Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The good news and the very bad news

Last night Onesie Mommy and I chatted on Skype.

I loved it!

Love the idea of me sitting in my study at 8 pm at night and for her 2 pm in the middle of the day while Miss B napped.


She is every bit as lovely (and has a gorgeous accent to boot) as she appears on her blog.

When we finished talking "business" we got onto matters of South Africa and I happened to mention how, in the days before I was pregnant or had babies, I'd be driving down the road, hear about babies being (literally) dumped in garbage cans, and cry and cry.

For the babies and for me!

And this morning I had another episode of crying-while-driving.

You see, on the news they mentioned that a mom and 4 kids died in a tragic incident this morning, right here in Jhb.

The heater in the kids' bedroom caught alight and the room erupted in flames.

The mom rushed in to try and save them and then it's sketchy as to what happened but 5 of them died from smoke inhalation. 4 kids aged 6 months, 2, 3 and 4.

I just cried and cried, and then had to "pull myself together" as I was on my way to a meeting with new clients.

Can you picture that poor man?

I can't imagine the pain he's in.

I'm going to give my two "babies" (yes, they're still babies!) extra hugs and kisses this afternoon.


  1. It is very sad of what happened, and people are very judging when it comes to things like that, forgetting that children passed away. My heart was so sore when I read about it this morning. And yes, every time I hear of abuse to kiddies I get very mad and sad, give the baby or child to me, if you don't want it ;(

  2. How cool you Skyped with Paula! :) You know I'm a technological dunce, or I'd love to Skype with you, too! :) :)

    And how terribly sad a story you shared...I have read a couple of things on FB just this morning that made me give pause. I have always considered myself a compassionate person, but since becoming a mom, things hit on an entirely different level.

  3. I love how you're halfway around the world and are my blog buddy. :)

    Skype is awesome!

    They had this HUGE trial on TV that aired nationally about this little girl Caylee and whether the mom was responsible. My mom, and tons of other people, watched obsessively. I told my mom that I couldn't stand to listen to it and she had it on mute a lot of the time I was visiting her last week. Sooo sad. That infertility stuff changes you I think, makes you even more outraged that you might otherwise have been just because it's so unfair that precious children could be treated badly when there are so many out there who would go to the moon and back just to have a chance to be a parent.

    Got me on my soapbox!

  4. I love Onesie Mommy, too! And you! yay for bloggers all across the world :)

  5. I absolutely hate to hear those stories, and it seems like they replay them over and over. I specifically remember someone begging me to take their children when we were dealing with IF; if only it were that easy!!

    I love how you're enamored with accents, just as we're enamored with yours! I'm a sucker for Scotch and Irish accents!

  6. That is so sad...reminds me to count my blessings everday becasue you just never know...

  7. It is sad. Sad to hear these things. I too want to cry when I hear these things and when I see the headings, I usually decide not to read on - I don't want to read about these sad things.

  8. What a great opportunity to Skype with Onesie Mommy!

    Yes, I can't stand to hear sad news about babies or their mommies. If you know US news, the whole Florida trial that's recently over in Florida about the mother accused of killing her 2yo daughter? I couldn't stand to see anything to do with it. I don't know if she's guilty, but I can't even bear to think of someone doing that to their child.

  9. I really should sort out Skype for myself.
    I must be honest, I have been avoiding the news. A lot. I am at the point where I can't read news anymore. It just makes me anxious. And you know how much I love news and media.
    That story is very, very sad. Poor man. I absolutely cannot begin to imagine what he must be going through.

  10. So sad! I don't understand how the world functions at times.

    Loved chatting with you too! Your accent is so much more elegant than mine. I had to refrain from using the Canadian slang "eh?" all the time! Hee hee...


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