Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I've been doing today ... and my time budget

  1. not freaking out over time-outs. By the way, this is why I love blogging. Some of you set me straight about my unrealistic expectations and I love it. And of course, just to make me think I'm crazy, the kids have been quite angelic since last Sunday. There have been one or two time-outs but we haven't had a crazy day like that since.
  2. buying party things. yip, this is the fun part, isn't it? But I'm so glad I'm no longer a fully fledged perfectionist because that means I can delegate!!! :)
  3. going to church. We had a guest speaker and gosh, I was so inspired I need to write a post. It was fabulous. But the babies? They are ROCKING children's church. It's really a pleasure now. We sign them in, collect our tags and walk them to the room to say hello to Thembi and Lizzy. The kids barely give us a backward glance as they run off!

  4. tidying this house. Oh my word, if I weren't as committed to paying off this bond on my house, I'd get someone in for another day a week. These kids can trash a room in seconds. Do you clean your own house? If you have help, how often does the person come clean? But... this is why I love having big, juicy goals - they keep me on the straight and narrow.
  5. putting together the Father's Day gift. I also told D I needed to run a few errands and needed an hour this afternoon. I was in and out of 4 shops and back home all within an hour. My feet are paying the price now though. Everything is assembled but I'm waiting for better light tomorrow to take pics. (Rebecca and others, I fixed the subway art link)

  6. catching up on Google Reader where I found such lovely kind things said about me! I'm still smiling :)
  7. browsing the internet. I love love LOVE these once a year baby books from Australia. They suit my slacker mom style perfectly but I'm not loving the price tag. Any ideas on doing these as cute but a lot cheaper?

I need to tell you something about last week.

I did a time budget (don't ask - long story - will write on organising blog this week) and my days were ending up with 25 hours, 26 hours and on weekends, 28 hours!

Clearly I think I am Superwoman.

So I worked and worked on that thing and I finally got it all to balance nicely at 24 hours.

The challenge will be keeping to it (as it is with a money budget) and not sacrificing sleep which is the first thing to go (for me).

I'm restricting myself to one hour's blogging a day - that's it. So I'll read blogs over breakfast and lunch as normal but me actually writing will be back down to 1 hour total a day. That's on here and the organising blog.

Do you think I can do it???

I think I totally can (fact is, I've become a little lazy with my time management) IF I set my timer every time I sit down at the computer.

So tonight I'm indulging a bit because from tomorrow, I'm back on the budget.

How much time do you spend reading and writing blogs a day?

And what did you do today?

P.S. Claudia, if you're reading, I'm dying to know how the flight to Oz went.... and if you read on your mobile device, can you see a change? I've enabled the mobile settings.

PPS I have a favourite pics of 2011 folder with 12 pics (Jan - March - yes, I'm behind) and 4 of them are of feet. Should I be worried?


  1. I'm horrible at time budgeting if you haven't picked up on that yet! I used to be quite a timely person but now I'm pretty sure I only save that for the bills! I save my blog time for after 9 and during nap time. That's it. No more. I get caught up. It's all the crazy blog that suck me in. I sit and day dream.

    I've totally stolen your father's day basket idea. I apologize, I'm just not feeling it this year.

    Lastly, the once a year book would be a breeze to make! What you're paying for there (IMO) is the screen printing. I really like this idea! REALLY LIKE! As in lets make a knock off because I can't justify $200 for two photo books!

  2. I write blog posts when something pop into my head, that is why I have my laptop wherever I go. I need to get it out as soon as it popped up into my head :)
    I'm good when it comes to time budgeting. My life surrounds that so much.
    I tidy my own house - don't have a cleaner.

  3. I am terrible with time, but I use about an hour for blogs. Around lunch time. But some evenings or weekends I set time aside and write a few posts that I schedule.

  4. We clean our own house. And I spend way too much time on blogs.

  5. I do very little blog reading over breakfast. I usually spend that time putting my own posts together. I do some reading over lunch though not much because I try to get out of the office at lunchtime. When I arrive home I publish my already-written blog post and once I have done all my chores for the evening I spend time reading and commenting. I don’t really do more than 1.5 hours per night and I find that this is relatively easy to maintain because I read and comment only on certain blogs during the week and other blogs at the weekend.
    My Sunday was actually quite miserable. I woke up with a toothache from hell. Had to deal with a clingy Joel. Had to help Joshua with Mondeling and studying. Ate food that I really didn’t feel like eating. At about 5pm I put on some Greys Anatomy and this did me the world of good. Clearly some escapism from real life was all I needed.
    Oh, and I clean my own house. I hate that it takes up so much of my time. Would totally get someone in at least 3 days a week if I could afford it.

  6. ps...I love pics of feet. Obviously I have an underlying foot fetish??

  7. Yay! I read lots of blogs on my phone while in bed ( hubs monopolizes the laptop) and your new set up makes that super easy!! Thanks!!

    Ps- kudos for your father's day pack. I need to get on that!!

  8. I love little feet pictures.

    I get up at 6:00 and get ready for the day. Depending on how much I need to get ready (full show vs going to the gym), then I can read for up to an hour on most days. I should do it during naps too, but my brain is too mushy!

    I have been seriously thinking about photo books for the Crazies' birthdays...then I'd make a DVD of movies from that year and stick it in the back cover. Now, the question is, will I really do it?

  9. I like the idea of never owning more than I can clean myself. That's about as minimalistic as I can go.


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