Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Number 1

Those of you who read the other blog remember me blogging about ideas for a 40th birthday present for a non-materialistic colleague. There were some great suggestions, most along the idea of an experience gift.

A lot of people mentioned a spa voucher.

Well, yesterday our PA says she's off to Woolworths to get A (the colleague) her birthday voucher. A's been on leave (clever girl) and is only back in the office today.

Sorry to say this but I flipped.

Hang on a sec, did you not ask me to blog about ideas?

Yes, but everyone said a spa voucher and we only have R500 (one-hour massage is R350).

They said an EXPERIENCE and gave examples of a spa voucher.

We can certainly NOT get A a boring Woolies voucher. She hates shopping and it's her 40th!

So I start googling, phoning, etc. This is at 3:30.

Finally I say, what about that place that did the picnic for T? T is another colleague who celebrated his 30th - what's with the milestone birthdays this year?! Incidentally T is the youngest in the team :)

It's Tres Jolie.

And finally that is what we got.

A lovely experience gift that she and her family can enjoy.

She will LOVE it - she is BIG on family.


Number 2

Now my fires are stoked.

Me: Where is the birthday banner Connor and Kendra "donated" to our team? Because we need to decorate A's desk.

PA: Do you really think we need it?

Me: Of course!!!! That is why it's here.

PA: Oh, okay.

Today the desk is beautifully decorated. Thankfully.

Number 3

Same PA (oh my word, there's a trend) moved into her new house a month ago.

She was super stressed after the move (seriously super stressed) and I suggested she go get a massage.

Oh, I'd love to but I don't have money, she says.

So I secretly behind the scenes paid for a session (half hour) with my massage therapist and told her and then sent her a mail to tell her how to sort it out.

She was SO excited but do you know she has still not gone for her massage.

The thing is the therapist is moving onto greener pastures at the end of this month and told me she can't do any refunds so all prepaid stuff must be redeemed.

Fair enough.

I keep reminding the PA and I told her K is moving on but she is just not going!

What on earth?!

I hate wasting money............

What shall I do?


  1. Sounds like this one is just constantly raining on your parade. Grrr!

  2. You need a new PA!

    I would kill for a massage - silly girl

  3. Silly girl! I would be straight up - say to her you are not wasting money - if she does nto go for the voucher before the en of the month, you are taking it yourself. It has been paid for!

  4. I agree with Cat. Take it for yourself if she does not go by the end of the month.

  5. I was SO going to title my post today "Grrrr"!! That is not the first time I have almost titled one the same as you on the same day. Great minds think alike, I guess. : )

    I would ask that PA if she is sure she is going to be able to go by the end of the month...tell her if not, that you will take the massage, no big deal...but you need to know! That was super nice of you to do for her.

  6. I would tell madam that you will be taking the massage yourself since she's not making use of it!

  7. Some people can be so difficult and inconsiderate!

    Take the message for yourself...sounds like PA has made you feel like you need one!

    :) Chin Up! LOL!

  8. How frustrating!

    I agree with the others, take it for yourself...

  9. Ugh. Can you believe that I have only ever had one neck/shoulder massage in my entire life? And that was only because I went on a weekend with my girls and HAD to have a treatment of sorts. I wish I could do it more often. What a silly girl. Rather just take it for yourself.

  10. Ai jai jai, stupid girl, I really dislike people like that. Take the massage for yourself ;) You need it after dealing with her!

  11. I would also take it myself...you can't just have it get wasted...what a strange woman.


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