Thursday, July 07, 2011

Two miracles

I love this stage in the babies' lives.

They are SO cute and I find myself sitting and staring at them. I can't believe that they are mine.

Because they are miracles.

I know all children are miracles but when you think about how these two came from us, after a team of about 20, including God, worked HARD to get them here, that is a true miracle.


It honestly blows my mind.

I dreamed of having little people running around for so long and here they are.

I stare at Kendra talking sentences, sassing me (no, Mummy, no tuck - when I want to tuck her in) and saying things like "unacceptable" (shows you what I'm always saying!!!) and think, "you are a little GIRL. when did this happen?"

And Connor who never walks but always runs. Always.

I said to him the other day, "Connor, do you ever walk anywhere?" and V said, "no" :)

Yesterday I kept saying to them, "this is the last bath you're going to have as a 1-year-old" :) and on and on (I won't bore you but I was being weird according to D).

Last night we strung up the birthday banner (for the party) and put it up in the dining room and D wrapped their motorbikes (plastic ones). We also bought them a proper wooden stove.

I was just finishing up in the study (after 11 pm) when I heard a little boy running (!) from his room.

I popped my head out in a flash, more to prevent him from seeing the presents than being an on-the-ball parent, to find a little guy with Friday in the one hand (teddy bear) and a dummy in the other.

He was wide awake and just wanted some snuggles and time with me.

I popped him into my warm bed (with my electric blanket) and we had about 10 minutes of quality time and then he said, "bed" so off he went to his own bed.

Too sweet and also just what I needed - some extra hugs from him.

So today they're two.

This last year has FLOWN by. I guess that's what happens when you're running after them all the time and getting some sleep :)

PS I tried to take some pics this week of them together but they (Connor) don't want to hug or even be in the same frame. I will post the blurred pics so you can see what I'm dealing with.


  1. The very happiest Birthday possible to you nd your little cuties. We shall meet very soon! Our boys also got their Ybikes for their second Birthday - great present.

  2. I too sometimes sit like you and wonder how my kids got as big as they are now and also considering them as my blessings because God lend them to me. We are truly blessed.

  3. Happy birthday K & C! Such a lovely post Marcia. It's made me so excited to soon be welcoming our miracle into this world. All the best for the party Xo

  4. Yeah!!! Happy birthday, Kendra and Connor! You are truly blessings! Someday Kendra will marry one of my boys and your mommy and I can be neighbors! Well, a girl can dream

  5. Happy Birthday to the not-babies! You are so blessed :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your miracles!

  7. Happy birthday to your Sweet Connor! Happy birthday to your Sweet Kendra!

    I hope you soak in all the wonder of this special day, Marcia and D!

  8. Aw man!!! Happy happy birthday little people!!!!

    It is such a lovely age!

  9. LOVE it when you get sentimental. : )

    Happy, happy birthday to your little miracles! Hope they love their kitchen.

  10. Miracles indeed. Happy birthday!! xx

  11. Mircales for sure! Happy Birthday Cutie Patooties!!!! :)

  12. Oh birthdays are for mom to take a breathe!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet little miracles... I have loved following your many mom moments with them!!!

  13. Happy 2nd birthday to K & C!!! Oh, man! What a 2 years it has been, but they are so smart and active and have such big personalities! Two miracles, indeed!!!

  14. Awww....they are sounding soooo cute. Happy B-Day to them and congrats to you and D. Hope that they had a fun day and that they will enjoy their party this weekend.

  15. I love two. Such a fun age. Happy Birthday to your two, Connor & Kendra!

  16. Happy Birthday sweet babies!! Miracle's indeed!! Enjoy the party this weekend!

  17. Happy Birthday K & C!

    I surely hope they enjoyed it. I love watching them grow and thrive. What's more is that I can't imagine you being all mushy and sentimental! I didn't expect that from you over a birthday.

    I truly fear the day when I am not cool enough for cuddles and hugs. Soak up every minute you can with them!

  18. A very happy birthday to you babies - I hope it was a super special day!

    I sometimes have a hard enough time to get an unblurry photo of just one little person, so I can imagine it must be even more fun to try and catch two at the same time!

  19. Happy birthday to your 2 two year olds...I loved reading the poignancy of this post. You're a good mama:-)

  20. LOL I love how you guys think I'm not at all mush - I have my moments. Rare, but I do have them.

  21. they truly are miracles!! and they grow up sooo fast!

  22. Happy Birthday to your sweet little babies. People talk about the terrible twos, but we had such a wonderful year with our two 2-year-olds. Enjoy it! :o)

  23. Happy birthday sweet babies...hope it was wonderful!

    I laughed when D said you were being "weird."


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