Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The very cute bag you've all been waiting for

Mandy sent me some interim pics of the bag and I am beyond jealous that one of YOU get to have it instead of me!

If you haven't entered the giveaway yet, get in on the cute bag action.

Sorry, no time for a proper blog even though I've had a very productive day because I'm being very strict with myself and I haven't finished my 6 hours of writing for the day yet. Maybe later?

How was your Wed?


  1. Good going on the writing!
    My Wednesday has been odd. I had lots of heartburn, some nausea, a mildly sore throat and way too much deep thinking. I am now dealing with a feverish Toddler who sounds way too snotty.
    I am off to bed shortly to sleep off whatever lurgy I have. Can't be sick now that I am an athlete and all...

  2. it! Can I enter again? :) I need multiple computers for blog giveaway entries and printing coupons...HA!

    And SIX hours a day??? That's amazing!

    Hope you enjoy tomorrow - and all its many blessings - to its fullest!!! :) :)

  3. I love it!!! I so hope you draw my number!!! :):) You are such a self discipline. Heart that about you!!! If only I could follow your lead!!

  4. What a GREAT bag! Fingers crossed...

  5. I should really invest in a coach. Someone so disciplined and focused could really push me! I don't think I have to focus to do anything beyond an hour!

    It's now approaching midnight and I'm still not in bed. 5 o'clock will be here all too soon and I can't help but think DH wasted the little free time I have before work window shopping for the ladies' birthday today, at some generic box store no less! I have to know what you've gotten K & C!

  6. Really nice bag..Thanks for sharing.

  7. That sure is a beautiful bag.
    Glad you are still doing the writing thing :)


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