Sunday, May 01, 2011

What's that about the 7th time?

Before I forget, is anyone's kids on Floradix? When mine went for their 21-month appt, Dr S said they were looking a bit pale and to give iron supplements!

We started giving them Ferrimed and then I decluttered my medicines (in a burst of productivity on the Easter weekend) and found two unexpired bottles of Floradix (liquid iron).

They are 10 ml bottles and the dosage instructions say to take 10 ml before morning and evening meals which is obviously crazy.

I gave them each 1 ml but does anyone know what the correct dosage is?


Today was the 7th time the babies went to children's church and finally, the first time I didn't worry one tiny little bit.

Afterwards I was so anxious to see them and when we went up to the classroom, we peeked in.

BTW, am I the only one who gets annoyed by peaks, peeks and piques all being used wrong?

Kendra was right near the door and I said, "Kendra!"

She turns around and goes, "MUMMY!" with such joy. We laughed!

Then we watched Connor for a bit where he was playing with some bigger (but still in the 12 - 24 months class) boys.

Eventually the lady on duty told him we were there.

First thing he does is he scrunches up his face like he wants to cry.

He was remembering that actually, he was sad to be left 1.5 hours earlier.

And then he ran over and I scooped him up.

I couldn't resist and spontaneously said, "Connor, you gorgeous boy! I love you so much!" and I saw a couple of the parents smiling.

D said to me afterwards that I better get it under control because I'm going to embarrass him.

Is it bad that I don't care?

He is gorgeous and I do love him! :)

So things are looking up.

We went to D's mom for lunch and the kids would not eat a single thing.

I was mortified because they're normally excellent eaters but were just not in the mood for food and she'd cooked things she knows they eat here - pasta, chicken, etc.

Then we went to drop off the camp cot at Caren's place.

Caren is looking fabulous. I could hardly believe it - she's lost so much weight and is even more gorgeous. I'm so proud of her.

And her babies? Big and beautiful.

They were gobsmacked by my two crazies running around in their space :) and didn't utter a single word the entire time.

We were saying how we couldn't believe that they are all so big and two years ago we were all just pregnant.

And now I'm freezing and my warm, electric-blanketed bed and my Sheila O'Flanagan are calling my name.

Also, I'm down to 161 posts in Google Reader.

How was your Sunday? What are you looking forward to this week?

PS Laura, the books are in the PS of my previous post.
Laura Case, I'm going to write you a lovely long email soonish... about your doubt post.


  1. I agree he is gorgeous! Dads have to suck it up.....Mom's will embarrass them and their sons!! ;-) It is just a matter of when and where.

  2. Of course you're not the only one annoyed with the peeks, peaks, and drives me nuts!

    I love the Connor it!

    I also kind of love the fact that you're counting down your Google Reader!

  3. It's it a mother's job to embarrass? I plan on doing a GREAT JOB!

    Those little hands on the keys would make gorgeous prints! I need to get on the picture band wagon.

    P,P,P bother me as well, but not nearly as much as they're, their, and there and verb agreement. My grammar is far from perfect but reading it irks my last nerve. We all had the same lessons in English!

  4. Am not familiar with Ferrimed or Floridax. Best you google that dosage. I was giving my kids Chelafur (sp) at one stage. They loved it.
    Had a lazy Sunday. This week I just want to get up to date with my work work. I have been off sick and there have been way too many holidays and interruptions (not that I'm complaining) but it does drive me insane that I'm a lot behind with stuff.
    Those pics are gorgeous. Love the ones with K at the piano. And I don't think it's called embarrassment at this age, especially if they love it! When they are tweens or teens then it's a different story.
    Gosh, have they really been to CC 7 times already? You are getting so good with this letting go stuff...

  5. Aah, thanks SO much for the compliments M, made my day! It was lovely to see C & K again, they are too sweet for words. Just loved it when C kept on saying "hello" every few mins! And your muffins are delicious, thanks again!

  6. Floradix is more like food than a drug, you can't overdo it. I take it too (when I remember). Love it!

  7. I am really excied about going to visit my parents tomorrow. My mom is making sticky chicken...yumm! Not something that I cook at all. I am going to eat until I can't sit up straight!

    It's the little things really... ;-)

  8. Don't worry about embarrassing them in public until you begin to notice signs that they are self conscious. Some kids (like my Kendra) never are ... others become socially aware and uneasy at much earlier ages (like I did).

    Bad English bothers me too - but I try not to get too bent out of shape, because I'm no expert either. A Lot bothers me as do homonyms - and I really try hard to use spell checker!

    You can never love on your kids (privately or publicly) too much. You just might have to change your format. Joel was acting "too big for kisses" so I would ask him, "How many kisses do you need tonight, and where shall I put it?" Often he would ask for 10 kisses, one on each finger, then put those 10 fingers all over himself with funny kissy sounds. Now he does the 10 fingers every single night, but we also do noses, forhead, cheeks, and sometimes he gets really silly and asks for elbows, and dirty toes (which I make a big deal over EWWWW and he giggles up a storm.).


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