Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Before I delete all the party blogs from my reader

let me showcase my favourites (also, so that I can start obsessively stalking them again in May next year).

A to Zebra celebrations

Bird's Party Blog

These are the last two left in my reader - I deleted tons once I knew what I wanted.


By the way, what's your feeling on half-birthday celebrations?

I love, love, LOVE this post by MandyE on her girls' half birthdays.

And I loved Johanna's comment so much that I announced to D that we will henceforth (!) also be celebrating half birthdays.

Because they're twins and have to share everything (especially in my house), they might as well have two birthdays :)

He thinks I'm mad.

I'm not going to go all out but I will get cake, use the happy birthday placemats (what? you don't have birthday placemats?) and put up a birthday banner.

Have I told you how much I love birthday banners/ bunting?

I put up 4 for their birthday party, and (shhhh) I had another 2 stacked away, just in case the house didn't look decorated enough :)

The main banner is still up, by the way.

I even have a banner at work so I can "decorate" the person's desk when it's their birthday.

They're so cheap (I bought mine for about R15 each at a party shop) and instantly make me (and the birthday person) feel happy.

You can download a free birthday banner here. (you're very welcome)

So what do you think about half birthdays?
Fun or overkill?

PS can you see I'm on a bit of a high? I just had a FABULOUS meeting with new clients. I LOVE working with good people.


  1. I have to agree with D. It's a bit overkill. I do get why you want to do it. Twins have to share everything including a birthday, but having 2 b-day parties is a bit too much. It might spoil the kids (no offence).
    Thanks for sharing the birthday blogs :)

  2. M, I'm not having two birthday parties, just a little cake (or cupcakes) and a banner with placemats we already have.

  3. You crack me up. You are such a planner. I like the concept of 1/2 birthdays, but so much work goes into the actual birthday of people in this house, I think I'm too exhausted to think of a 1/2 birthday too! Plus, we're not big on cakes or cupcakes around here. It takes forever to get rid of it or we end up wasting some of it.

  4. I think it is a great idea! It take s the focus off presents and also a year is a VERY long time for a child to wait for another birthday! I'm really enjoying watching you embrace/enjoy this whole kids birthday party thing. Awesome.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Such an awesome idea, just to make them feel special :) Any day to celebrate your children will be a wonderful day :)

  7. We don't celebrate half-birthdays, but I don't have a problem with the concept at all. I think you should find a little reason to celebrate every day if you can. :-)

  8. Thanks for sharing the blog links! I spent a while looking over the first one this morning... such cute ideas!

    It just about killed me to do the one birthday party, so I think no on the halvsies! Too much.

  9. It's fun and definitely something I'd like to do though I've missed the first one. Like you said, not a big show; just a special family day to celebrate your blessings

  10. Half birthdays? Seriously! Birthdays are exhausting enough for me thank you;-)

  11. We definitely do half day birthdays. Joel’s one is in March and falls on the same day as my MIL’s B-day. There is always some kind of a party. I usually bring extra cupcakes along and my MIL lets him blow out a candle.
    Joshua’s one is in February.
    This year we had a small party playdate on a Saturday (3 of his friends - no parents). DH did a sausage braai and they made their own boerewors rolls. I bought all the sauces and stuff. I had a little snack table (he chose what he wanted – there was juice and chips and muffins from Woollies and salticrax with egg/mayo. And yoghurt. And Bananas. In other words, it was all his favourite things).

    They played outside a bit. They played with the toys. I had a jumping castle (got it for next to nothing). I indulged him because his birthday is in the heart of Cape Town winter and he doesn’t get to do that kind of thing. Eventually in the evening they put on a movie and I made popcorn. He even requested party packs which I did. Made 5 packs (had to include Joel) and it all worked out very cheaply.
    Honestly? I think it’s fun and can be as cheap as you want it to be. Joel’s is more low-key because of my MIL’s b-day. Joshua’s is not that low-key but definitely not extravagant. OK. Except maybe for the jumping castle.
    I am thinking of doing one for myself this year. In fact, Lance and I will do one together.

  12. You know I'm all for it! We invite all of our friends and have an actual birthday party. We just write on the invitation that since it isn't our real birthday, that there is a 'no gift' policy. My husband and I usually get them one big gift to share. This year I'm leaning towards a train table. :) We don't go as crazy as on their real birthday, but last year we did a pirate theme at The Little Gym and the year before that we rented out a local indoor playplace for all of our buddies.

    It makes our kiddos feel special twice a year (since they share their special day and always will) as well as lets our friends enjoy a more fair parties-to-presents ratio. :)

    And, I'm a sucker for milestones and want to celebrate them all!

  13. I think it's a great idea!! And you know what, it's different so I think your twins will appreciate that!!

    Plus, it's another excuse to eat cake!!

  14. I love the idea!! I just wish I started at 6 months!! I don't think you would/could understand the sharing of twins unless you are a parent of twins. it is not the idea of presents or spoiling... It is the idea of celebrating the miracles we were blessed with. I hope your kids 2 1/2 birthday is as fun as the 2 year old!!

  15. I used A to Zebra for my boys first birthday stuff!

    I like the idea of half birthdays- like maybe as they get older they can pick where to go for dinner, etc, something special but not all out like their actual birthday

  16. You can never over decorate a kids birthday party!

    This year was the first year I had a banner for Kiara and I LOVED it. Its in her room now :) I will definitely have more for her and Jack next year.

    Cam has his parties at Spur etc now so no real decorating!!!

    We dont do half birthdays!

  17. I am so glad I learned of the 1/2 birthday celebration before the girls were born. I just love marking that as a special family day...and six months is a huge milestone, especially these first few years!

    If things are "easier" next year (hahaha!!!), I might consider having a little play date for the girls...just a few close friends. Their birthday is in January, so it's not possible for us to do anything outside then. We'll see how that goes. :)

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