Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Just for you, Cat

What I'm wearing today

Black corduroy pants
Bright pink stripey socks (my socks are always weird and fun)
Black ankle boots
Olive green jersey
My favourite purple jacket - on sale from Edgars at R400 - about 8 years ago
Bright pink cap from Mr P bought on Sat by me and Kendra-approved
Purple gloves

(see the hair - WILD! I need the hairdresser desperately)

this pic doesn't want to upload properly but the bow on the left glove was ripped off by Connor the other day. Um, yes, the joy of having boys!


  1. Oh you look fab - thanks! Love that coat. And the beanie- I need one like that. Wow, and you can wear a poloneck! (I can't see - tactile issues)

  2. Cat, my neck must be covered otherwise I feel ice-cold :)

  3. Very nice. I love polonecks but for some reason can't wear scarves. I do love the jacket.

  4. Very the purple coat:-)

  5. Hi Marcia! You look lovely, I like your gloves even with just one bow :-) I dont get many chances to wear that many warm clothing, living in QLD (I love and miss cold weather- I'm from New Zealand!!)
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my party disaster. I know what u mean about people and RSVP's- Ggrrrr! I've decided next time that happens to me, I'm going to call them and ask. Good luck with your party plans- I'm looking forward to the photos :-)
    By the way, i had to LOL at your q' about my followers- its onyl coz of my MIL!! Her blog is massive- here is a link that will answer your question
    Before Rhonda posted this I had about 10 followers (mostly family and organising clients) and about 175 page views, then over night I had been visited 3000 times!! A lot were coming out of respect to Rhonda- but a few who were interested in organising stayed :-) I'm very lucky.
    Rhonda is having a book published soon, by Penguin Australia, based on her blog. And she's nearly up to 4 million page views.
    So you see, I've had a huge helping hand there.
    Your organising queen blog, on the other hand, is popular due to being darn awesome and due to all your hard work :-)
    Xx sorry for super long comment here!!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I like that Blue Jacket you're wearing. So cool.

  8. Love the outfit! You look fab! We're getting almost 100 degree weather here. I think the thing I miss the most about cooler weather, is not having to remember to bring a sweater to work due to air conditioning.

    BTW, I forgot to mention in my last comment, I got the package!!!! You are super super sweet! We've been having a rough week around here and Phoebe was so excited to see us get a package from South Africa.


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