Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fathers Day ideas

I mentioned before that I'm not a crafty person although secretly I wish I were.

This is what I did for Father's Day last year.

I took pics of the kids, pasted them in a Word doc, printed them out (not even in colour) and then pasted that page to a card. I put the babies' handprints on the card while they protested loudly.

Not pretty but he loved it. Maybe because he knew I'd made the effort?

Anyway, this year, it's going to be a lot cuter!

I'm going to make him something like this:

Mine will be in a basket or maybe on a tray... and will have hero juice (root beer - D's favourite - I hate it), chips, mints, a bar of chocolate and some Whispers.

I think he will love it and yes, I will take pics before presenting.

Download the printables from Alphamom.

I'm also going to have this printed (yes, I'll pay :)) and put in a frame (I don't know where I got it as I just saved the printable before I decided to post about this)

I don't like unnecessary clutter and so I don't buy mugs and that kind of thing. I like meaningful stuff that leave the house quickly :)

So I also LOVE these ideas...

DAD photo frame

Movie bucket (for those in South Africa, Mr P Home has lovely popcorn buckets) - perfect for the quality time guy

Father's Day subway art - print and put in a nice frame - perfect for the words of affirmation guy

Super Dad printables (maybe for his morning muffin)

If you like the idea of subway art, but these ones don't quite do it for you, you could make your own with Just type in all the things you think about him and play around with it, and print.

Okay, so that's me.

What about you? What are you doing?


  1. I wanted to make him a photobook, but time caught me. I have asked him for ideas - traditionally we do books but we always make a nice card - we do not buy cards. For my FIL I ordered the book "Rugby in our Blood" on exclusive Books' website - they gift wrap, put a message on and deliver for free to his house in PE at R142. I think that was a touch of brilliance on my side.

  2. I have to say that the links you have provided are so cool and so inexpensive. So cool.

  3. Love the box of goodies, and I am looking forward to checking out some of the links you posted.

    Last year I made a Top 10 List of the Reasons You're the Best Daddy in the World. I listed things relevant to what the girls did with J that year, like, "You give the best shoulder rides."

    I think I'm going to update it this year (with new handprints). One reason might be, "You bought us our first soccer ball."

    I made it in a format to go into the girls' scrapbook so it had a "home".

    I'll also cook some of the hub's favorite goodies for the day, probably beginning with crepes for breakfast (gag!). :)

  4. Mandy, that sounds yummy! And what a great idea :)

    D said to me last night that he wants something that shows someone has put in effort (that's what I said the last time hahahaha).

    Cat, you are a genius! Love it.

    M, I don't like to show love through simply paying for big things.

  5. Thank you thank you!!
    I so needed this post.

  6. Very cute favorite is the link to the DAD photos. I think Jeremy would love that. We aren't big gift-givers...we are more likely to splurge on something we both want and call it our "presents", but that photo frame would be something special.

    I might have to try that this weekend!

  7. Honestly? I haven't even thought about FD yet. Must discuss with Joshua this weekend. Thanks for the links.x

  8. Oh my goodness---that box of goodies is an awesome idea!

    I don't think I did anything for my poor husband for Father's Day last year. Our girls were only a few months old, and we were both in a tired fog. I'm not sure we did anything for Mother's Day either--ha!

    This year is different, the girls are older (and sleeping through the night), so we're able to get out and enjoy our special days as a family.

    I'm sure whatever you do---it will be meaningful and fun!

  9. Great ideas! I bought a card so far, which has Superman pin on it. I'm working on the rest. This definitely gives me some ideas!

  10. So far, I'm just going with what he's asked for...a running ID bracelet and a blu-ray player.

    However, if I want to make it look like I've made some effort, I'll hop on over and check out your links! Thanks, lady!

  11. Erg...for some reason, the subway art is taking me to the movie bucket. While I think that is a great idea, it's like pulling teeth to get Husband to relax for a movie! Can you send me the other link!

  12. Looks like a great idea - how'd it go?


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