Thursday, June 30, 2011

Decadent and slow

Yesterday I took only my 2nd sick day in my 6 years 2 months at this company, and in the last 10 - 11 years.

On Tuesday morning I was sneezing up a storm and had half-filled a bin with tissues (I know, gross!) and then I used up another packet in a meeting.

One guy said I should go home to rest and I said, "rest? with twins? it's more restful being here at work"

Which is true.

I cancelled personal training and that evening I was really feeling so blah and low-energy that I decided if I felt the same the next morning, I was going to actually use one of these sick days.

And so I did.

In the morning I wrote to my boss and one or two others, did email for about 90 minutes (work client stuff) and then took a Degoran and slept.

After reading some blogs in Google Reader and eating hot cross buns and tea, of course.

It felt so decadent because V was there with the kids and I was lazing (recovering) away in bed.

I slept for about 3 hours (in the middle of the day, no less) and woke feeling like a new woman.

I was much, MUCH better today so went back to work but again cancelled personal training.

In South Africa we get 30 sick days over a 3-year cycle but they don't accumulate. Once you've finished a cycle with your employer, your leave goes back to 0.

What's the situation where you live?

Then in other news, I forgot to mention...

I bought a slow cooker!

I've been kind-of wanting one for awhile.

Let me explain.

I've totally wanted one but didn't fancy it taking up precious counter space.

Last year when I wrote down my 36 things list and asked for help, MandyE sent me a pot roast in the crockpot recipe and was HORRIFIED to hear that I didn't have one.

At the time it was summer so no way was I going to give up precious counter space but I finally decided that we are DEEP in the heart of winter and it's time to get slow cooking.

So far I've made lentils, rice and butternut for the babies, which was perfect. And plain rice for us :)

I know, I'm so exciting.

Okay, so over to you.

I've googled recipes but Lord, there are so many I was overwhelmed.

What are your favourite crockpot/ slow cooker recipes? Please share - I need to use this thing a lot in the last 6 weeks of winter.

P.S. Look on the sidebar ----> can you see my values? Just something I whipped up with wordle the other day :)


  1. So glad you were able to take care of yourself, and that you're now feeling better!

    I have a ton of great crock pot recipes. I'll email you over the weekend with a list of titles, and I'll be glad to share! :)

    We have a long weekend coming up here for Independence Day. I'll probably be doing some pork ribs in my crock pot!

    And that's so weird that your sick days go back to 0 after three years. Hubby gets so many per year, and they accrue indefinitely. I think he's sitting on 60 or so now, and whatever he doesn't use by the time he retires, they pay him for. Of course that's probably an extremely good scenario, him being a teacher...but we'll take it!

  2. You didn't have a crock pot??! I, too, am shocked. : )

    In the winter, I use mine to make lots of potato, vegetable, or taco soup and white chicken chili (the current favorite). Let me know if you want any of those recipes and I will email them to you! I also do pork or beef ribs, as Mandy said, or pork roast to shred for BBQ sandwiches.

    The thing I am cooking most often in the crock pot right now is Mexican-style chicken. Take a couple of boneless chicken breasts and throw them in with a package of taco seasoning and a can of Rotel tomoatoes. Cook on low for a few hours, until the chicken is tender and starting to fall apart. I shred it with kitchen scissors and use it all week for chicken tacos or burritos and to top tortilla chips for a quick plate of nachos.

    Re: sick leave...we get 4.2 hours per pay period (24 periods/year), and it accumulates. I took 14 weeks off with the babies, and I still have plenty left, thank goodness!

  3. Are crock pot's an American thing? I'm flabbergasted you didn't have one! I have two! (Hoarding-another horrible American thing!)

    I love pot roast and chicken bbq in the slow cooker. Oh and mushroom chicken with rice! I don't think anything can be bad in the slow cooker...

    I want to try peach cobbler in the slow cooker this summer.

    As for sick time, I have none. None at all, ever, for anyone in the company. They don't like you to miss and when you do you need documentation or it is held against you. DH however is a teacher and has the same scenario as Mandy's husband. All of his leaves(illness, family, personal, business) accumulate and he will cash them out when retires. I think he currently has about 4000 hours of leave total. A friend of mine just retired and she cashed in the equvalent of three years time as she never missed a day in all her years!

  4. Goodness me! You are a very dedicated employee. I very seldom take sick leave but if I am sick then I take the day off.
    I have wanted to get a slow cooker for the longest time but have just not gotten around to it. It's on my list though. I saw that on the side bar the other day. LOVE IT!

  5. Glad you're feeling a little better. I always think sleep is the best thing when I'm sick. I'd have to check, but I think we get 5 sick days a year and then it starts over every year.

    On the crock-pot, I have no recipes as DH hates crock pot meals. That's one of his only requests is nothing made in the crock pot. We have one, but we only use it to keep hot things for parties like roast beef sandwiches and meatballs and sauce.

  6. Hope you feel better soon!

    I don't have any slow cooker recipes for you sorry. Don't have one either, and the chances of anything being cooked here that takes more than half an hour are slim to none. ;-)

  7. I still do not have a slow cooker - Hunter and I have been talking about getting one for ages, but I also do not knwo how to cook in it. So plesze tell me when you have some.

    As to sick leave, I only take when I am reallky sick - being the boss is a bit of a two sided sword thing - you can take how many you want to, but taking even one sets the office back.

  8. In the military you don't get sick days. Aaron has to go in even if he's half dead. They'll send him to a medic who will decide if he needs a doctor, and then if he's really truly ill, they will put him on 'quarters' which means he has to stay at home for however long they prescribe.

    He does accumulate 2 and a half days of leave each month which they'll let him take if no one else has put in for leave when he wants to. He's got over a month saved up right now, but they won't let him have more than like 2 weeks at a time, max.

    We like to throw chicken breasts in the crock pot with either a cup or so of BBQ sauce, and then shred it up and serve on hamburger buns with cole slaw or with a package of taco seasoning and a cup of salsa and serve on tortillas with cheese and sour cream.

  9. So glad you took a sick day. There is nothing which is better than sleeping to cure a illness.
    I'm glad you got a slow cooker. I use mine right throughout the year. I like to make soup in it, to stews, meat dishes, sweet potato and even pasta like lasanga.
    Soup recipe:
    1 x packet of Soup mix
    1 x packet of any meat you prefer.
    1 x stock cube
    Veggies to your taste
    I add Barley for complex carb and then also Quinoa (1/2 packet).
    Then top slow cooker with water.
    Set on Auto and when you come home, soup is ready.
    With my slow cooker, this is how I survive being a mommy :)

  10. ooh Jayme, your chicken sounds divine. I could do that :) I actually think it's easy.

    Cat, I do 100g brown rice, 100g lentils, 200g butternut with enough water to cover, 1 teaspoon salt, some thyme and cinnamon (!) and let it all cook for about 2 - 3 hours on high. The babies love it.

  11. Well done on listening to your body and taking the break.

    I love my slow cooker - LOVE IT! When I was working I would pop something in in the morning and bam instant dinner when I get home :)

  12. I just started REALLY using the slow cooker last it!

    Hope you're feeling better...I seriously need a V!


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