Thursday, May 19, 2011

Voting Day

this was me 2 years ago on Voting Day (21 April)

this was me yesterday with babies!

I am not really into politics but I do vote.

My plan was to go at 6:30 (polling stations close at 7 pm) but D was hell-bent on voting at a reasonable hour.

I was going to babysit and let him stand in those queues by himself.

After texts from all of my family in PE (to take the kids as they let you into the front of the queue), I relented and we eventually left home at 12:10.

I had this bright idea to walk and take the babies in the pram. Since it was a lovely day, fresh air and so on.

Well, the walk was much longer than I thought and of course, I was taking pics all over the place.

babies pointing to bins, trees, cars, etc.

leaves, glorious leaves

I don't know how she got that mark on her chin.

When we arrived at the voting station, we joined the back of the queue to suss things out. An official was right there checking for old people and ones like us and immediately showed us the way right into the hall to cast our votes.

It was fantastic aside from the rude glares from jealous people.

One man joked with me that I should rent out my kids so people could skip the queues :)

The officials were fantastic - courteous, quite efficient (I'm afraid only the Singaporeans measure up to my very high standards of efficiency :)) for South Africa and very, very friendly.

In and out within minutes.

And that was with people oohing and aaahing over the babies.

On the way out we met very old church friends of ours we hadn't seen in years so spent a good 20 minutes catching up with them - lovely.

a lovely grey cloud...

I like these garage doors

So I'm not political but I do love passionate people and a certain blog friend *cough* Hayley *cough* is so passionate about this stuff, it's lovely to see.

Also I don't get all the people complaining that they were turned away at the wrong voting stations - I'm as apathetic as they come and even I sent a text to check that I was, in fact, registered where I thought I was.

Quick and easy and reassuring to know they had me on record.

It may surprise you to know that I don't vote for either of the two major parties (!) - teehee :) I'm not about just lumping my vote in with large volumes of people.

I'd rather have one or two persons properly representing my values and ideals than 10 people I don't agree with.


So I saw on FB that in some places you don't get time off to vote - what???? (honestly speaking, I'd be much less inclined if there wasn't some free time thrown in) - and that you get fined if you don't - whattttttttttt????

Do you vote? Did you vote? Where are you on the caring about politics scale? (I'm a 2)

PS My favourite pics are the one of the flower with my voting dot on my finger and Connor's face, "what am I supposed to do with this flower?"


  1. So interesting! I was wondering about the dot on your fingernail.

    I love politics, and can get very heated over political issues. I guess this is to be expected since my BA is in Political Science and my MA is in Public Policy!

    Here in the U.S., we actually have very low voter's kind of embarrassing! Most employers will excuse you to go vote, but there's not a law that says they have to. It is relatively easy to vote absentee for those who can't miss work or will be away from home, but again, so few care enough to actually do it.

    P.S. Are you wearing the same shirt in your picture from two years ago?? You are so cute in the pregnant picture!

  2. Deanna, really? you're a pol sci fundi :)

    yes!!! I purposely wore it again :)

    apparently we had turnout in the low 50's at last count.

  3. I LOVE your pictures. And I simply CANNOT believe that people were jealous. That's just lame. We also got the comments about renting out our kids.
    I love news and current affairs so by default I do follow lots of politics. At one stage I considered studying Political Science - not quite sure why I changed my mind. I think because I heard that lots of people fail it. Snort. Was NOT going to struggle. I do vote. I did vote. And on the scale I would say I'm about a 7. And btw...I loved following @HayleyM_'s tweets yesterday. Her excitement was absolutely contageous!

  4. Love all the pics!!!
    I don't vote. I should, but I always forget to register and with us being military and frequent moves... sigh.

  5. I vote for presidential elections and local ones when there is a specific topic being voted on. Otherwise, I don't keep up with local politicians.

    As for time off to vote, I never thought it was a big deal. Polls open really early in the morning and stay open until 8pm. Most people can find time to go. Some companies give it as a day off (General Motors, for example).

    Where are the places that fine you for not voting?? That's crazy, but at least everyone's voice is heard.

  6. I don't get excused from work to vote, but I always do! I'm not very political, but it is a hard won right for us all to have the freedom of a democratic society. So I feel we should do it. Our lines are never long at our polling place, so that's never an issue. We do always bring our kids though. Phoebe remembers going with us from a very young age.

    Love the pics! It looked like a beautiful day!

  7. So you already answered my voting day shirt question...

    I love politics! Living here in the US people are so under informed and uninvolved. Deanna is right, it is an embarrassment. I don't pretend to know it all, but I do stay current. The older I get the more upset I get with the government.

    I would wish our girls were instant cut-the-line passes! I don't mind waiting with them to vote, but I hate EVERYONE pointing out the twins and asking a million questions.

  8. The walk is always longer than it looks :)

    We voted - also moved to the front of the queue due to my belly being bigger than the actual line ;-p

    I actually do kinda care. I think having kids changed it a little for me - so probably about a 8/10

  9. I care a lot about voting - I think in a country like ours where the right to vote was so hard fought over, you Have to vote. Hence my horror at the missing ID.

  10. Good for you for voting :) I too voted but I'm a bit more up the ladder when it comes to politics. I know all about it - I like to be up to date when it comes to politics and religion.
    And great that you all decided to walk.

  11. Looks like a fun outing. We didn't get to cut the queue where we voted (2,5 hours - nuff said).

  12. Nicole, I was reading on someone's FB status (maybe Hayley?) and a lady commented that they get fined $50 if they don't vote.

    That's exactly it - I know the right to vote was hard-fought so I will do it, I just don't know if it makes a difference. My husband says it does :)

    I am very inspired by all of you who care so passionately.

    Thank you for inspiring me!

  13. SusanT2:35 pm

    Yes, I voted. And I'm about a 7 on the scale. I am very interested in current affairs and would rather read a magazine like Time than a gossip mag.
    I see voting as my right to complain. If you don't vote you can't complain about the government afterwards. :-)
    Our queue was very short. We went at about 3pm and it only took as 5 minutes.

  14. Wow...lovely post...and lovely photographs.

    Next time I am taking my grandchildren with me to vote...nuff said;-)


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