Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guest post on the Se7en blog

My friend over at Se7en (plus 1) is celebrating her blogiversary and asked me to submit a guest post.

She's "suffering for Jesus" in glorious, beautiful Cape Town *sigh*. This is a mom who knows how to live a simple life and how to get everyone to participate in chores, cooking, etc.


She homeschools, has 8 kids, cooks and bakes delicious things, does crafts, etc. Where does she find the time?

She doesn't know it but she is on my "bloggers to meet" list, so watch out :)

Please go and read and leave a comment so that she knows I actually have one or two readers.

And while you're there, have a good browse around.

Do you read Se7en?


  1. I do and I read your guest post this morning. Loved it. Will comment later.x

    Think I must also visit her...

  2. Yes... we are suffering in Cape Town's glorious winter sunshine. Next time you organize a cross-country photo shoot for your beautiful babies make sure it's in Cape Town, I would love to say hi!!! (Just don't make it December - your hairdo will blow off... gotta visit Cape Town in the Winter!!!)... Thanks for your great post and the linking to and fro!!! Really thanks!!! Have a fab week...

  3. I do, and I love their blog and hearing what the hoods get up to, she is truly inspiring. Just like you!!

  4. Anonymous3:06 pm

    I am a se7en lurker. I am a little in awe of people with many children so I look at the pictures and read what they are up to!


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