Friday, May 06, 2011

What are you doing for Mother's Day?

I saw a post on Holly's blog that reminded me about something I wanted to talk to you about.

Holly asked if people wanted jewellery, something handmade, a break or something else for Mother's Day.

First, a bit of background.

You know my infertility background.

Mother's Day was one of those hard, hard days that always left me crying.

At my church, they ask all the mothers to stand and they pray over them.

I thought it was beautiful ... for them... but heart-wrenching for people like me.

And so last year, my first Mother's Day, I thought I'd be all sunshine and roses.

Life is beautiful and all I want to do is spend time with my babies.

Um, no.

Far from it.

I actually just wanted to be alone. Also, at 10 months, our kids were just starting to sleep through so I was still sleep deprived.

I remember I sent a text to some of my friends saying, "is it terrible that all I want to do for Mother's Day is be by myself?"

Some replied and said they'd love the same thing but due to expectations they'd have to suck it up and have more of the family/ baby thing.


But I spoke to D and he took the babies to visit his mother after church so I could have some alone time.


Now, this year I'm doing things differently.

I'm not taking chances on him reading my mind.

I told him I want something (small and practical) from him and from the kids.

We're also having a quick lunch with his mother after church (we have restaurants at church and I couldn't face the slow service and overpriced menus of traditional restaurants) and then home.

I'm going to tell him that I want an hour to read in the afternoon.

And that's it.

But this year, I will actually spend time with the kids :)

What are you doing this Mother's Day?
And what do you want?


This week I did a couple of things just for me:
  1. On Monday I stayed in my pj's until 3 pm and it felt gooooood. I could get used to that.
  2. Yesterday I had another full body massage. This one was good but I was cold - apparently there is something wrong with the aircon but I told her she better get it fixed because I hate being cold. Yes, I love the cold but I don't like BEING cold.
  3. Best of all, I've been getting my goals and things sorted and realigned since we're 1/3rd of the way through the year. Next week I want to post an update on my 36 things list. This might sound boring but it's how I keep moving forward in my life.
What have you done for yourself this week?


  1. For Mother's Day I asked Aaron and the kids to clean out my van. There is so much crap in there, and I keep putting it off. I can't wait to have it empty of papers and toys and STUFF!

  2. I've done a post regarding Mothers day on my blog as well today - a post about your question for that matter :)
    Hope you enjoy your Mothers day. And weekend

  3. I was just thinking about this last many of the things you said. MDay was excrutiating when we were trying to get pregnant. I would just avoid the TV and stores for a couple of weeks, as - at least here - there's a huge advertising frenzy.

    I was looking forward to my first MDay after the girls were born...thinking...finally! And while I was so thankful to finally BE a mother, the girls were only four months old, and I felt all sorts of guilt for just wanting to be by myself. That truly would have been the best present, at least for a couple of hours.

    Last year was better...I remember not cooking on that day...and I'm hoping for at least a little bit of a similar break this year. And while I wouldn't turn down alone time if it were offered to me, I'm looking forward to some family time. :)

  4. Wonderful ME time! I so love staying in my pajamas all day every now and then! Have a great Mothers Day! Take care!

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  6. I think about all my friends who have struggled to get pregnant as well as those who don't have a "traditional" mother or have abusive mothers or whatever. Such a nice day to remember mothers, but it is also a reminder of yucky stuff for others :(

    Kind of a mixed emotion around that day!

    Good ME stuff, friend! I totally get the cold thing especially when you are trying to relax and get a massage!!!

  7. An afternoon alone is a great Mother's Day present, in my opinion. We will probably go to lunch as we usually do on Sunday, but we will get to treat my mom this week. She specifically asked for no gifts, so that's our deal.

    Jeremy is still working around the clock, so I don't expect anything for me. I think he will get to go to church with us, which will be nice since we haven't seen him for the last week. I told him a couple of weeks ago that he can pay for my massage on the cruise for Mother's Day!

  8. I remember the struggles with Mother's Day, not only because of IF, but because my mother and I aren't close. I remember being let-down when everyone BUT my husband wished me a happy Mother's-To-Be Day, complete with cards and balloons. I remember my first official Mother's Day, and it pretty much sucking. I received new shirts because I had outgrown mine, way to really push in my weight there DH!

    This year, I'm trying not to remember! I've decided to work all day. I can't be let down this way and it will be nice to have something to focus on other than the house and kids. I totally agree that time to yourself is the best gift of all!

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful week and the weekend ahead looks even better!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Bit of everything. I was very specific this year about how I wanted my Mothers Day. Am blogging it just now.

  11. I'm actually pretty excited about Mother's Day this year, but not about Mother's Day. We're going to "Point to Point" which is a steeplechase horse race they hold every year. It's usually the week before or the week after Mother's Day, but this year is is right on it, and I think that's awesome. I actually keep forgetting it's supposed to be this big holiday for Mom's. To me, this is a great thing to do for that day. Spend it with my family all dressed up (it is a hugely dressed up event), eat good food and see some good sights. They even do a parade of old fashioned horse and buggies that are beautifully restored which gorgeous matching teams of horses. It will be lots of fun. I'll be posting pics! Keep your fingers crossed it doesn't rain.

  12. I spent Saturday away from Hubby and the kids at a womens retreat, so spending Mothers day with the kids was great. If I hadn't had that time away... I just would have wanted some alone time! :)

    I got a Spa package for Mother's Day and I can't wait to go get my Massage and Pedicure! YEAH!


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