Friday, July 08, 2011

Five on Friday

Some really quick updates before I jump into bed.

My hair is finally looking good after about 3 weeks. Yay! This was with the "on-standby" hairdresser as mine is on leave and... she did it better than the usual one. Could I cheat on the existing one? :)

Party planning paid off as I'm really not stressed about this. Full party planning posts to follow but for the moment, etsy rocks. Big time!

The babies had their 2-year appointment with the lovely Dr S today. All good but an in-detail post to follow.

When I unearthed all the hidden party food, I realise I have too much. Oh well, there's always our party in 3 weeks' time. Yes, that's right. I'm having another party for D and me on 30th. Fun times.

I've chosen the winner of the giveaway and it's............... RACHEL!

Rachel, please send me your mailing address so we can get your gorgeous bag to you. But... I see on Mandy's blog that she's got a flooded basement, etc, etc. so it will arrive but is slightly lower priority at the moment :)

Have you guys had a good Friday?

Gosh, I miss talking to you!


  1. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats Mandy!
    I've cheated on my hairdresser before. The best decision of my life!
    Enjoy the party tomorrow - can't wait to see pics.

    ps...there is a possibility that I may come to JHB that weekend. Just waiting for some stuff to come together. Am crossing all my bits that it may work out...

  3. I cheat on my hairdresser regularly. Have a wonderful party.

    I had a lovely lunch with two blog buddies, Shayne and Pamela today...and we chatted up a storm. Wonderful how computer buddies become such wonderful IRL friends too.

    Happy weekend

  4. Certainly not a low priority, I've rescued the everything from my work table including the sewing machine! My house is in shambles, but the bag just needs to be washed and dried and packed!

    Congrats Rachel!

    As for my Friday, you can just take a guess...

  5. Hope the party is great!!

    Congrats Rachel!!

  6. Woo Hoo Rachel!!

    Can't wait to hear all about the party!!!

  7. Great to see you again, seems like the party was a great success, its wonderful when everything is planned ahead :)

    Have a good week!!


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