Thursday, July 21, 2011

Breaking 60

Today at about 5 pm I got on the scale.

Do you know what it said?


I've been trying to break 60 for about 6 weeks (the closest I got was 60.2) so I even took a picture.

Sadly that pic is not for public viewing since my toes look terrible with chipped polish, etc.

Even more sad is how I got to the 59s...

I've had a stomach bug and have been V and having D since 2 am this morning.

I felt a little ill last night but I thought it was because I didn't eat a full portion of food (good in retrospect).

And then just before 2 I woke and ran to our little bathroom.

I'm amazing - not one drop on the bathroom mat!

And that's pretty much what happened every 30 minutes til 4, at which time I fell into an exhausted sleep.

Felt terrible this morning and told them I'm not coming in.

Had an incident at 8 and then I fell asleep.

One apple and half a glass of water just before 10 am and I was out til 3:20.

And then Connor started.

I emerged from our bedroom and said to the kids, "let's go to the kitchen to get Mummy some food".

Suddenly I heard some disturbing noises behind me, turned around and there were little piles of vomit behind us.

Nanny V and I cleaned him up and he cheered right up when I offered him a toothbrush to brush his teeth.

My kids LOVE brushing their teeth.

Connor is so sweet when he's ill - he just gets quieter but is still so cute. I said, "how do you feel?" and he said, "warm" and "tummy sore".

The cuteness is too much!

He ate some dry bread and extremely watered down juice (1:4) and is now in bed.

I tried to tell him to come find us if his tummy gets sore during the night but he wasn't listening.

So we're all prayed up and not eating fatty foods or dairy and I so hope this ends soon as I'm on course tomorrow and Monday, a course I've been waiting for for 2 months!

How was your Thursday?


  1. Congrats on being less that 50 - however not a cool way to have got there.

    Hope that you feel better asap and that the kidlets don't come down with it too seriously.


  2. Yuck - Gastro. Yay - weight loss!
    I'm too scared to weigh myself :( Denial is king around here!
    Hope you all feel better soon x

  3. Congrats on breaking the 60's and so sorry to hear about the stomach flu. We have the Flu in our household currently. Bleh!

  4. ahhhhh...congrats on your "Breaking 60"! Too bad about the illness...hope all feel better soon!


  5. Congrats on breaking 60, however you got there.
    Hope you are all feeling hundreds.x

  6. That is guaranteed to give you further weight loss...but not a nice way.

  7. Hope you guys are all better now!!!

  8. Congrats on breaking the 60!

    Hope you all feel better now? We've had many of those puddles over the last month or so - in our case it lasted just over a week, so I hope you had a different strain as us, maybe the 24 hour one. That one never passes through here. *sigh*


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