Saturday, July 30, 2011

Show me your phone

I'm a girl who loves technology only in as much as it serves me.

I think long and hard about what something will not only add, but also subtract from my life (aside from money).

I'm also fortunate in that I have a "low need for affiliation" - this means I don't care what people think about me, so I'll have old cars, houses, clothes, etc.

I said "fortunate" because I see and hear a lot of people around me say "oh I couldn't possibly wear/ drive/ have that - what will people think?"

Anyway, onto my phone.

I'm not a phone person.

I was late to the cell phone craze. My first phone was a yellow Phillips Savvy - do any of you still remember that?!

Truth be told, I still am not wild about phones - I take it it's fairly rare these days to actually let your phone ring and choose not to answer.

My nanny still (after 20 months with us) looks horrified when I say, "oh, just let it ring, I'm busy right now".

I use a phone to make calls. And sometimes to text when I'm not being totally lazy.

I've said before if people text me and I'm at a computer, I'll email them back (if non-urgent - most things in life are not urgent) or phone, if urgent.

I know my phone can do the email and internet thing but I like being disconnected sometimes.

So... this phone.

I got it nearly 4 years ago (it will be 4 years in Dec). In South Africa, our contracts renew every 24 months.

You're clever, you've figured out I should have had an upgrade by now BUT... I didn't like the phone they sent me (I'm also one of those people who waits for the service provider to eventually phone me 2 - 3 months later to hound me and make me choose a new phone) so after giving it a go for about 6 weeks, I changed back and I'm happy again!

I'm also one of those people who never opens their phone once the SIM card is in.

But just for you I did.


The casing tells me it's a Nokia 6300 and was released in Jan 2007.

for some perspective

I love this phone.

It feels good to the touch (I'm very tactile), is nice and slim, cold and has a nice weight. Easy buttons to press.

What more could I want? :)

Okay, tell us your phone story, or just post a pic of your phone and tell me why you like it or if you don't, why not.

Over to you - go!


  1. HAHA. I was also late to cell phones and guess what my first phone was???

    A yellow phillips savvy! I think I still have it somewhere in a box.

    I love phones but luckily I am also fortunate to have a low need for affiliation. And even if something is the best thing on the market, if I don't find it comfortable (not easy) to use then I won't go for it. For example, I don't do touchscreen at all - guess this means I can't ever iPhone?

    If you like those buttons then you will love a qwerty keyboard phone even more.
    Going to the beach quickly. Will blog mine a bit later.

  2. I love this!! Great link up!! Totally participating!! Thanks for the fun! You broke my blogging silence! Ha! Happy Saturday!

  3. I blogged it but for some reason the picture of my phone won't load. I linked an image. Hope that's OK.

  4. Can't give you a pic of my phone - because it's my camera too. ;-)

    My first phone was a black Phillips Savvy, boy oh boy was that a phone that could take punishment and keep going.

    I'm on a N95 Nokia now. It can do all kinds of fancy things but it doesn't have a touch screen - I don't like touch screens on phones, must be getting old. I also didn't set it up to fetch my email, when I have time and I want to read mail I go online with browser and see it there. Mostly my phone is on silent - it makes me crazy if someone's crotch is constantly beeping and carrying on.

  5. How funny! I never had a smartphone (or even wanted one) until this summer when I found out about all the cool apps I could get for the kids and myself. I was really hooked when I saw how much easier it made Weight Watchers for me. I'm now very much in love with my Samsung Galaxy GS 4G phone. :)

  6. This is my phone-

  7. I'm SO with you on not answering the phone if it's not convenient!!! This is MY life, and MY house...and if the phone happens to ring when I'm changing a diaper, or cutting raw chicken, or singing a rousing rendition of Ring Around the Rosie with my girls...well, I don't have to answer it! I figure, we have an answering machine...and/or they'll call back if it's important.

    I really don't give a rat's patooty what folks think, either...I do what works for me...but if I did, I surely could get a complex looking at the other link-ups...hahaha!!!

  8. Hey Marcia!!! What a great link-up...I am come on baord to share a pic of my dinasaur...I mean phone on Tuesday!

    I like your phone! Way more modern than mine...LOL!

  9. I linked to the post I wrote back in May after I got my iPhone. After resisting the "smartphone-effect" for quite awhile, I now declare my loyalty to Apple and my iPhone. I love, love, love it.

    But I still won't answer the phone if I'm busy/just don't want to!

    We still have home internet for the moment, but I can see a possibility that we might cut it out in the future and just use our phones as a hotspot to connect. We also don't have a home phone line. AND we did some plan-switching to move Jeremy to my shared plan with my mom, so we are actually paying LESS for the iPhone and features than he did for just his own phone line. Win!

  10. I did a post similar like yours in June:

    I love technology, so phones, computers etc, is big on my list :)

  11. Sorry I missed this,but I seldom get time over the weekends for blogging.

  12. You should look into the cell C value chat package, that's what I have. The calls are cheaper because you don't get a new phone every time (you don't get free phones on this contract). My phone is so old and knackered, my husband begged me to upgrade to one he stopped using over a year ago. So now I have a Sony Ericsson something or another. And the very fabulous feature on this phone is that the silent feature actually works, you don't have to switch the phone off, which is a noisy affair (like my old one). It rings, it sends messages. I'll probably keep it for a few years to come!

  13. We purchased phones for both Tim and I about 4 or so years ago - maybe closer to 5 now.

    It's NOT a smart phone. LOL I like the camera - which I really wanted because our first one didn't have a camera. Limited connectivity out here in our "boon docks". It's a bit too small to be comfortable - but it does the job I need it for.


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