Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Wordpress bloggers

I click through to your blogs, read your lovely posts but I am getting so frustrated trying to leave comments on your blogs.

They seem to go into the ether that is the internet ....

Sometimes I'm quite clever and copy the text first so I can repost it.

I then get a very lovely "WP has detected a duplicate comment" message. Grrrr.

I am very persistent/ stubborn so if there is a contact email, I take the time to email the blogger and tell them to check their spam folder and unspam me.

I did this with Louisa, Julia and with Celeste (AGES ago) and they all unspammed me and my comments were released.

I could almost hear the birds chirping I was that happy.

It's the small things in life, people.

But when there's no contact email or way to contact the blogger, I just give up.

Surely it shouldn't be this hard to give someone some validation and encourage them?!

Just a few blogs that quickly come to mind:
  • How do you do it - I am this close to deleting it from my reader because I can't interact and leave my pearls of wisdom (ha!) so what is the point?! I was so persistent on this one that I emailed a previous author who gave me an email, I emailed but no reply.
  • The new multiples and more blog is doing the same thing - my comment on Rebecca's recent post is also in the ether somewhere
  • Laura, the two bloggers you linked to in this post

What do you do? Do you care to mail the blogger or do you just click away?

If anyone knows these bloggers, please ask them to sort these things. I give up!


  1. Oh I get the same thing and I just give up.

    I also hate word verification (yes I know you have it), but if I do not get it right the first time and it was not a comment I typed on forever, I just give up too.

    That is one of the reasons why I love DISUS although some readers hate it - I do not need word verfication -it has an excellent spam filter, I whitelist regular commenters and they get published right away, I modurate the rest.

  2. Ohhhh, is that what happened with my unmoderated comments? I love that my stuff shows immediately!

  3. Just filling your comment tank and saying thank very goodness that my name wasn't mentioned, since I am a wordpress blogger... I had it with blogger for ages and it drove me crazy!!! I give it three tries and then forget it... nobody needs a comment that badly!!!

  4. LOL se7en, your site NEVER gives me problems, ever.

  5. hrmmm...I've never had that problem on those sites. Now I'm goign to head over to Multiple sand More to see if I can leave a comment.

    So frustrating, indeed!

  6. I learn something NEW everday...I just thought there was something wrong with MY computer when I have run into problems leaving comments...and I admit, I just click away! :(

    I also don't like that you can't GFC on Wordpress Blogs....or maybe I am missing something?

  7. arg! i totally hate that. i had issues (and a stalker!) when i was on blogger and ended up switching to wordpress. i think i found that one from you in my spam ages ago, but nothing since :) you're the only one that has ever ended up in spam.

    because of my previous stalker i can't make my email pubic :(

    seems like no engine is totally perfect, though, you know?

  8. I only leave comments on blogs who let me do it right away. If I have to email them a message to get my comment approved or to make it show up then maybe they don't want my comment that much.

    I don't really have an issue with people leaving comments. lol. But I wouldn't have an issue if people did :)

  9. I have the same problem but with blogspot blogs. Sometimes I email but most times I just give up. When possible, I try to comment using my Name/URL instead of google account.

  10. I tend to check and clean out my spam every time I log onto wordpress – in other words, every single day. I guess everyone isn’t the same?
    I must just mention that I have only ever experienced this issue with you. You are obviously more fabulous than other bloggers.

    I usually give up. Unless I REALLY have to comment. I also become annoyed when there is no email address on the blog (speaking of which I better add mine in…)

    And like Cat, I HATE the word verification. Yours is not too bad because the word is clear and so I don’t mind it but on some blogs you actually can’t make out the word (looks like something that has been faxed and photocopied a million times) and you have to keep trying. I also hate when you have to sign in in order to leave a comment. Seriously. Do bloggers that have that setting actually want comments or not?

  11. If it says it's a duplicate, the first went through, even if you don't see it.

    Also, some WP blogs are set up so the first time you comment it has to be approved, then once that happens you're good to go.

    Do you ever have issues on mine?

    Captcha makes me stabbity, but I suffer through yours because I like you so much. The majority of the time, if I see word verification, I don't bother to comment.

  12. That sucks...I've never had that problem, but it would drive me NUTS!!!

  13. That duplicate comment thing is a pain in the rear.

    I've always had more problems commenting on Blogger blogs though. If I use my google profile or my wordpress one it times out almost every single time, that's why I always just use the Name/URL one now.


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