Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good thing I don't feel like this often

It's 5:11 pm and I'm at work in my gym clothes, stewing.

I'll be here for an hour and then go get dressed and meet our Fertility Babies group for supper.

I didn't drive all the way home as it's just a waste of time for such a short time.


I'm feeling very grumpy so hoping if I write about it, I'll feel better:
  1. Today the kids broke my specs. I woke to find Kendra clutching the arm of my specs with the rest of it by her feet. It's not really Kendra so I suspect Connor may have helped. Thank goodness the lenses weren't broken as I order super expensive ones with a gazillion fancy things - it kills me to pay it every time but at least they don't break easily.
  2. Stopped in at the optometrist on the way to work and it will only cost a couple of hundred rand ($30) to replace the arm. Thank goodness.
  3. Because of all this drama in the morning, I didn't have enough time to do all the things I'd planned and so am running behind with my work. Yes, I'm blogging. It's free therapy.
  4. The food we ordered for lunch in our team meeting was all wrong. They added mayonnaise to my sandwich which made it soggy (I always specify "no sauce") and I'm SUPER fussy about soggy food. I was starving (and we were in a meeting) so just had to eat.
  5. Then in the meeting, my boss (not so wonderful at the moment because I'm cross) announces that another person is now the lead on a project I've been involved in (you know which one, Mash). I technically don't mind - she has TONS more time to give it the attention it deserves - but I do mind not being told prior to the meeting. Actually I do mind a bit because it's one of my passions.
  6. So I'm seething the entire time - I'm not one to create drama in a meeting but I will give him a piece of my mind tomorrow. The pieces then fell into place because of a meeting we'd had earlier this week and I realised why she was so insistent about doing a particular piece of work on this project. I am still going to insist on doing it (I know you think I'm crazy) but I am even more super fussy about communication and I want to draft the internal communication on this thing.
  7. And then as if all of that is not enough, it's the day for the personal trainer. The only thing that made me go up there is the thought that I need to get this tension out of my body. And so I said not a word except for asking one or two questions about some new exercises and she kept saying, "what's wrong?" Valid question as usually we talk the whole time. I said, "there is just way too much going on for me to even start explaining"
  8. Feeling a bit nostalgic for what once was, and what I thought would still be. A friendship of mine has changed and I'm a bit very sad about that.

Now after all that, would you not feel grumpy?

I hope I cheer up soon (or can put on a smile) because otherwise I'm going to have a dreadful evening.

But how was YOUR day? Did you have a good one?

P.S. The one bright spot was I'm getting some free money from work :) Something about me being from a previously disadvantaged background. I don't care about all that but FREE MONEY. I need to take a trip and indulge myself a bit.

P.P.S Thanks for all your lovely comments on the manners post - there's some good stuff in the comments if you haven't subscribed. Dancing in the rain, I couldn't see the comment button when I tried to visit your blog but thanks so much for saying hello. I spent some time checking out all your crafty goodness :)


  1. Boo to bad days. I'm hoping you're having a better day today(by the time you read this).

    The kids can never just slightly bend the glasses, they always have to tear them apart! I should really go back to contacts but that's too much effort and I don't need to look pretty for the kids right?

    Another point for moving to SA, they give away free money! I find this amazing! You were once disadvantage so here, have a couple bucks? GENIUS!

  2. Just reading your post I was instantly transported back to my working days (in an office!)...I can very easily relate. I hope the change of scenery as you head to your group meeting, along with a completely different topic (another one of your passions!), will help you set it all aside to deal with later. Try not to take it with you, Marcia!

    And boo for broken specs, but at least it won't be too expensive to fix. One of the unwritten costs of kiddos, no doubt! :)

  3. Oh no! Sorry you've had a sucky day. What happened in your meeting would also drive me insane. Actually stuff like that happen all the time where I work. The sneakiness of it all just grates me to no end! Another reason to get out of corporate. And sorry about the friendship in your life that has changed. I hate when that happens. And I know it is part of life and all but it doesn't make it any less painful. I hope that you have a better evening and that you will feel more yourself soon.

    ps...lucky you to get some free money! I am forever in the wrong place at the wrong time when it comes to stuff like that. day started off beautifully with Joel co-operating with the ST. It got progressively worse with me freezing my ass off in CT!

  4. It was OK. I wish things were a bit better and I need a bit of a kick in the pants on my to-do list to make sure everything is on it (1st problem) and that I can accomplish what's on it (2nd problem). I just wish I could clone myself somedays. This was one of those days.

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  6. I am waiting for the day my toddler breaks my glasses - there have been some near misses!

    When I worked in the optical industry we used to sell alot of those completely bendable frames to parent with your children!!

    Thanks for dropping by - if you click on the '0 commets' you can then then leave a comment in case you come by again!

  7. :( Hope things go better soon!

    My day went better than the previous. Bad day at work - unhappiness with some "remuneration" issues. But, I brought it, along with with other gripes up with my boss, so hoping that things will be looking a bit better soon....

  8. We all get bad days that can make us grumpy. What I love about reading your blog is that you WILL NEVER QUIT - you inspire me! Just want to leave this quote with you:

    "Whenever you make a mistake or get knocked down by life, don’t look back at it too long. Mistakes are life’s way of teaching you. Your capacity for occasional blunders is inseparable from your capacity to reach your goals. No one wins them all, and your failures, when they happen, are just part of your growth. Shake off your blunders. How will you know your limits without an occasional failure? Never quit. Your turn will come." – Og Mandino Quote


  9. Sounds like a terrible day you had yesterday. So sorry to hear. Are you feeling better today?

  10. I hope your day is way way better today. Gee and free money! Good on you.

    I had the most frustrating day, but have not blogged about it yet. All thanks to - MTN and Vodacom - yes, both!

  11. Yes, I'd be grumpy.

    I hate being blind-sided with work stuff.

    I hate soggy food.

    I hate missing who I used to be and long to be again.

    I love realizing that the Me I am now would kick the old Me's ass.


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