Sunday, June 05, 2011

It's only 10:20 and I've already lost it at least twice

and already both kids have been in time-out a total of about 10 times.

I've lost it a number of times and when I realised I sound like a banshee, I made a cup of tea and have now locked myself in the study.

Because of this craziness, I have now bought 123 magic for Christian parents and I see it's already delivered to my Kindle.

Have any of you (besides Rebecca) had success using this method?

PS D is also cross with me because I told him his time-out system doesn't work for Kendra.


  1. Sending a big {hug} your way. Hope your day gets better.

  2. Time outs work pretty well here! Of course we have some down days but they can usually be explained away by sugar or lack of sleep.

    What method are you using? We do a two minute time out and then speak to them. I've started sending them back to time out if they're still hysterical as a way to collect themselves too. They were re.entering play time like wild women!

    My current time out issue is the double time out. How do I send them both to time and get them to play and mess with each other?

  3. The 1-2-3 Magic method will help you keep your temper in check too. They say something about the child reacts the way you do...whatever. It's frustrating...I know.

    In answer to Mandy's double time-out question...we have multiple places for time-out...put them in separate spots.

    If you read my post today, you'll see that we're still having issues...there's no magic fix unfortunately.

  4. 1-2-3 Magic works for Ned. Not for Penny. I hate to tell you this but tantrums become even worse. We have at least one per child in the first hour they get up. And the fighting between them! Ugh. I want them to "work it out on their own" but they don't have the language skills/emotional processing to do it yet. I try to remind myself this is just part of growing up and to budget time to deal with these things. We plan fewer events, go fewer places, etc. Hang in there!

  5. Eish. Sorry honey.

    Locking yourself in the study with tea is a good idea.

    I have heard of 123 Magic but don't know it. Timeouts don't work for Joel either. We are still trying to figure him out. Each child is different and what works for one will most certainly not necessarily work for the other. Hope you have a better afternoon.x

  6. I have a couple of other blog friends who recommended that book (in addition to Rebecca). I'll admit I bought it and haven't read it yet. :)

    It's on my list, and I plan to get to it this week. J is out of school for the summer now, and we'd like to start to give the girls a few more freedoms...but not without some more strict systems in place.

    We've been largely redirecting at our house, and using consequences-based discipline, but I think the girls are old enough now to make better cause and effect connections.

    I'll be interested to get your take on the book! And hang in there, Marcia! :) :)

  7. UGH! So sorry. Sending you a big double-hug, one for each of your little troublemakers :)

    Hope your day gets much better!

  8. Sigh!!! Hope the tea helps!!! You may have needed something a bit stronger. I have to say when ALL around me seem so bad it generally isn't them at fault!!! Yesterday I had the grumps so bad that my husband sent me out doors in the freezing cold to chop the hedge, somehow hacking a bush always makes me feel so very much better!!! And the garden looks better for it and that always raises my spirits!!! So all in all a wise decision!!! Hope your day picks up really fast!!!

  9. We use 1,2,3 magic (for christian parents as well :)) And it has turned my house into such a peaceful home. No yelling, no pleading, just simple counting to get the kids to behave! I have a 6 year old, a 4 year old and a 19 month old. It works like a charm for the older two and for the baby we modify it a bit. She is still mainly redirected but does do timeouts for hitting, biting, pinching, ect.

  10. You'll have to let us know what you think of the book! Time outs work for Tommy. Liam, we have him put his nose against the wall. That seems to work better than sitting. I hope it works!

  11. Good luck! Can't say that time out really does anything for us either.


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