Thursday, July 14, 2011

So... not shortlisted and other bits and bobs

This morning when I got to work (ran to a meeting, I should say, to be more accurate), I saw some filming happening and twigged that it was part 2 of the auditions.

I was just thinking, "well, they really should have said thanks but no thanks" but then I saw an email had come through very early this morning.


Anyway, 15 people were shortlisted but horror of horrors, they put ALL the auditions on the intranet.


Fortunately I'm number 58 or something so there's lots of scrolling to do to get to mine.

Once I have a look, I may post it just for a laugh IF you promise not to link to it and mention my company (the branding is very clear) in comments, other blogs, etc.

I do like my job and want to keep it.


Speaking of which, for the 5th year in a row I've been asked to complete the best companies survey. Every year I desperately hope they won't pick me and I scream when I get the email.


They all laughed this year when they heard the scream from my desk but really, out of 1200 people, I'm in a random sample of 350 every single year? I think not.


I am STILL stressed about this website of mine.

My main (old) website is fixed but I bought a new, more in line with my current coaching topic, domain and this new one does one thing and one thing only - it redirects to the old website.

This new domain still shows all those hacking messages and I can't get the Google instructions to work to verify that it's mine because I have to upload a google file (done) and then click on that link to verify. Of course it brings up the warning and doesn't verify, so it's a catch 22.

I really had to exercise extreme self-control last night as I wanted to a) cry and b) click on delete website in my dashboard.

Instead I prayed and asked for peace and calm and worked on the darn thing for HOURS. Hours I intended to write blog posts and workshop material.

Oh yes, I'm having a workshop, live and in-person in Jhb. I'll tell you all when I've put together the content.

It takes me 2 hours what it will take a tech person 10 minutes to do. This is NOT my unique brilliance and I've been so frustrated.

I'm THIS close to doing the following:

a) deleting the domain
b) paying my virtual assistant to sit and manually edit the URL on 62 of my online articles to the old URL (SUCH a waste of money)
c) order new business cards - I have not one, but TWO sets printed with the new URL. Again, R1000 down the drain (and the one set is STUNNING, from moo)

My friend Nat told me last week that I shouldn't sweat the small stuff and yes, I get that it's not life and death, but it is SO frustrating my shoulders are in knots.

Remember the new URL has been "out there" for nearly a year and so I keep getting very kind people (my readers are the best though) sending me these helpful emails like, "I'm not sure if you know this but it looks like there's something wrong with your website".

I want to just scream. Or punch something.

This is not me, not professional!

I'll let you know after I speak to another two people tonight, one my coach.


Let's end off on a good note.

Here are some pics my friend, Caren, took and sent through to me. These are so special and I'm so grateful for them as I'm in just that one pic on the photographer's blog.

I love this little girl so much! She has the best neck for kissing. Connor has the best cheeks :)
How's your week been?

PS From the sounds of it, many of us are having really trying weeks. Even my colleague said she can't WAIT for Friday!


  1. I have been MIA lately but we are HOME NOW! YAY! So I've gotta say I cannot BELIEVE they did not shortlist you. I mean, I know I've never actually met you but I'm certain you would have been awesome - much better than some perky blonde (no disrespect intended to those of your readers who are perky blondes, of course. But us brunettes need to stick together).

    And um YEAH I want to see the audition video!

  2. those pictures of you and K...especially the ones of you kissing her neck! :) :)

    And - the technological dunce that I am - I don't have any words of wisdom for you on the website issue...but I hope you can figure out a solution soon and focus your efforts back towards your passions. :)

  3. I had to smile about the survey - I know who you work for and I know they come out pretty good every year. So obviously you do a good job!

    AS to the website - just pay someone to fix it and get it over with. You can do way better things with your time and stress levels.

  4. I hate parting with my money, but just hand over the rand to someone who can fix the site! Make sure they offer you some sort of guarantee. That way it is off your shoulders and you can get back to neck kissing and workshop planning!

    My week has also been trying. But luckily I think things will work out. Next week is going to be relaxing come hell or high water! (and I WILL get to the post office!)

  5. Oh, love the pictures!!

    Sorry you're having trouble with your website. Hope you can get it straightened out soon. I understand the frustration of wanting to just hit "delete"!

    It's been a long week here too... I am trying to think of something fun to do this weekend, but it's so stinkin' hot, nothing sounds very appealing. : )

  6. Ah...I wish that you had been selected. Would have been such a cool thing for you to be part of. Not sure what to say about the website. It does sound like it's easier to pay someone else to fix it. I have very little patience with computer errors so have a pretty good idea how you must be feeling.
    Those pictures that Caren took are just beautiful. Love them.
    And yes, it's been a rough week. I'm getting into bed now. At 19:10.

  7. Thanks for posting some of my pics, glad you like them! Yes, my week has been very trying too. As you know, hubby is overseas. Tues I got a flat tyre and today our geyser burst. Why does everything have to go wrong while A is away?!And to top it off, I'm getting flu. Roll on next week when A is home!

  8. I love these pictures. You can see the love in them you have for your children.
    I am so sorry to hear about the dilemma you are experiencing with your domain currently.
    I would love to see that video of yours. Maybe do a private blog post which is password protected - just to be safe with the video :)

  9. Sorry about the website :( I feel your pain. I hate that I cant do basic stuff on my blog :(

    Those pics are lovely :)

    My week has actually been pretty good. After Jacks trip to the chiro he was SOOOO much calmer (YAY)

  10. I so agree with Cat...let the professionals handle your internet woe's....and spend your valuable time on what you do best.

    I love the photo of you kissing your little one's sweet.

    Have a wonderful weekend.



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