Monday, May 02, 2011

This made me cry and lots of linky love

EDITED to add another award! Look at number 3 - I am bad!!!

Down to 82 blogs now :)

I've been following J-mom since her triplets were about 3 and they're now 7.

Today I read this post that was just SO sweet, it made me cry.


And then, before I get too late with these, I've had 4 blog awards recently.


1. First, from Kaitake in New Zealand (I am so jealous of their weather.................), versatile blogger and stylish blogger awards. K is taking on the NZ govt for funding for her IVF (love her perseverance and determination).

2. Then, from Blackhuff in South Africa (she has lost a TON of weight over the last 8 - 9 months and is pure inspiration with her self-discipline!) also gave me the versatile blogger award.

3. Also, from Mash at The Lucky Life (another South African blogger, this time in CT) gave me the Versatile Blogger award. Mash has family in Jhb so hopefully we'll meet up soon. She's so self-disciplined with money and is Inspiration. She's the one who told me I can pay off my bond this year and even sent me a helpful spreadsheet.

4. and last, but by no means least, from Rebecca at Unexplained Happiness, the blog with substance award. And... she wanted to take it back after seeing my good photo crop post :)

I thought I was the most straightforward and honest person I know but... um no, Rebecca is.

Thank you to all of you ladies for the virtual hugs :)

I'll share my 7 things and then, for those reading, please take whichever awards you like - you are all awesome people for reading and writing me lovely comments :)

I am way too tired to hand out awards as a little girl was in my bed at 4 am this morning crying her eyes out. We don't know why; we think she was just being emotional (I know, I also thought girls only started with this nonsense at 13).

Here goes:

  1. I only do filing every 2 - 3 months. I keep very little paper so it's only about 1 cm thick after that long. I have an in-tray I put it all in and I date it (last time filing was done 13 January!).
  2. I only keep (max) about 3 months' worth of any one bill. And sometimes when I'm lazy (like today) I only keep the latest. How often do you file?
  3. I also have an in-tray I call "things to do in front of the tv". Tonight I watched about 20 minutes of the Bold and the Beautiful and cut out gift tags. They've been waiting for me for sweet forever since the B&B (and now, Amazing Race) is all I watch.
  4. I've done 3 GINORMOUS loads of laundry and there are still 2 to go. Laundry is my worst chore, ever. Waaaay above cleaning toilets. What's your worst chore?
  5. I have not worked out with the personal trainer for a whole month. Tomorrow I'm going to phone the gym manager and fight with him as he keeps changing these people. On the one hand, I'm sad as my flab is kind of creeping back at an alarming rate but on the other hand, I think I would have wasted 10 days adjusting to a new person ...
  6. I've been doing that random acts of kindness thing and.......... in a surprising turn of events, I got stuff done back at me! One friend sent me TWO cards (I am TICKLED pink when I get anything fun in the mail) and TWO men tried to pay for my parking the other day. That was hugely embarrassing and is a blog post in itself. My favourite one I've done is to leave post-it notes with lovely messages on them on random people's computers. I giggle to myself when they find it. Do you ever do random acts of kindness?
  7. I made a vision book last year (sketchbook with double page spread for each section of my life) and I think I'm going to have to go back to the old-fashioned way and do a vision board, on an A2 poster board. I need to see it out in front of me all the time. The book was propped open in a recipe book holder on my desk but was taking up way too much space. Hmmm, I may do this with the group at my monthly church talks. It is a fantastic group activity as people actually do it within a specific time instead of just saying "yes, I really should..."

And that's me!

Now answer my two questions in 4 and 6.

Have a lovely week - I'm back at work tomorrow.


  1. As far as random acts of kindness, I just sent a package to a friend who's been kind of down the past two weeks or so, as a pick me up :)

  2. Laundry is a peace of cake... with five boys I loathe cleaning toilets - trust me they can not aim... Dash in I can only think: "spinaround" and dash out... Seriously get up: scrub the bathroom floor, have breakfast, scrub the bathroom floor, do the laundry, scrub the bathroom floor, some one is at the gate, scrub the ... get the picture!!! And it only ends at the vey end of the day - when everyone is asleep in bed... I scrub the bathroom floor. Oh send your laundry over, I wouldn't even notice it!!! I will swop our bathroom floor for your laundry any day!!! In fact, everyday!!!

  3. That was a very sweet post! Thanks for pointing it out! Congrats on all the bloggy love you got! I love what Rebecca wrote! When I pulled that up in google reader I had no idea what I could comment because all I saw was boobs! So glad she broke the ice! So totally agree with what Mandy are a beautiful SKINNY woman, so stop trying to find imperfections! Have a great week Marcia!

    Oh...good job on getting your reader count down!

    Also enjoy your first work day back! Hopefully you won't be to far behind!

  4. Haha...don't hate me because I'm honest! I'm beautiful too...hate me for that (or lie to me b/c it makes me feel good)!!!

    What is up with the trainer? That would piss me off!!!

    Laundry...hate it...want to get it sent out like I did in my 20's.

    I love random acts of kindness...haven't done one in a while, but I think it's time!

  5. I think vacuuming has got to be my least favorite, as it requires organization: everyone in the house has to pick up their junk off the floor and put it away. As for random acts of kindness, I've taken to giving all my colleagues little chocolate gifts on their desks, anytime an occasion presents itself :)

  6. It's just my pleasure :)
    My worst chore? Tiding the house :( I hate it so much.
    Random acts of kindness? Making tea or coffee for my co-workers.

  7. I LOVE doing laundry. I don't enjoy packing it away though. My worst chore is washing dishes. I HATE it! As soon as I am in a position to do so then I'll be buying myself a dishwasher. And I do a few random acts. I try to do at least one a week. Last week I went to go and throw in petrol and I ended up giving the petrol guy a box of chocs that I was meant to give my husband for Easter. HE gave me such brilliant service and I just really felt like I needed to spoil him. And it made me feel so good! Am wanting to do that random acts thing on a more official level.

  8. Ps...congrats on all your awards. And that blog entry made me all weepy. So beautifully written.x

  9. Oh I do random acts - maybe not as much as I should. And ironing - I do not iron. Full stop.


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