Friday, July 01, 2011

Me time and a very cute giveaway - handmade beach tote


So can you believe we're half way through the year?

I know it's crazy.

I wrote on my other blog last night that in terms of me time/ self-care, etc, I'm doing great. This area is the best in my life at the moment after the babies of course.

I'm reading a lot, having massages, hair, personal trainer, etc. The weight is not quite falling off but I look better which was the whole point anyway.

This week I took a sick day (HUGE for me) and didn't go to work out with the personal trainer (this is big for me because I write these things down as goals and I hate not accomplishing goals. yes, I have issues).

I also spoke to the boss about not doing things properly and he admitted he was wrong and apologised profusely.

And tomorrow I'm going shopping with some of the free money :) Don't get too excited - I'm buying paint for outside the house.

Anyhow enough about me.


Dollimama, MandyE and Andrea are hosting a giveaway thing and since I'm a regular participant to 52 weeks of me, I'm participating.

Now here's where I love blogging.

Mandy who is Suzy Homemaker is a sewing whizz and has offered to make something very cute and gorgeous for a reader of this blog.

We haven't finalised exactly what it will be yet (since she's doing her floors or something Mandy-ish) but It's going to be for you, the woman behind the baby/ies :) and is a FABULOUS beach tote with a wet bag inside!

I'm so jealous I can't get this myself :)

Mandy will be opening an Etsy shop soon and this will be a great way to see her cute stuff.

This giveaway is open to EVERYONE in the whole wide world (I will pay the shipping to wherever you live), mother/ non-mother, everyone! I'll draw the winner on Friday 8th at 7 pm SA time.

So if you'd like to enter the giveaway leave a comment telling me what you'd do with an extra hour a day :), or what you did for yourself this week. Big or small, I'll celebrate them all :)

If you want more entries, follow my blog. You'll have to leave a 2nd comment so that both count.


  1. So awesome that you're linking up to the other most awesome Mandy I know! :)

    With an extra hour in the day, I would edit photos. I'm SO behind again (after having caught up in February), and it's driving me nuts.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Marcia! :)

  2. Yaaaay, giveaways! : )

    With an extra hour in the day, I like to think I would be productive and work on some of the crafts I never seem to have time for. In reality, though, I would probably read, watch something good on Netflix, or take a nap. : )

    J and I got to have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants this week, at a friend's going-away party. It was nice to enjoy adult conversation and be able to eat as slowly as I wanted.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hmm, a mystery giveaway! :)

    I would use an extra hour to read. I feel like I never have enough time to sit down with a good book anymore!

  4. How fun!!! I love homemade items!! I did not know that about Mandy!! My goodness that girl can do anything and everything!!

    A extra hour - I would be in heaven!! I would lock myself in the bathroom to take a bubble bath reading gossip magazine!!

    Btw- I too will ship my giveaway anywher, so please enter my giveaway too!! :)

  5. I think I would work on all my various sewing projects if I had an extra hour. It would be fun and I'd feel like I accomplished something. (Unlike, you know, doing laundry...)

  6. So glad your boss apologized and that everything is looking up! I was checking out some Etsy stuff and I've been wishing I had time to get crafty and sell some stuff. I used to quilt.

  7. I Love handmade "stuff" cool Giveaway!

    With an extra hour in a day...I would Scrapbook...LOL

    Be sure to come enter my Giveaway too!

    have a great weekend!

  8. Hi! I found your blog through the ME! challenge and am now following!

    With an extra hour, I would cook, clean, do yard work...haha...just kidding!

    These days, I would use the hour to take a nap--shades drawn, fan humming, and air nice and low!

  9. PS- If you get a chance, check out my giveaway--it is perfect for those who love to read!

  10. I would use an extra hour a day to do a session of yoga. Failing this, I would do nothing except be still. And listen.
    I did a post on the little things that made me happy this week. All stuff I did for myself.

  11. I would use the extra hour a day to sleep. :) OK, so my girls haven't been sleeping much lately, but more sleep is always a good thing!

  12. oh! an extra hour. how fun!! i would probably use it to organize :) you know i love to make lists...i've got two to three closets that are in need of decluttering and organization! :)

  13. An extra hour? I think would sleep. I would crawl into bed and enjoy some uninterrupted, husband-free, naked sleepy-time!

    P.S. I love how I'm Mandy's "other most awesome Mandy" LOL!

  14. I'd sleep. Or read. Or play online.

  15. An extra hour? Sans Crazies or with them? I'd probably catch up on blog reading or do something outside...

    Oooooh...maybe I'd clean out my guest room as I'm kind of using that as my "office" right now. The mess is ruining my Zen.

  16. What if I already follow you? LOL

  17. An extra hour? Hmm, what would I do? I think I would sleep, bake some yummy healthy treats or read one of the gazillion books I never get around to.

  18. I am pregnant and I have a four yr old, three yr old and almost 1 yr old........I would sleep, an hour would be wonderful

  19. If I had an extra hour a day I would spend it in the bath, all by myself, with water as hot as I can stand it, and bubbles up to the rim, and I'd have an enormous glass of red wine in there too, with candles and classical music (NO nursery rhymes), I'd have time to wash my hair and shave both my legs, and even moisterise afterwards, and then after I've turned into a prune I would get out and have a hot cup of coffee and an entire chocolate (slab even) wrapped in a robe, watching the world go by, in absolute silence.

    That's what I would do.

    Something I did for myself this past week? I stayed half an hour longer at a team workshop after it was done for some grown up conversation while my mom looked after Nicola.

  20. What I will do with an extra hour per day:
    I will sit in front of my television set and watch an hour of my recordings without being interrupted with words like: "Mommy!" and sip on an ice cold fruit juice with just my thoughts.

  21. This weekend I was able to get caught up with my digital scrapbooking. It's my all-time Favorite "Me" thing to do. Love the giveaway!

  22. I would read or do some mosaics. Or if I have a sitter, I would so go to yoga. I really want to do yoga again.

  23. And I am floowing your blog!

  24. An extra hour ... depended on where it fell, if it was morning, I'd sleep in. If it was the middle of the day - try to get in more of whatever project I'm working on while the kids are schooling. Evening, I would read or vegetate in front of the TV or computer - maybe get more of the Google reader stuff done - or play with my new Kindle.

    And if someone took me OUT with my extra hour? Shopping someplace ... don't care where, even the grocery store is often "exciting" to me!

  25. Follow your blog.

  26. Stacy S12:59 am

    With an extra hour a day I would start writing a journal or blog.

  27. After more than a year I finally went to library and this time took a book for myself and not for my daughter! Think that this is something I really missed. :)

    besttoddlertoys at yahoo dot com

  28. new follower :)

    besttoddlertoys at yahoo dot com

  29. If there were 25 hours a day, the extra hour would probably be spent of walking slower, eating and munching slower, sleeping a lil bit longer, and simpy not rushing everywhere. I'm a big city mom with lots of errands, even a trip to yoga class makes me stress out though it suppose to do me peace.

    I know about how you feel of having to call a sick day and be "selfish" and feel uneasy about it. SO true!



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