Friday, July 29, 2011

Five on Friday

Before I officially start with today's post, tomorrow I'm going to hold a Link party. I want to see your phone and hear why you like it/ don't like it, etc.

Yes, you read right - your phone. I'm convinced I have the oldest phone around (I've had it for nearly 4 years and of course I never get the top-end option so it could be *gasp* 5 or 6 years old!) but MandyE may just give me a run for my money.

So are you in? Tomorrow.... I'll try and post earlier in the day when the kids nap.

1. Life as a stay-at-home mom even if only for a half day, is hectic.

I know that I would be thinner... or maybe not ... as I ran after these two the whole day, shovelling some popcorn in my mouth for lunch at 3:40.

I sat down for the first time when D got home around 6 pm.


We had about 3 time-outs for Connor. Kendra has responded beautifully to 123 magic.

One morning this week she ran away with my phone and I said, "that's 1". She whizzed around and as she was running toward me with the phone, said, "no, Mummy, stop counting" LOL


2. Nanny V is supposed to arrive no later than 7:30 but has been arriving 7:45 - 7:55 most days for the last two months.

This sends D over the edge...

I asked her very nicely to please, PLEASE be on time on Wed as it was D's birthday.

She arrived at 7:55.

La la la...

D announced to me this morning that he just wants this weekend over with and then he is sitting her down and having a serious chat with her.

And of course at 7:55 I checked my phone and found 3 missed calls, all from 7:39 so not very much notice.

It was a male (her boyfriend/ father/ I don't know - she is verrrrrry private) telling me that she is sick and won't be coming to work.

Of course then the scrambling began.

We both decided we wouldn't again phone D's mom to come over (we don't want to impose) and that we'd split the duties.

I had two meetings this morning so I went to work first and then took a half day so I could come home to relieve D.

It all worked out well in the end.


3. We're having some people over for our birthday party tomorrow and we'd originally booked V to come help with the kids. Of course she won't be well so it's going to be fun trying to host and eat and control the kids. Hmmm.

The birthday banner is up :), the cupcake toppers are ready and I want to get out all the paper plates, serviettes and cups now.

If V were here, I'd use real plates but there's already so much work with the kids. Gosh, they mess when they eat.

Actually, I may still use real plates. I'll let you know. What's your vote? Real or paper plates (they are nice paper plates - I bought the good stuff just in case)?


4. In my meeting with my boss this morning, I said something like, "oh, my life is so hectic at the moment" and ended up telling him about the personal trainer (because I had to cancel today's session...).

He agrees with all of you that the attitude is not on. Surprising as he is usually very objective about these things.

I also told him that I'm loving my meetings where I get to take charge and control the agenda. He says, "that's not surprising, Marcia" Ha!

Seriously though, I participate more, I don't let things get off track and best of all, if we're finished ahead of time, we stop (the tendency in corporate is to just talk and talk and talk - drives me nuts).

However, since I'm more emotionally aware (since my course last week :)) I also noticed that when one particular person holds meetings, I totally just relax, shut down and don't say a thing. She is a VERRRRRRYY strong personality. That's my issue though. The boss said actually I need to give her that feedback. Um, heck no!


5. And then last but not least, what did I do for me this week?

(I really love participating in this challenge as it forces me to think about prioritising myself)

I took off Wed from working on the business. D and I had our supper, watched Friends reruns and nearly spat out our food it was so funny. I just love Phoebe, LOVE her. Of course Monica is the one I'm most like.... sadly. Which Friends character are you most like?

I sorted out my part of the lounge. We bought a new TV unit (with some of the free money :)) and my videos (yes, don't laugh), DVDs and photo albums are sorted. CDs are always sorted because that would make me crazy (okay, right there, I'm showing my Monica tendencies).

BTW, what is the best (and cheapest) way to get old-style prints scanned and jpged? I don't have a scanner so tell me where is best. I've also heard of a machine you can buy to do it for you - anyone???

I made appointments with the dentist and gynae, and tried to make one with the biokineticist but we're playing telephone tag and keep missing one another.

I also made an appointment to have one of these Brazilian blowout things done and lunch with a friend beforehand.

I feel so good that my lists are shorter as we go into August.

Next up I've got to update my 36 things list and make my next one. I also want to do a new list of accomplishments, something I saw on Laura's blog that inspired me.

What did you do for yourself this week?


  1. I just cannot believe your kids are talking SO MUCH! It's going tobe a loooooooong time before either of mine could form the sentence that Kendra said about counting... ha!

    I say use the paper plates. I mean, life is hard enough already, right?

  2. hahaha. this cracks me up. I babysit every now and then in NYC and those parents would not be as nice as you.

  3. Does Nanny V use Metrorail? Everyone at work who travels by train has been late for months now because of dodgy trains.
    I can't stand paper plates so I would go for real plates. Just means that you will have to rope someone in to do dishes.
    Was going to ask you the other day if you ever take "leave" from your business. Awesome that you are taking such good care of yourself.
    Will blog my phone tomorrow. Or rather later.
    Enjoy your party.x

  4. Friends - gosh I loved it. Me - somewhere between Phoebe and Rachael, but not Monica. Never. Not quite as fuzzy brained and naive as Phoebe.

    I love real plates - but then I have a dishwasher so it really is no trouble.

    We had date night last night - first time in ages!

  5. Hi, What the heck is a brazilian blowout? Is it just a South African thing?

  6. I vote paper. After all the cooking I'm sure there won't be heaps of room for dirty dishes. I would geek out if they were just sitting in the kitchen AND MY GUESTS COULD SEE THEM! I actually hate when people do dishes at a party, focus on your guests!

    I've seen maybe 2 episodes of friends in my life. Although I've heard I'm too much like Monica from a Friend's enthusiast. And DH just concurred. That's a good thing right?

    You should totally try the SAHM thing for a a week, you just might love it!

    Here we have photo kiosks at big box stores and drug stores. They usually have scanners that will scan your existing photo and either save it to disk or print copies. We have an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax that takes care of that for us. I'm sure you know someone that has a scanner so you wouldn't have to buy one.

  7. I get LESS done when I am playing SAHM (like over the summer) than any other time of the year. We go to the gym at 8am, run errands, then lunch/nap and all of the sudden it is 5pm and time for dinner. I will never be successful at this!

    P.S. Friends is my all time favorite show!! I could watch reruns all the time!My life is most like Monica's "closet" - neat and put together on the outside, a raging mess on the inside :)


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