Monday, July 11, 2011

The blogger thing and self-care

Thank you SO MUCH for all your comments on last night's post. Especially all the delurkers :)

I do realise all the logic around the whole blogging/ blogger meet-up thing.... it's just those were my feelings and they are valid.

(this is the stuff I say to friends and clients, so I'm extending the same compassion to me :))

Quite honestly, I just jumped into blogging as I do most things and yes, it is mainly an outlet for me.

And no, I don't want any social media and the whole popularity contest to take over my life. I much prefer to connect with people one on one in a meaningful way.

But... of course there is a part of me that also wants to feel included and part of things.

I'm not seeking PR/ giveaways/ etc, but I do love a good giveaway for YOU guys. It's fun to bless people and helps with my other mission of doing at least 4 unexpected random acts of kindness every month.

(of all my things on my 36 list, this has been the easiest to implement and keep up with)

And gosh, I never expected to have a proper invitation - my thing is seriously, how on earth do you know about these things? Was anyone saying spread the word, or here is a link to go read more? Etc.

So, conclusions:

  1. I do have a mainly international crowd - very true - and I love it!
  2. I don't run in the popular blogging circles - LOL - and I was absolutely reminded that blogging (and life) is about who you know :)
  3. I do think we should have a blogger meet-up in Jhb.
Can anyone suggest some good, child-friendly venues for those who want to bring their kids along?

Moving along.... (and I actually wanted to write an update on 1, 2, 3, magic..... I know you can't wait :))



I listened to one of Jennifer Louden's audios late last week. This one was a follow-up to the Satisfaction Finder.

And I heard something quite profound.

That when you're super stressed, when everything freaks you out, and you're on edge, check your self-care!

Quick point to this because my blogging time is nearly up - I have been super stressed about my website being hacked.

I can't explain the tension I had in my back and shoulders last week.

My massage appointment is only this Wed (can't wait) and I was sooooooo tempted to be that client who insists that she move my scheduled stuff, but I couldn't fit it in anyway.

And a few other small things.

So I thought about it and yes, I haven't been getting to bed as early as I need to and my sleep is compromised.

Yes, it is normal to be stressed about a hacked website but for me, the extent of the stress was unusual.

Usually I'm not that fazed by things.

If you're freaking out about a lot of things, check in with yourself.

Are you sleeping, are you eating properly, are you exercising, are you taking time for yourself?

PS This week my rule is computer off by 10:30 latest - that is it. If you get emails after that (Julia!), tell me to get off and get to bed.


  1. I will look into the venue thing for you and let you know via email :) What part of JHB though?

  2. What about the botanical gardens? Plenty of space for the kids to roam around.

    And to your question - not sleeping properly, not eating properly, not excersizing at all, no me-time or me-money. It's a sad state of affairs... ;-)

  3. LOL...I was on a good streak for a few days and then it went back to midnights. Must definitely go to bed earlier this week so I can cure myself from a potential flu already! Must say, since I've been exercising I have a lot more energy at night. I sometimes need to remind myself to go to bed because it's late.

  4. Everything is SO much harder when I haven't been eating and sleeping well!

  5. Need to do a "self-check" soon...thanks for the reminder. :)

  6. Any friend of Mandy E's is a friend of mine, so add another International follower to your list. How about you fly to the states to meet some of us someday? :)

  7. Wow! As usual you are so insightful! I knew I had exercised much lately and I know it was really starting to stress me out. I'll keep this in mind the next time I'm getting really stressed out!!!

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. HA! Nope I am doing none of that at the moment - I am all about baby and my body feels it :(

    Hoping to get back to gym once I pass the 6 week mark :)

    I want to come to the bloggy meet up. Louisas suggestion is nice about the botanical gardens - you avoid over crowded restaurants, trying to split the bill etc etc. Please keep me posted about this!


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