trying to get ready for work, of course.

    Since the girls were born, I have gradually come to require a lot less sleep. Not because of their sleep habits (they still get 11-12 hours a night, thank goodness), but because there is so much I want to do when they go to bed that I end up staying up much later than I used to (11 or later most nights now). I get up at 6:20 on work days and function just fine after my shower. It's 7 or 7:30 on the weekends, which feels like sleeping in now! : )

  12. I am a morning person. I cope better with chaos in the morning than in the evening.

    By 19h00 I am ready to kill if there is not calm!

  13. I love rants.

    I love the fact that you lost it on the store employees...I hate when people speak in a different language right in front of me.

    I love the pictures and the ponytails.

    I love when someone else gets as pissed as I do.


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