Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

Yesterday morning I determined that I would go to weigh-in no matter what, and I did.

And guess what? I lost a kilo!

I'm not getting too excited though as my knee seems to be messed up (yes, from Tuesday's exercise) and I'm on I'm taking it easy with exercise if I even get there.

I spoke to the lady about my C problem and she upped my fruit to 3 a day, checked that I was still drinking all my water (I am) and suggested prunes as that 3rd fruit.

She said to me that she hoped I wasn't offended by her text. As if! I told her I LOVED that she called me out on it.

So off I went to Pick and Pay to get a ginormous packet of prunes and when I saw this, I decided that I deserved a (non-food) gift for losing a kilo :)

Isn't it pretty?

D and I had our date - a shopping one for party stuff/ kids' presents, etc. We bought them 6 things each - mostly things they need - but we're hiding most of it away til their birthday.

I got a few stationery items as I normally do (this is my vice).

But best of all, we went for a baked cheesecake slice and coffee to talk and we are finally in agreement on the party theme. My two boring ideas are out and we're going with something more fun but still easy (I think).

I'm not telling you because some of the people reading this blog will be invited and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

And so I've bought stuff already - paper bowls and plates, muffin cups, some balloons, and some things from my beloved etsy (I know it's a sickness :)).

Things are moving and I'm happy.

Let me just take a moment here and say this: it is near impossible to find non-character party themes these days.

For someone like me, that's terrible.

But Ben 10, Hello Kitty, and a whole host of other characters I don't even know (would you believe I have still not seen the famous Barney on TV and neither have my kids?!) or care to know.

Anyway, moving on...

Today we had church in the morning and then a few errands on the way home.

We've just finished a new section of the church building and it's looking stunning - I am SO proud because it is seriously gorgeous.

We took the kids to the family room with us today because we were late and Connor was making friends with bigger boys, other families, etc. The boy has no problems with shyness!

He even sat next to another lady eventually and wrote all over her notebook!!!

Kendra did the same in my notebook with my purple pen. I think she loves that I have a lot of coloured pens so she can choose a fun colour.

MandyE, I don't give her my Pilot 0.7 gel pens. Those are sacred. I know you understand :)

Yesterday my kids slept for 2 hours (yes!) but today they slept on the way home from church and that, it seems, was that.

I let them run free out in the garden so I could clean the kitchen. They love being outside so much and we are SOOOOOOOOOO blessed in Jhb to have absolutely the best winter weather in the world.

In my unbiased opinion, of course.

So they were out like a light tonight.

I tidied my study on Friday but there are lists everywhere, yesterday's shopping "hiding out" here and I need to restore some order.

Remind me to talk about scrapbooking paper sometime - maybe it's a good thing I only found out about its goodness this year :)

My vices are paper, notebooks, pens (all stationery actually), mugs and handbags.

What are yours?

And how was your weekend?


  1. A good weekend - but easily over 90 degrees here in Georgia, USA! I also have a serious weakness for stationary - but, with the whole sewing thing, have quickly moved to fabric! It's something about the texture, pattern, and color I can't deny!!

  2. My vice, honestly, cookies. I have no fewer than 3 cookies each day. I'm an addict. Homemade, store bought, gourmet fancy-pants coffee shop cookies-any type will work!

    My weekend was spent making my husband productive. AND I'm happy to say I was successful!

  3. Oh man that is lovely!!!

    My vice is bra/panty sets, stationery and sweets :)

  4. Mandy, I love that you got DH to be productive - you need to share your tips :)

    ORM - this is my fear - I could SO very easily get into fabric for the same reasons - texture (I'm very tactile) and colour!!!

    Laura, the bras must get expensive :)

  5. I think my vices are stationery as well. I love having a pretty notebook to write in and pretty colored pens. I also love shoes, but I haven't allowed myself to wallow in that vice lately, except the ones I already own.

    We also don't watch Barney. I'm so not a fan. We love anything Muppets in this house though and always have, so Elmo is our theme. I have a cake pan already from one of Phoebe's birthdays to make their cake.

  6. My vices = reading books, pretty notebooks, pencils, funky sharpeners, erasers, bags. Am so craving Mugg& Bean caramel cheesecake after reading this post.
    Congrats on your weight loss!


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