Wednesday, July 27, 2011

D's birthday

It's D's birthday today.

Yes, within the space of less than a month, we celebrate all the birthdays in this house.

One crazy month and then it's all over til the half birthdays :)

I didn't do much due to this being the house of sick over the weekend.

However, I spied this idea for a card the other week.

If you don't feel like clicking, Allison's little boy (around my kids' age) got her some flowers and signed the card with some scribbles.

I am a sop and LOVE this idea!

So the kids wrote in a card for Daddy.

They each chose their own colour of gel pen (Nicole, they're the ones you got me - the kids LOVE them) - purple for Kendra and blue for Connor - and I let them scribble in the card, and then I held their hand and wrote their name underneath.

Let me tell you - it is taking some letting go to let babies scribble in a perfectly good card.

It was worth it though when D opened it.

That was it for this morning but this afternoon I hung some bunting in our dining room which I have to take a pic of because it is fabulous.

Each triangle says something positive (it's so me :)) like "you're fantastic, you're superb, you're fabulous" and then it repeats.

Connor then chose the colour candle for D's cupcake - green - and we lit the candle and sang properly.

These two love all the drama of the singing and blowing of candles.

As for me, I've cooked our current favourite (cashew nut chicken) and we're watching a Friends DVD after supper and spending some good quality time together.

How's your Wed been?


  1. That sounds like such a great birthday...filled with a few sweet, thoughtful things...perfect!

    Happy Birthday, D! :) :)

  2. Hooray for birthdays! Happy Birthday D! Even if everyone was on the mend, birthdays are still important!

    All I could thinking about while reading this was how wonderful a month long family vacation to celebrate all the birthdays...

  3. What a wonderful celebration!!! The one good thing about having everyone's birthday in one month is that it's all over with all at once!!!

    I love how you got the kids involved with the scribbling in the b-day card!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your D!! What a wonderful way to celebrate his birthday :) Enjoy it!!

  5. Happy happy Bday to a very special man and dad.

    Looks like you have a great day planned.

  6. Happy belated birthday to D!!! I had a rough Wednesday, but I know I'm pretty tough on myself and need to stop it.

  7. That's very sweet. I bet he really appreciated that? When I give a card to someone on behalf of Nicola and myself I usually let her make a water colour hand print in it - she loves doing that!


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