Saturday, July 16, 2011

Six on Saturday

  1. I wasn't going to post tonight but I've just stumbled on Gretchen Rubin's one sentence journal in the Happiness Project Toolbox and I was inspired to document anyway. Who wants to read The Happiness Project with me in August?
  2. The thank-you cards from the party are all done. Some were hand-delivered but most were posted. Only thing left on the list is to get the photos. Oh, and I want to do a little scrapbook thing, Marcia-style (super simple), with my super-fantastic binder rings.
  3. The painting of my house is done. The house looks good (it's never been painted in the 5.5 years we've been here) but I am never using people who can't communicate properly in English again. I get far too angry when there is miscommunication.
  4. I brought my work notebook home and went through the last two weeks of meeting notes making a master to-do list (since it worked so well with the personal and business stuff) and I have 25 action items. Crazy. And I have two days of training on Friday and Mondy coming up. What is up with July? I'm very tempted to take the whole month off next year.
  5. We visited friends of ours for lunch today and the kids were super-cute. Kendra takes SOOO long to warm up to people though but once she's "loose" she is so charming and delightful. Scary. The kids went to bed tonight the latest ever, at.................7:30!
  6. My nose has started running a little tonight so I'm going to take a Degoran and get to bed.

How's your weekend going?


  1. We had friends over last night for dinner, too. We haven't entertained much at all since the girls were born, and I've sure missed it. We had such a nice time...and the couple has 7-month old twins, so they were very "baby friendly" (and hopefully we were, too!).

    It was so interesting to see how our girls warmed up to the babies. Although both were SUPER excited when I told them who was coming to dinner, Baby B warmed up pretty quickly when they arrived. It took A quite a while, though. She just hung out on her little couch (like a teenager!) for the first 15 minutes, at least. So interesting!

    Hope you nip your runny nose in the bud and feel better!

  2. This has definitely been the craziest July ever!
    I should be able to read that book with you in August. Mine should be here any day now.
    Am going to that dodgy craft shop this week and I will check if they have binders. I am pretty sure I saw them there.
    Hope you managed to sort out your cold before it became full-blown...
    My weekend was something else. Cape Town winter is rocking my world though. Warm and Sunny. Am LOVING IT.

  3. Oh I have just got the Happiness project - ordered online from Exclusives. SO yes, let's do it. But timelines not too tough please.

  4. So glad to hear the twins were good :)

  5. I have thought about reading The Happiness Project. I saw it at the library last week, so yes, I think I would be in for reading it in August. (I hate when I have to buy a book I'm not sure I will like!) : )


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