Saturday, July 23, 2011

Impulse control and a scattered life

In the emotional intelligence assessment my lowest score is for impulse control.

Of course this is not news to me.

I'm impatient and make decisions very quickly.

Case in point.

Apparently I signed up to contribute to another book a few weeks ago.

The first book I wrote a piece for is this one.

I just received the author's submission guidelines and then I remembered, "oh yes, that deadline is FRIDAY" so that just got bumped to the top of my to-do list.

On the bright side, this lack of impulse control is also the reason I get a lot of things done because I first go with my gut and say yes, and then figure out the how later.


Fun times.

Seriously though, I have enough awareness that I "sleep on things" or wait til I'm calm before dealing with most things so that I'm just a tad more level-headed.

The psychologist who is training us said I'm not a basket case (yet) because I have a high score for stress tolerance. If they were both low, then whoa - watch out!

Where are you with impulse control on a scale of 1 - 10?

I'd say I'm a 5 naturally, and I adapt to be about a 7 through my "coping" behaviours.

In other news...

Last night I finished a book, A Scattered Life, that I so, so, so enjoyed. One of the best fiction books I've read in a couple of months.

I don't want to give away the plot or the ending (hate it when people do that!) so those who are readers and are going to read it, tell me when you're done and we'll "chat" about it here.

And because I'm weird (yes, I am and not at all ashamed), I googled the author and found her blog. I left a nice comment because I think we could all use some validation.

I do love "meeting" authors through online media - it makes them so real and accessible and I love it! I'm off to get to know her some more now :)
Speaking of validation... I need to tell you all about an AHA moment I had on the emotional intelligence course. Will have to wait for next week!

Do you read any authors' blogs?

PS I read Mary DeMuth's blog because she gives great tips for the writer (as you all know, I like to consider myself one :)) and of course, Angie Smith's (but that one doesn't really count as I was reading her well before she ever thought about writing Audrey's story.


  1. I think my impulse scale is different for different categories. I'm really disciplined (sometimes overly so) when it comes to larger financial purchases, for example...but I'm generally pretty bad (or at least I go through really bad spells) when it comes to food.

    I love connecting with authors, and all kinds of artists, for that matter. It kind of fits in the "buy local" vein for me, although of course most authors I read aren't "local"...but I can at least bill them so more in my mind if I know a bit about their background.

    I'll definitely add that book to my radar screen. I just finished The Help, and it was excellent. I'm now reading The Girls from Ames, a documentary of sorts about a group of 11 women who've been friends for over 30 years. It's a really interesting exploratory into female relationships, and so far has given me a lot to think about. Particularly given some of our exchanges on the subject, I'll definitely have to let you know if I think it's worth the read when I'm done.

  2. Oh I read A Scattered Life awhile back! It was good :)

  3. No idea where I am with the impulse control stuff. Must google and see if there is a free test online. Never read that book before but I will look out for it. I actually do google authors but only if I REALLY enjoyed the book. I have occasionally gone on Gregory David Roberts's website. He is the author of Shantaram. Also Vikus Swarup (author of Q&A and Six suspects) and there are a few others. Interestingly enough, most of them don't seem to have blogs but they do have an official website. I think Marianne Keyes has one as well. Must check that.

  4. I have never thought of reading a n author's blog - heavens, were I stupid? I will put the book on my to read list.

    I have no idea where I am on the list...

  5. Two years and a bit ago (April 2009) - I thought I had a pretty good handle on things ... Tim had what looked like a promising job, my pregnancy was going well and we had a heart beat, I was getting the house organized ... and then Tim was let go on a security clearance technicality (kind of shocked us that it had come up even - but the job required a security clearance - so pending "further investigation" Tim was let go). The next week my mom died. It was a rocky summer emotionally, pulled up a bit when Ruezy was born (not long after your twins) and then the car accident.

    I am finally feeling like I am sort of climbing up and out again. I'm slowly looking around and trying to evaluate what is where and what do we need and what has not moved an inch in the last 2 years.

    Er ... um .... I started this answer on an impulse ... but now my thoughts have scattered and I forget where I was going. Sigh. Hugs.


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