Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A rainy day in Jhb

This morning I received a text from my insurer: Heavy downpours, road flooding and reduced visibility until 9.30.

In Jhb we don't get rain in winter as a general rule.

So a rainy day like this throws us, big-time.

And yet, when I was growing up in PE, I remember all the kids had these raincoats (a dark navy blue) that we'd wear over our school uniform as we WALKED to school in the rain.

Those were the days.

And now I cancel a hair appointment if it's raining :) I've lost my toughness.

The rain was so bad (heavy) that when D left, I said to Connor (we were still in bed), "let's pray for Daddy" so we did.

My children love praying.

When we were done, he said, "more" so I prayed for him, and then he said "more" again, and so it went on. I think I prayed about 4 times in total.

Then he goes, "done" which is my signal to stop.


I eventually dragged myself out of bed and got ready for work.

It was actually lovely driving to work - there was no traffic and the rain was constant and steady. I was not stressed at all.

Of course I'm wearing a lovely purple coat, gloves and a bright pink cap.

I do so love winter wear.

Our basement was half empty (and I was not early as I only arrived at 9.20!) as there was an accident on the M2 so all the people coming from the South are probably still stuck.

Our PA is still not at work!

What's your favourite thing about cold weather?


  1. Awwww....Connor is VERY cute.

    Food - Soups, stews, hot curries, warm puddings.

    Sound effects - sound of rain against my window, sound of thunder (so loaded with DRAMA), wind blowing which sounds almost like a song.

    Clothing - Coats. Winter pyjamas. Gown. Big slippers. Boots.

  2. are lucky that you weren't affected by traffic. The folks on Twitter were going NUTS because it was taking them at least 2 hours to get to work.

  3. Julia, I love all your winter loves. I say the same thing about winter weather - it's so DRAMATIC. I know, I am so blessed to live where I do. I take no highways to work and I only have one possible road that could have traffic.

  4. So now copy and pasting:

    Blogger comments is being a tad troublesome today - so here is try no 2.

    I am not a lover of winter at all, apart from the food.

    And I would so love to see you in your coat etc for a weather inspired WIWT. Come on, get one of the office guys to take a quick pic of you and post it.

  5. So cute when little ones want to pray...and it can go on forever;-)

    Heavy showers and icy cold in PE...unusual for winter as you know...but I am loving it, hopefully the drought will be a thing of the past after this.

  6. See, you should have bought those rain boots! :)

    One thing I love about cold weather is scarves. I didn't really grow up loving them (I'm from the south where it doesn't get as cold), but I love knotting a big heavy scarf around my neck.

    Glad you enjoyed your rain!

  7. Aw, Connor! That is precious that he wanted to pray more. A & M are just starting to get into it, and Addison squeezes her little eyes shut and folds her little just melts my heart!

    My favorite winter things are warm pajamas, socks, and comfort food. I love the smell of the heat coming on for the first time (in a central heating system, you have those?) and the first time I can wear a cute jacket or sweater.

    Enjoy the rainy day!

  8. I LOVE the surprise of waking up to a snow storm. I still get giggly like a small child whenever I go to sleep without snow only to wake up to inches or even better, FEET!

    I love just walking around the neighborhood. As a teen we would walk all over town. It is eerily silent, no movement, and everything is bleached out in white! It's sooo fantastic!

    It's nice just to think about at the moment! I love that you're seasons are opposite of ours. It was still 90(32C) degrees at 10 oclock tonight and so humid there is almost a fog!

  9. Sorry to hear that your PA is still not back at work.
    I hear now that the Jacaranda station is saying that it is snowing there. Brrrr.
    I don't like the Winter but I do like it that over weekends and in the evenings, I can lay on my bed underneath all the blankets and enjoy watching TV :) With the kids.

  10. Since having the Crazies, I am such a wimp about weather.

    I love sweaters, new winter coats (although I'm banned from purchasing any as Husband thinks I have enough), watching the Crazies play in the snow (from inside my warm house), and boots.

    I loathe everything else.

  11. My favourite thing about cold weather is if it happens on a day where I can stay in bed. If not then it's okay, since I don't get to boil alive in my car (no aircon). I love rain in general...I especially love walking around in it. I have quite a collection of umbrellas just for that reason. :-)


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