Friday, June 10, 2011

This week's me time

I've been in a strat session from 8:30 - 6 pm today.

By the way, the clock in my car is 10 minutes fast. That is part of the title of the CD I'm listening to, and yes, 3.5 degrees celsius.

We'd all agreed to go in and not come out til we got something sorted out, no matter the time, so yes, a long day but decisions made and lots of action items.

I love leaving strat sessions with things decided!

Especially when I see sunsets like this...

Absolutely gorgeous :)

Anyway, I have such a lot to talk about but I'll keep it easy. I was going to start my blog featuring thing today but you'll have to wait for tomorrow.

But first, how did I take time for myself this week?


1. Well, despite this week being the coldest week of the year (there was snow in some parts of SA, or so I hear), I braved the elements and went to gym not once, not twice, but THREE times.

I feel so virtuous.

Every single time I told myself that I must be the maddest (most mad?) person in the city to be out in this cold but I went.

Two of those were personal training sessions and one was a dance class.

The dance instructor is a new girl (well, new-to-me since I haven't been in over 2 months) and I was sweating and exhausted, and when I checked my watch, only 15 minutes had elapsed.


Somehow I made it and I felt AWESOME afterwards. I forget in between but I SO love dancing!

2. Then I hired a new coach this week. We had our intro session last week, I felt we connected and when she sent me details of her packages, I picked one (a weekly coaching package which I'll transition to monthly after 3 months, or maybe not, if I'm enjoying the weekly accountability), paid and am signed up.

It's for my business but we're going to focus on spiritual and family goals too. Woohoo.

I did my goals form last night - all 3 pages and emailed them through and we start next week.

3. Tomorrow I'm going to the hairdresser to get my hair blowdried and I can't WAIT!

4. My nails were painted purple earlier this week but I wasn't loving the colour so Wed night I took off the colour and painted my nails with clear polish. The next morning when Kendra came for snuggles, she goes, 'where's the purple?" Hilarious! This child notices everything!

What did you do for yourself this week? Did you have a fun one?

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  1. Three gym sessions in a week? You are virtuous.
    My week was quite hectic actually with Joel that was not so well. Didn't sleep so well on Tuesday night but I took Wednesday off and slept alongside him. Was beautiful.
    I did lunch-time walks for the rest of the week as well. And I had myself waxed and plucked so I at least look half human.
    I've just had my hair blow-dried and GHD'd. I am looking totally fabulous if I must say so myself.
    And tomorrow I am skipping WL and sleeping in. Just because I never get to do this.

  2. Woo hoo for your gym time! And I love how our little ones notice all the little details, like our hair, and nails, and earrings...we should all be so attentive! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend! And won't your tea taste so good in that cold weather?

  3. Impressive! I can't seem to find the energy to work out even though I have all the equipment right here at home. Talk about motivation!

    How cold does it get there?

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I so need your motivation!! Wish you could bottle some up and send my way!! :):) Great week of ME tine! Good for you!!

  5. 3C? I get mail in my pajamas in 3C! LOL

    Go you and your dance off! I will admit that I can really get into dance classes! Soo much better than the idea of being a hamster on a treadmill!

    Claire always notices my toes. She never actually says anything, but when I change my polish she always comes over, bends down to touch my toes, looks up at me and smiles. I like to think of it as gaining her approval. I don't know what I'll do if she doesn't approve!

    On a related note, I kinda want to take the girls to get their toes done with me! I'm not much of a girly girl (as in not at all) but I love a pedi! Not the paint so much as someone rubbing my feet!

  6. Was that a Zumba class? I so want to try it but with H working so far I can never actually get to a gym class.

    As to the nails - girls are so incredibly girly, even when young.

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  8. I am super impressed...especially in the weather we have been having!

  9. Stopping by from the link-up...

    Good for you- getting yourself out the gym in those frigid temps! I rarely consider my trips to the gym "me time" but I do LOVE any class that involves dancing (especially the one I do mid-day on Tuesdays while my kids go to childcare). I'm not the most graceful or coordinated person, but I still have so much fun AND get a great workout in.

    I hope you're having a nice weekend!

  10. You are doing great with the gym this cold. I must admit I roll out of bed, get into exercise clothes and jump on the treadmill every morning of my life...except weekends...then I lay in and read blogs, drink coffee and cuddle with my man.

  11. All of that sounds amazing.

    It's weird to think about it being cold in South Africa... Especially when it is so hot here right now! I love getting to know you even though you are halfway across the world. That's pretty neat.

  12. Dance class??? Love it!

    Yeah...I've tried purple polish too and just couldn't get into it. Oh, and yes, she will start to notice everything about your appearance from here on out...Hailey should work for Vogue given how she critiques my outfits.

  13. Yay! You did so well on your me time. Cold, really? It's 100 degrees here in Texas :)

  14. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Like YouTube?


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