Monday, July 04, 2011


if you click the image above you;ll see a pic of me at about4. Aawww. Connor looks just like me.

this is a card my friend, Roz, sent me and I LOVE it. It's right next to my desk inspiring me :)

I did something very courageous on Friday.

I auditioned to be a TV presenter at a work thing.

When the email was sent out, I read and closed (didn't delete or action as I normally do) it.

I kept it and a few days later I opened, read and closed it again.

Anyway, I was still undecided whether to go or not until two little nudges happened:

1) the girl at reception asked me when I walked in in the morning whether I'd auditioned yet because "you would be good at it"

2) they came to find people to audition and the guy walks into our empty except for the two very hardworking people left on a Friday department (me and one other :)) and says, "so are you coming to audition?"

I don't know who was more surprised when I said, "actually, YES!"

So I put on some lipstick (always - like you, Rebecca) and went.

The best part of doing it was the cameraderie and fun amongst the people waiting. Really, it was fantastic.

There was a "roving reporter" asking people why we'd decided to audition and I said, "because my word of the year is courage and this is stepping out of the box for me".

Well, another guy heard that and we started talking about courage and so on.

After his audition, he came to me and said, "I want you to know that you inspired me so much and I was thinking of you as I did my audition".

That, dear friends, made it all worth it. Knowing that I'd influenced one person just a little bit.

Even before I'd had a mic clipped on.

So I did my thing.

I doubt very much whether I'll even be shortlisted (there were lots of those bubbly and vivacious call centre-type girls - you know the ones) but it was worth getting a little bit scared and showing the courage anyway.

D asked me why I don't think I'll be shortlisted.

I told him all I have going for me is authenticity and a genuine passion for customer service and somehow I think they want the bubblegum type, all smiley-smiley :)

Am I the only one who gets annoyed by those overly chirpy and happy call centre girls?

"how may I provide excellent service to you today, Mrs ___?" and "Please do have a lovely day"...

Just talk to me like a normal person, please.

By the way, I am still very impressed by the turquoise bank. I spoke to a lovely guy today, Jules, who opened an investment account for me as "I don't like my different types of money mixing".

He didn't even laugh at me.

But it's true - I like to have normal savings separate from special savings (for overseas holidays/ furniture/ etc.).
So that's my courage story.

How are you living out your word of the year? Or maybe you want to set a word for the half-year? Hmmm?


  1. I think it's such a great way you chose to act out courage - going for an audition. Well done - you sure are an inspiration. I rather hope you get it just because you had the courage to give it a go.
    How did I show courage this year? By asking for a raise :)

  2. Wow, you are really putting that courage word forward. Well, I ahve almost forgotten about "Breathe" and yes, thanks for the reminder. BTW that top pic is the same card as the second?

  3. It is the same card but the first pic is as it is on my side table. look on the top right and squint - you'll see 4-year-old me :)

  4. I saw that same card the other day and thought of you.
    I think that you will totally be the best candidate. I don't like the chirpy call centre gals either. They sound so air-headish. Gosh is that even a word? And you do influence people - way more than you give yourself credit for.x

  5. What a GREAT story of've inspired me to be more courageous!!! Good For You!!

    I don't like my money mixing either...I totally get it AND I totally think it's worth at least a chuckle! LOL!

  6. I don't have a word...

    I love this story about you though.

    I love the lipstick...always.

    I hope you're not shortlisted b/c I'd much rather hear/see things from someone who seemed intelligent than from someone cute. Not that you're not cute, but you know what I'm saying.

  7. That's fantastic! I hope you get shortlisted, but even if you don't at least you got to push yourself to go.

    I think I need a new word for the second half of the year, but I'll have to put some thought into it first...


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