Monday, July 18, 2011

Rocking the baby

I wanted to post some NICU pics too but they're on another disc somewhere....

Anyway, I'll show you some sleeping baby pics instead.

I love sleeping baby pics.

Maybe because they were so rare in the early days?

First night both babies were home (27 days old)

Connor - 21 days old - this is one of my favourite pics of him ever!

Connor - 3 months

Connor - 11 weeks

Kendra - about 12 weeks - too adorable

nearly 4 months old

4 months (he still sleeps like this)

Kendra - 4 months - technically summer but we had a freak ice-cold week in the middle of November

poor babies - after their vaccinations

(I need to post about those pillows)

And then this was them two weeks ago.

Can you believe how much they've grown?!


  1. Ag they are too adorable!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh so sweet!! They have grown so much. Sometimes, when I look at my girls sleeping, they're like little babies again...I think it's that complete innocence and peacefulness. Sigh.

  3. Gosh they are just divine!

  4. Those are soooo adorable!! It was great to see their's unbelievable how fast they grow!

    Thanks for sharing... :)

  5. Oh my goodness!!!! So very sweet!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Ack, the cuteness!!! I can barely stand it! :-)

  7. Oh my word, they have really grown beautifully. I just love all those baby pics.

  8. Sleeping babies are almost irresistable

  9. Sleeping babies are toooo cute!

  10. I love sleeping baby pics too...and yours are so cute.

  11. Lovely pics - they really are so cute. Amazing to see how they've groWN! :)

  12. Sleeping baby pics are my fav!

    Do your twins still sleep together? Find that quite interesting as having never had twins. Do they not disturb each other in the night?

    Such cutie pies you have xx


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