Monday, July 25, 2011

Two-year doctor's visit

perfect posture for Spanish dancing (yes, I did for 5 years) -
Lynette, I studied with Fiona Rodel in Bluewater Bay :)

Pure joy
(D listened and didn't include my morning self)

I read Mandy's blog earlier and was reminded that I hadn't yet posted on the babies' visit with Dr S earlier this month.

I thought I'd give them a break this year and take them a day later instead of on their actual birthday like last year LOL

Here is last year's doctor post.

So we were waiting in reception and the kids kept peeking (not peaking) around the corner, trying to check out things.

The doctor came in during one such session, caught Kendra checking out his office, said, "that's okay, you can come in", took her hand and off they toodled.

Too cute.

Of course she looks around at us just to check it's all okay first.

So the two of them start playing with all the blocks and whatnot while D and I chat to the doctor.

We were saying afterwards that we feel soooo different.

In the beginning (say, the first year), we had lists of questions on each baby.

Now we go with nothing except the wellness cards :)

All very strange for me.

The stats


Height 85 cm
Weight 9.7 kg
HC 48 cm


Height 93 cm
Weight 12 kg
HC 50.5 cm

Do you know how these kids scream when they have to lie down on the bed?! Oh my word. Is a fear of doctors built in?!

He is happy with their weights and heights.

He was very impressed with both of their language skills (I remember Connor said something like, "Mummy! Orange chair/ block") and other developmental stuff (identifying colours, the way they interacted with us and with him, etc).

Fortunately I didn't have to put anyone in time out because they were listening but I have absolutely no shame - I will discipline anywhere.

He also asked if they'd been sick since the last visit (no) and if they go to school, etc.

I asked when he thinks they should go to pre-school and he said they really only play until they're 3 so there is no need to rush the process but if we want them to go, then he'd suggest a playgroup maybe 1 - 2 mornings a week from 2.5.

We're still in no hurry but that sounds like a good option for us. I'm just not sure that any of these schools do such a casual arrangement.

So looks like that's it for now.

Next appointment at age 3.

Feels like a long way away (especially after all the medical appointments from year 1) so D and I have decided to take them to wonderful Sister Carla at 2.5 just to make sure they're still on track developmentally.

This is how crazy this month has been - we have still not submitted the invoice to our medical aid to refund part of the payment.


On another note, today was day 2 (and the last day) of the emotional intelligence course. I am verrrrry excited to start mentoring and feel so privileged to be able to express some of my passion at work.

Thanks for your very lovely comments on yesterday's post (and your email, se7en). I kind-of feel bad that all of this *wide outstretched arms* isn't enough but I have to be honest and it isn't. I know I'm capable of much more. I'm just praying God speaks nice and clear and tells me His plan. And soon :)

How has your Monday been?

PS I've done two party planning posts on the organising blog.
Party planning 1
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  1. Gosh, I never even took Joel for an official 2yr old Dr checkup. Probably because he was sick every 5 minutes and we were spending a lot of time with our Paed anyway! I am convinced that our medical bills with her for the first 3 years of his life paid her bond AND probably her car as well.
    Monday has been somewhat blue. But, I'll get over it. Am going to work tomorrow and I am actually looking forward to it, believe it or not...
    Eish, I really hope that God speaks clearly to you. And to me. ASAP.

  2. It does seem weird not having to go for another well visit until their 3, doesn't it? Glad to hear your two-year check went well.

    My Monday was very busy going back to work after a week of vacation, but it was so worth it. I hope tomorrow doesn't feel as hectic.

  3. Great that their check up went so well :)

    They just keep on getting cuter by the day!! Some playschools has that option, nursery schools are a bit more strict, because of the "school plan for the year" they must follow, as this is done mostly in the mornings.

  4. Your little girl starts to look a lot more like you and your son like his father. So cute.

  5. They are doing super well! Good on you.

    I am toying with the idea to start with Spanish (at age 42!) There is a moms group where the princess has ballet. Looks like fun.

  6. Glad your two are doing so well...and you sound so much better today too;-)

  7. I'm glad the visit went well. Wow, your kids are short! N was 49cm at birth. ;-)Not sure how tall you and D are though, but I'm 1,8m so I guess that might have something to do with it.

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