Thursday, June 16, 2011

Control freak tendencies

doughnut muffins

Oh gosh, I just realised I have 3 weeks to try and shift some of this very stubborn weight before my babies' party.

You see, Jeanette is coming to take pics of the party.

Normally I would think this OTT but I regretted having a designated photographer last year because you can't be and document at the same time.

Also I liked the idea of having a professional as I like pics of details and non-posed shots and nobody else takes those kinds of pics except professionals. Of course I'm generalising like crazy...

And reason 3 - it's a "kill two birds with one stone" thing. Party gets documented properly and we get some family pics.

So I guess it'll be gym 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks.

Especially since I haven't been once this week. I think I'll have to drag myself on Sat morning.

Please will someone hold me accountable. I better tell my coach.

Also, I've just checked the gym's website and I think I'm going to a dance class on Sat morning.


Today is Youth Day in South Africa. We took it really easy today which was so good.

The babies and D went for a nap at 11:30 and after they all woke and we had lunch, I got dressed (yes, after 1!) and we went to our local mall where we did some shopping.

Something that is driving me up the wall is this - V doesn't tell me or write on the shopping list when something is running low.

Now remember I am usually at work so my time to do organising/ cleaning-type stuff is limited to very short periods of time on weekends.

Today I was sorting the laundry ready to run a load (with my little helper - she is so cute!) and found ............ the washing powder container empty. I can't let the laundry pile up because the thought of piles and piles of dirty washing makes me twitch, so this was the main reason for us going shopping.

As an aside, pre-babies I was TOTALLY on top of the house. I did a proper menu plan every week, shopping list according to that, emptied out freezer at least once a month (I don't like "old food") by getting resourceful and creative with cooking, I organised different sections of my home every week and knew exactly how much of anything there was in my house.

Of course afterwards, that was just not possible. There is another person here more than I am, and a cleaning lady one day a week and my time at home is spent with the babies while they're awake.

But I had to let go otherwise I would have gone crazy frantically trying to keep control of it all.

And mostly it works.

I'm mostly unfrazzled and the house is clean and organised enough, runs reasonably well according to my standards and very well according to some other people's standards.

If only people would put things back in their places and write on the shopping list I'd be so much happier.

Of course we came home with lots of food and some goodies from Clicks (they had a make-up sale and how can I pass by their nail polishes - I have some weird tendencies that if I find a colour I like, I buy 3!).

Another aside - I am also looking for a Kindle cover. I have a boring black one but I want a fun, funky material one and since our customs duty is so much on fabric imports, I'm looking for suitable bags/ pouches at local stores. Tell me if you see something I might like. Remember I don't sew but I do accept gifts :)

So today's been good - lots of pottering around the house (LOVE this), lots of family time with fairly well-behaved toddlers, had two coaching appts and now some computer time.

And guess what? I've crossed off 3 of the 15 things from yesterday.

One of those was updating my 36 things list. I only have 13 to go, and some of them are not going to happen but I'm okay with that. It actually felt really good to go update that list and see how far I've come. I may just have to do this type of thing forever. A post for another day.

How was your Youth Day? Otherwise, tell me, how much of a control freak/ perfectionist are you about your home? :)

PS I need to do the blogger thing. Okay, who wants to meet up with me? I'm good after 9 July but let's schedule... Cat, Louisa, Hayley?


  1. I am not very particular about my house. I do like to have kitchen stuff in particular cabinets, and Aaron unpacked some of those boxes when we moved in and I feel like items aren't in the cabinets I'd naturally open for that specific thing. But I don't care if it's all thrown in those cabinets haphazardly LOL

  2. HA! I love how the thought of piles of laundry make you twitch! That tickled me!

    There is an astounding amount of laundry with twins. Their clothes are so little, you'd think it wouldn't be such a big deal - but it is.

    Wish I could say I was as on top of the house stuff before the babies came, but now that they are here I realize what opportunities I have to get things done and mostly, they get done. I am more efficient, out of neccesity.

    Of course... I get the summer off starting Monday, and am SO looking forward to being able to keep up with the house all week instead of it being more of a marathon on the weekend. SO nice to do a load of laundry every other day, than to do 6 loads on the weekend!

  3. I am also particular about my house and can catch a fit when I realise (always) that unless I say "move this" or "move that" the maid just cleans around things....and we will not even go to where the laundry is concerned...I take my ironing to be done by somebody at the Mission and freak out when I see the washing basket with everything just scrunched in. * Taking a deep breath here*

    Have a wonderful weekend Marcia.

  4. I also hate seeing piles of laundry! I would rather have piles or ironing than piles of dirty clothes. I do washing everday, sometimes 2 loads a day.
    Did you make those doughnut muffins, they look heavenly?!

  5. Do you do bulk food/goods storage? That is my answer to everything. I always have a backup in the pantry. My basement is storage central! I must have 8 containers of detergent down there. I can't stand laundry to pile up, I do some each day! I have to when I'm washing for two houses!

    Here today is just Friday. It was finally DH's last day of school. He is now officially on summer break to pester to hell out of me for the next 8 weeks! Ahhhhhh!!

    Would you be charged a duty on a silicone case? Or what if you got a gift? They can't charge you duties on a gift can they??

  6. Our youth day was awesome - Jack and I came home :)

    We chilled - just the 5 of us :)

    I am pretty anal about the house. If it is untidy I cant cope - really it upsets me.

    Oddly enough I dont mind running out of stuff as much as I mind it being untidy!

  7. Blogger get together sounds like a great idea. My calender is pretty much open after the 9th too. Just say when and where?

  8. Yes - let's schedule.

  9. I am relatively easy-going about my house but when it starts to become too untidy then I go nuts! I would say that my house is tidy but not squeaky clean. I think that if I didn’t have kids or if I had more time to maintain it or if I had someone to do it for me, then it probably would be squeaky clean. As it is, keeping my house clean takes a lot of my time. I console myself (mostly very successfully) about the fact that there are actually real people living in my house. It’s all I can do to NOT lose my sanity.

    I also twitch at dirty washing - I can’t stand it and would do a load every single day if I could.

    You have done REALLY well on your 36 list and I think that you can be very proud of yourself. I am currently trying to compile something similar because I also have a birthday coming up but I am battling to balance it out with easy, relatively doable things vs OTT set-myself-up-for-disappointment things.

    Youth day was lazy-ish. Joel (he who hates getting up early and usually sleeps till 08:00 on a Saturday AND on a Sunday) was ready to play at 05:30am. My DH found the stash of chocolates that I hid for Father’s Day and started eating them (VERY LOUDLY) in bed at around 07:30am and I eventually got up at 08:30 because my friend brought around a BOX of nappies that she never got around to using. Isn’t she just lovely?

    After she left (she stayed for breakfast) I spent a bit of time on my computer and then got back into bed with Joel and spent most of the day there. I read a bit, slept a bit, then got up to clean a bit and cook. Then I went back to bed at about 21:00 and didn’t move Friday morning.


  10. The list thing drives me nuts. Also, when you use the last of something and don't replace it.

    Husband came to me very quietly yesterday morning to tell me that we were low on shampoo b/c he didn't want me getting into the shower to no shampoo...guess he's starting to "get" my control freak ways.


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