Friday, June 17, 2011

Date afternoons, the next best thing

As you know we don't have anyone who can babysit the kids at night so we can't have date nights.

The next best thing is date afternoons.

Very 60-year-old couple thing to do but this is the life stage we're in right now.

So Nanny V comes to work on one Saturday a month and D's mom comes to babysit one Sunday a month, and we use those times as our date afternoons.

We usually go run an errand or two that we can't do with babies (look at furniture/ house stuff) and eat out in the Nanny V time, and go see a movie in the MIL time.

Today we were both off from work and Nanny V worked so we hung around til the kids went to nap and then took off.

By the way, these babies never sleep as long for us but with her they nap about 2 hours usually, today 3 hours!!!!

I have NO idea what she does to make them sleep that long.

Anyway, I first ran a quick errand by myself (D said he'd rather not come with me to stand in a bank queue - I can't think why :)) and went to close my three accounts at the red bank.

For my non-South African readers, there are 4 major banks in South Africa and they each have a separate colour - red, green, blue and turquoise.

I was with the red bank for 25 years and opened a new account with the turquoise bank two months ago, and have only just managed to find some time to officially close the accounts. I transferred everything out except the R1000 I'm supposed to keep in the one account.

I am quite sad because the service today was good, the best I've had in YEARS but way too late.

Moving on...

We tried to go to an early movie but D is a stickler and if the movie's been on for even 10 seconds, he will not watch it.

So walking through the mall while deciding where to have lunch, we run into some old friends of ours and stood talking right there for one hour!

I had a brainwave and phoned through our order to Mimmos so when we arrived it was ready, we ate quickly and then went to see the Lincoln Lawyer (based on Michael Connolly's book).

Michael Connolly is one of my favourite authors ever (I have not rated one of his books below an 8) and I actually even met him once.

You know how no-one looks like their bio photo?

Yes, well, there was this man at the table with us at the author breakfast and I was chatting away to other ladies who had never read him but came to the author breakfast (who does that anyway?!) about how excellent his books are (you know how passionate I get about things I love) and how you can get any of them and won't be disappointed, and on and on.

Anyway, then the lady starts the proceedings and says, "please put your hands together and welcome Michael Connolly" and THIS GUY stands up.


I nearly died as I quickly scanned my memory bank wondering if I'd said anything bad. D assured me that I was very complimentary and only wondered how he (MC) kept a straight face through all of that. Teehee.

So that's my "I met a famous person" story.

The movie was OUTSTANDING - go see - and we both loved it.


That's what I did for me this week - I took leave, spent some quality time with D and I may have also bought a couple of cute notebooks for me.

You can never be too rich, thin or have too many notebooks, right? :P)

And I'm so glad those bank accounts are closed because that's one less thing I have to keep on my mental to-do list.

What have you done for yourself this week?

P.S. I've just prepped my talk for Monday and have also done the handout so that's another 4 things off my list and a total of 7 out of 15 :)


  1. Glad you took some time off work to enjoy a long weekend with your beautiful family! Enjoy!

  2. Spending alone time with your man is always matter what time of the day. Glad you got some. Have a wonderful weekend (hopefully with few time outs;-)

  3. Date night or date afternoon, as long as you get out! Besides, sounds like you accomplish a lot on those afternoons.

    Funny story about meeting your famous person! Love it. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I actually prefer date afternoons - I love sitting in some kid unfriendly restaurant in the sun chilling over a glass of wine!!!

    This week I had a kid for me :)

  5. That sounds like a really fabulous way to spend your me time. And meeting a favorite author! Does it get any better than that?

    We do mostly date afternoons too (although, sometimes we do brunch). We don't have good options for a night sitter, and honestly, we're so darn tired in the evenings, I'm not sure how much fun we'd have.

    Thanks for you emailed comments. I'm not sure why you were unable to post on my blog. Has this happened to you before (on mine or other blogs)? I wonder if the problem is on my end.

  6. I think this is a brilliant idea to have date afternoons - I would have never thought about this. Great for you two. Wow!

  7. Well you know what I did, but U think you spent the day brilliantly.

  8. We don’t have a problem with babysitters but also seldom go out at night unless we really have to and then we would rather have the kids sleep out than cart them around so late. I actually like being at home in the evenings (this is my computer and series and movie and reading time) and so does my DH. I think that we are just old like that. I prefer afternoons as well because night-time dates mean taking the kids out of routine and and and. There just seems to be so much more prep that goes with night-time dates. Gosh, we have not been to the movies in yonks! Must suggest it for next date afternoon. Very productive you were this past weekend!

    ps...I don't think I've ever read a Michael Connelly. Must look for something of his.

  9. That author story is hysterical! You're too funny!!!

  10. My for-me thing this week is that I took a sick day today. I am feeling rather guilty about it...and I'm not even faking feeling sick.


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