Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's your thing?

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Right, now onto today's post.

There's this girl about 12 years my junior at work.

We are quite similar in personality and share a lot of interests (like a passion for travel and Myers Briggs :)) but she's much cleverer than I am :)

Anyway, we were talking about books and I promised to bring her one of the best career books for women ever (Nice girls don't get the corner office - keep an open mind and read it if you're a working mom) and then she promised to bring me one (Steve Harvey's Act like a lady).

We did the exchange today and I told her I'd start hers this week and definitely be done within a week.

She said, "well, you'll be waiting a LOT longer for your one". LOL

And then I explained my modus operandi.

I can easily read one book a week, reading 30 - 60 minutes every evening, which is why my goal is 5 books a month because this way I have to intentionally set aside EXTRA time on the weekend or a weekday evening to read.

My goal is one night a week for fun things.

I don't always make it for an entire evening but having the reading goal forces me to relax and enjoy my time off.

Some of you may say, "is it really relaxing if you have to push yourself?"

And I say an absolute yes!

It really is just getting over the hump of (very slight) guilt at not whizzing around, replying to emails, cleaning, organising, etc. and relaxing. And about 5 minutes after sitting down, I'm enjoying my book and couldn't care less about other things.


When I say this kind of thing to people, I see they want to slap me but just remember, I'm a time management coach and I coach on purposeful and intentional living, so to be in integrity, I have to live my talk.

I told the personal trainer today that I could never coach if I wasn't doing the stuff myself. I'd feel like a fraud.

So that's my thing (love love LOVE reading).

What's your thing, and how do you make time for it?

Aren't you glad this is the last day to vote? I know I am :)

P.S. A big congrats to Laura Case for launching her photography business. I am a big fan of Laura, the photographer, but even more so of Laura, the person, as she is someone who really lives life BIG! She also has the two cutest boys in the world! Laura, I can't wait to see your business take off and soar :)

PPS I'm off to try and finish a book by midnight to reach my reading goal :)


  1. YES! The one in the back of the stroller kicked the one in the front! How did you know? :) I think it was exacerbated by the fact that she was bored, and then the one in the front whined so badly. Is there any way to get around that?

    Clicked that email follow-up thingie. :)

  2. Also... I am impressed that you find the time to read every evening. I love to read also, but these days I am just so tired from work and mommyhood, I just veg out on the couch, catch up on blogs and facebook, and on a productive night I catch up on TV - but I have about 500 things in my TIVO que.

    I'm about to have 9 weeks off of work though (giggle, giddiness, joy!). So, I plan on catching up on reading.

  3. I definitely need to do things more intentionally, as you do. Tonite I'm trying to catch up on reading blog posts from Google Reader. Your's by far are very interesting tonight. I think I had the last 5 to read. I'll be commenting on them all.

    And I know you said the other lady is much cleverer than you, but I think you should rethink that.

  4. I have to admit that reading is my thing too - my personal joy. But as we are sleeping so badly at the moment, I fall asleep while reading. Or I have to force myself to switch off the light at 10 as much longer will mean I might never actually get to sleep.

    Such a crap night last night.

  5. I envy your determination! :)
    I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't read a book for so long I can't even give an estimate -- how terrible. It used to be my 'guilty pleasure', my me time.
    Gosh, no excuses even.

  6. 1. I set aside my exercise time daily which is my thing. That 55 - 90 minutes is when I zone out completely and just be me and my running and exercising.
    2. Every second week I get 60 - 90 minutes to do my nails. Hubby then look after the children.
    3. At 20h00 every evening, the kids are in their bed and me as well. Doing whatever I want till 21h00 and that is my time.
    So I completely understand where you come from and agree that everyone, women and men, need time for themselves every week. I too can't understand when people want to slap me when I say this. This is important and that they don't understand.

  7. Thanks for the shout out!!

  8. My thing used to be reading and I'm trying very hard to get back into it!

  9. I love to read as well and watch TV. That may not be the best hobby but I don't care! :)

    Also, hubby and I have been making a point to get out more (whether apart or together) to do the things that we love. For me, that getting my eyebrows done, meeting with friends, etc. For him, its mostly just golf. And we have been doing more date nights.

  10. I love to watch TV...it's so lazy and brainless and I love it. Every night, at 9PM, I pour my glass of wine and watch TV. I love that time...love it, love it, love it.

    Then I also read before bed and stay up way too late.


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