Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday sightings, also known as Featured Friday again late

This is actually my Feature Friday post, again late!

I looked in my Google Reader and saw tons and tons of the crafty/ home/ decor/ variety so I'm going to have to categorise them further so that I don't only pick 2 - 3 and forget lots of my other favourites.

Let's start with food blogs.

I love a good food blog with a story - I want to be transported and feel like I'm watching Nigella :)

I also love reading food blogs where the blogger clearly loves food and is not just posting recipes.

And good pics ALWAYS help - always.

So these are some of my favourites:

The Pioneer Woman - I was reading way back in the day long before she was as famous as she is now.

Things I still want to make - cinnamon rolls, chicken spaghetti and I'm trying these baked beans out tomorrow. I've got to start jazzing up my baked beans.

When I decided to start eating better, I unsubscribed from all the cooking blogs (to set up my environment for success) and the ones below are all new ones I'm folllowing but please go have a look and drool...

Joy the baker

The girl who ate everything (don't you love her blog name?!)

Bless this food (this is a girl who loves her food)

Two peas and their pod

and one I found on Friday, Skinny Taste. I've already bookmarked her skinny tuna noodle recipe.

I also have started putting together that recipe blog I spoke about before :)

I have a loose plan for all the food I plan to make "one day".

I pull out the recipe (if from a magazine) or print off the internet and stick it all in a folder in my kitchen.

Here's the thing - I put the date on the top and if about 6 months have passed and I haven't bothered yet, then clearly I'm not that into it.

So then I'll either write down the missing ingredients, go buy them and cook the thing (if it still looks good) or I'll toss the recipe.

I will say that I am more likely to try baking something than cooking it (because I can't follow a recipe exactly!) and I only tear out recipes that are quick and easy so chances are I already have the ingredients in my kitchen.

What are your favourite cooking and baking blogs? What's your favourite recipe? Do you like trying out new recipes? Do you have a plan for testing things out?

PS I've already decided that my 37 things list will include trying 2 new recipes a month - a cooking and a baking one. Can't wait!


  1. I will definitely check out a couple of those bookmarks...but I just had to say, THANKS for the idea about dating the recipes! Brilliant!!!

    I have a big folder of recipes that I've printed off the internet / clipped from magazines / etc. It's been in the back of my mind that I need to go through it, but I haven't taken the time. I'm definitely going to start dating recipes from now on...that should at least help! :)

    Do you make notes on the recipes you use? My mom used to do that, and I do it, too. I usually just note the date I first made it, any changes I made, and if I liked's neat to look back years later and remember the first time I made something...or even neater to see that my mom made a recipe in 1982! :)

  2. I just had a look at your new food blog - omg there are some amazing recipes on there. I'm debating making the chocolate cake in a mug - I've never baked before ever. But it seems to be too good to be true. Did it taste any good?! Thanks xx

  3. I don't like food blogs but I do watch food TV. I love to experiment by myself rather than taking a recipe from another person or TV program. It does give ideas but then I change it up to my desire and taste.
    Thanks for the links to the blogs you love to read. I like that.

  4. I love to make new recipes, but I find if I do not have time, it just stress me out completely. I write notes in my recipe books - about when I made it and how it was.

  5. For some reason I actually don't follow too many food blogs. Not sure why that is. I like Pioneer Woman. Also love (just LOVE those cake pops) and I've been enjoying
    Locally I enjoy and I've just found
    If I try out something new (not baking) then I usually test it on my DH and kids first. When I try something for the first time then I follow the recipe EXACTLY. I then make some notes as to what I would change (i.e. less onion or more salt or whatever) and then the next time around I make an improved version of the original. I don’t bake. I think I have baked one cake in my life – must blog about that. This might change VERY SOON because my Mother never got a chance to make those doughnut muffins. As soon as I am 15kg down I am going to bake them. Oh, and I LOVE watching food tv shows. I could watch them ALL DAY LONG. The only channel my mom watches on DSTV is the food channel. I totally get that and would probably do the same.

  6. I love looking at the pictures on food blogs - they just make everything look so yummy.

    For my own cooking I like to just whack random things together and see what sticks. Of course I have a few favourites, and everything has to be super low maintenance because I don't have the patience to stand in the kitchen for hours on end.


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