Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thoughts on a Sunday night

Last night I sat and typed out my 37 things list.

At one point I thought I'd never get to 30, let alone 37. But I ended up with 41 so some editing is needed before I post it on Saturday.

I also had a chance to look over my 36 things list and let's just say, I better go pay for someone's groceries or meal. Quick. I think I'll sneak up and pay for someone's lunch at work - that's going to be the easiest thing.

Otherwise, any ideas?


We didn't go to church last Sunday because of D being sick. Our church is crazy big and there's a ginormous parking lot and lots of steps (clearly a non-mother designed the place :)) and I was not going to take the chance of one of my babies getting knocked down.

So today when we left them, Connor screamed blue murder.

He loves both of us but he screams for me in these situations.

Picture this - D & M running from the children's class as we hear, "Mummy! Mummmmmmyy!" echoing off the walls.


Tonight he was EXHAUSTED and he was drinking his bottle in bed so I sat on his bed and was touching his face (or something).

He says, "Mummy, go. Please go" - if he wasn't so cute I'd feel terrible! But he's so earnest and I can see he just wants some time alone to think and be still :)

This pic was taken a few weeks ago - yes, he's cross because he was left alone while Nanny V bathed Kendra. Mandy, these are not the crying pics I was talking about. Wait - I'm going to do another Linky for crying/ tantruming babies in a week's time. :)

the blur is why I have to get someone to take proper pics of these two - I am missing out. Still, at least I have the memories and I can bribe him when he's bigger :)


Okay, ad break K just screamed out in her sleep. D went to see her and she said, "where's milk?" D said, "it's the middle of the night - no milk" K then said, "but Connor's got milk" LOL These are the things that scare toddlers - being treated unfairly. Hahahha.

This is Kendra's new thing - the minute she sees me with a camera she hides her face. I've tried to say, "baby, do you know how cute you're being?" - doesn't make a bit of difference.


I had a gooood shopping day today. Went past a bookshop to look for some stuff for the kids.

There's a particular brand of Christian book (too lazy to slink into the kids' bedroom to look it up - but email me if you want details) they love.

When they were just newborns, we bought Jonah, Noah, David and Daniel for them, and I got a couple extra for my nephew. My kids LOVE these books and we want to get all of them.

They run to me/ D and say, "read Jonah". I don't know if it's the whole "being swallowed by the big fish or the fact that the book goes, "God said go and Jonah said no (Connor loves that bit and then he says, "naughty" (too precious!)).

Kendra loves the David one. Good thing too.

Alas, the shop didn't have anymore of them but we will go back again (maybe on my birthday? :)) without kids and look through properly - you know there's no real browsing with these two trying to grab books.

Oh, the point of this story was there were some other good deals so I got some gifts for the fertility group ladies and of course some things for the kids, D, me and some other gifts to keep around for the random acts of kindness I like to do.

R950 worth! Somehow I just kept throwing things in.

I had the best of intentions tonight.

I have a whole list of blogs to write. With pics and everything. And then Jayme and I emailed a bit and exchanged pinterest links. And that was the evening gone. I even went to get a BIG mug of tea and a cupcake to fully enjoy the experience.


As we're on the brink of a new month, I'm determined to get my mojo back. Despite having only 2 full days in the office - Monday, Tues pm and Wed am. Oy.

I'm going back to my dance class on Wed (I've already prepped D) and I will keep a good attitude, listen to and obey God's voice, deal with things appropriately and make this a good week leading up to .... 37

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. I need to find my mojo again! Things have gotten to relaxed in the evenings and the heat so oppressive during the day that I neglected blogging. I can't wait for the crying link up! CAN.NOT.WAIT!

    I think I will start a list myself next year. I fully support picking up someone's tab. You are an amazing person!

  2. Heh sorry!
    Pintrest just sucks me in and I can't get away!

  3. The horror of being treated unfairly raises its ugly head here a lot's kind of annoying.

    When Matt randomly starts crying in the middle of his nap, Hailey will pick her head up and say, "Mommy...why you in my room?"

  4. This week I am really looking forward to a hair cut on Saturday.

    Nicola is also a bit camera shy at the moment. For every photo I manage to take of her there are at least three that don't make it because she sees the camera and looks away!

  5. Still need to investigate Pintrest!

    This week i'm looking forward to a quieter, less hectic week (ie no baking).

    Time out with my brother @ Umngazi (the most divine place on this earth).

    And watching my husband cross the finish line after 4 days on his mountain bike.

    Happy week to you xx

  6. This week I need to catch up at work and with personal admin. Need to sort out sars and finalise whatever Joshua wants to do for his B-Day. I am so unorganised with this. Also need to catch up with reading and I need to plan some Christmas gifts seeing that everyone in my life is going to be getting something hand made by moi.
    I so wish that I could be in a position to pay for someones groceries. Maybe one day...

    ps...I set up that Pinterest. Haven't had time for it yet. From what everyone is saying I need to set aside an entire 3 hours or whatever for it?

  7. How cute is it that she wants to hide her face from the camera :)
    I'm looking forward to the coming weekend. Children will be visiting their Aunt and Uncle and me and hubby is going to be alone at home. We need it after a 2 week period we had :(

  8. Oh I need mojo too - hope you enjoy the class and all that leads up.

    And I know those books! We have a few but have now moved on.


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