Saturday, June 11, 2011

Feature Friday... a day late

I thought it would be fitting for me to start off showcasing some blogs in my inspiration and dreaming folder :)

I've been reading Andrea's blog, Superhero Journal, forever. It really does feel like forever because she was also infertile when I started reading. And now that baby is about 4 or 5 :) and there's a baby 2.

You all know I'm obsessed with people who are open and honest and admittedly not perfect. This is her.

She makes the most beautiful jewellery, takes gorgeous pics (of leaves, shoes and weird things :)) and writes beautifully too.

Also, how can you not love a blog with the name Superhero???!

Andrea's one of the creators of Mondo Beyondo.

Jen Lemen is the other creator of Mondo Beyondo and she's the other blog I want to talk about today.

Jen is beautifully introspective and asks such good questions that make you think.

If something makes me think about things hours and even days afterward, that's a minor miracle right there because I generally move on so quickly.

I remember writing a comment on one of her posts YEARS ago (at least 4 years ago) where I spoke about my infertility and she wrote back with one of the sweetest comments ever. I saved that email for years and then shortly after the babies were born, deleted it.

Anyway, I love love LOVE this latest post on Andrea's blog. And incidentally, the pic on the projector (in her post) is one of my favourites ever.

Here is a link to Jen's blog.

Go make a nice cup of coffee/ tea and settle in for some good reading time :) These are blogs I read over lunch because I need to read and think about things.

Two questions for you today:

Do you normally read blogs like this? By creative, arty types?

If yes, which ones are your favourites?

PS Was anyone already a follower of these blogs?


  1. I would like to read blogs like this but I don't know of that many. That's why I am loving that you are going to share your favourites. You do have really good taste...

  2. ps...I do like Jen's one very much.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love blogs that inspire and people that are honest. Blogs with only creative things can become boring when you don't get a glimpse of the person behind the blog.


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