Saturday, August 06, 2011


So today I turned 37.

Judging from today, 37 is a lot more tiring than 36 :)

This morning Kendra and I went to get her some shoes because she was saying that her toes are sore in her current takkies.

While in the store I had the opportunity to do a random act of kindness and cross one more thing off my 36 things list.

My actual entry says to buy a stranger's groceries or meal. What I intended was to pay for something unexpected.

So this (old) lady asked me to read the price of something for her on two items, laundry basins and buckets.

She muttered under her breath in another language and I asked her what the problem was.

Apparently she didn't have enough money for both.


I told her I'd pay for the more expensive of the two.

I could see she didn't believe me so I took the basin, added it to my stuff and told her to come with me to the front so I could pay for it.

(I didn't want to just give money - I don't do that - nor did I want to tell her I'd pay for both because then she might get greedy and go BIG just because. Hey, this is South Africa).

In the queue, I reached behind me, took her other item and paid for both.

It was worth it to see that look on her face - loved it!

I was trying to be "secretive" but she obviously said something in her language because some people in the queue made "aha" noises and there were lots of smiles from most and some confusion from others.

And that was my good deed for the day :)

So here is my current list for the next year. I had 41 but I cheated with some and combined them into others.

They are nicely categorised to make it easier for me.

My 37 things list
God/ ministry
1. Finish blogging the Crazy Love book chapters
2. Have a “retreat” all by myself, one night a month
3. Spend time on a consistent basis reading the Bible. I have slacked big-time and only just started up again. Sadly, it’s because I need to hear from Him now.
4. Continue to be faithful in my ministry at the church even when attendance is low. I am doing this unto the Lord and not unto men.

Family (D and babies)
1. Have fun summer family photoshoot – booked already – need ideas!
2. Have family holiday on KZN north coast
3. Make a decent-looking “family rules” printable
4. Get back to Cape Town – it has been too long. I think Dec 2007 was the last time, if not earlier.
5. Do a fun day for the babies’ half birthdays. It will probably involve some kind of fun tradition that I’ve yet to think up plus cake.
6. Take the kids to Gillooly’s Farm – gosh, they haven’t been since they were about 7 – 8 months old and it is unacceptable as it’s right on my doorstep.
7. Find a preschool for the kids that we’re happy with emotionally and financially, and register them for July 2012.
8. Do something different (for us) and fun as a family once a month (today counts for this month :))
9. Two dates with D a month plus movie night on the couch ;)
10. Get wedding, Australia and Singapore photos scanned and in jpg format
11. Get that darn photo wall up!
12. Have a weekend away with D. If that goes well, book overseas trip if there’s a willing family member around.
13. Take the kids to the zoo

1. Have lunch/ tea at least once a week in our work coffee shop to increase my visibility.
2. Bring in between R10 and R20 mil GWP in new business for my company (this is a new position so I’m still getting a feel for what’s realistic but will still be a stretch)

1. Have book published both in print and on the Kindle
2. Write second book and maybe the third one too
3. Attend She Speaks conference
4. Market myself 10 times to church groups to share my story of hope and inspiration with women. That means sending out emails or talking to leaders saying, “I speak about _____. Do you think that would fit with your group?” - just so I don’t fluff it later…

1. Have photoshoot in Newtown with cool, crazy coloured doors in the background – I can’t wait – thin or not!
2. Give away 37 notebooks as gifts
3. Work out 8 – 12 times a month, either by myself or with a personal trainer
4. Meet 5 bloggers
5. Read 60 books, one of them The Happiness Project
6. Set a deadline for all my “thin” clothes and get rid of them if goal not achieved
7. Declutter and sell bags I no longer use (there are at least 10)
8. Continue to do at least 5 random acts of kindness every month
9. Leave 4 anonymous notes/ send out cards every month with inspiring messages

Fun/ exploring my creativity
1. Do a photobook.
2. Cook 12 new “main course” recipes
3. Cook 12 new recipes in the baking category
4. Do 24 crafty/ creative projects (travel journals, mini scrapbooks, stuff for the kids, etc.), Pinterest-type stuff. Maybe organise a virtual craft night once a month?
5. Do a 2011 month in review mini book and then start 2012 with a new tradition of a mini review every month

That's it.

What do you think? Can you help with any of these? Ideas to help do them easier?

I want to read your lists too :)


  1. How awesome that you could still cross of something from your 36 list today?
    LOVE your 37 list and especially how you have categorised everything.

    Taking kids to the zoo or Gillooly's farm can be your fun family outings for next 2 months. Hope I am on your 5 bloggers list!
    There is currently a blogger who is organising a thrift shop/swop thingy for all clothing and accessories that you are no longer interested in. I think Gina is taking part in it. I would actually do the same but I am too fat for their clothing. Here's that post: Maybe it is something that could work for you. you read Emily's blog? She spoke at that She Speaks conference last year. Love her blog - think it's just beautiful:
    Eish. Sorry for this very linky essay. xx

  2. You are going to just LOVE the happiness project. Make sure you read it with a pile of post-its because I guarantee you will want to mark passages!

    Oh, and much more importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How lovely that the world has had another year of YOU!

  3. I love this list and how you always inspire me with your goals. I think I'll do something similar. Thanks

  4. You are pretty amazing, just in case you didn't know :)

    You must post your family rules. I am looking for some guidelines. I feel that they should be hung in the kitchen for all to see and abide by but I am also worried I'll be too demanding for everyone else.

    I am all up for the virtual crafting! Maybe it could be a link up?

    And the mere mention of a school for the kids had me all worked up! We couldn't possibly have kids old enough for school!!

  5. I am also inspired by your lists! It makes me want to make a few :)

    Happy birthday my blogging friend!

  6. I'm going to try to do a list this year. My birthday is in October, so I have a little time to come up with my list. So far there's one thing on it, so it needs some work!

  7. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!! The busiest people get the most done and that sure is you!!! Love your list, you go for it girl!!!

  8. What a great list! My birthday is next month - maybe I might borrow your idea and make a 35 list.

    As for the baking I might be able to share some ideas. My grandmother has the yummiest banana bread recipe that she always made, my mum gave me a yummy marmite / cheese muffins that are perfect to make into mini muffins and my other grandmother had a carrot / banana muffin recipe. Oh and my grandmother had this yummy chocolate hedgehog recipe. So yummy. But you don't bake these, so not sure if these would count :-).

  9. Thats an inspiring list :)


  10. Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Marcia, Happy Birthday to you :)

    Hope you had an awesome day.

    And wow, what a list! Great stuff on the act of kindness. Way to go xx

  11. I love your random act of kindness! I am vowing to do something for someone this month. :)

    And I always love your lists. I know you'll really enjoy celebrating the babies' half birthdays. When our girls get older, I will think about doing something kinda having dessert for supper. Wouldn't that be such a neat memory for the girls to have as they grow up?! :)

    I love your notebooks, notes, and cards idea, too.

    And I really love your craft link-up idea! You can count me in for that one!

    And - finally! - I am reminded that I owe you some crock pot recipes. :) Oopsie! I hope I'll be able to help you cross some of those recipes ideas off your list this year!

    Again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love seeing how you celebrate "you"!

  12. This is a great list! Hope you had a super awesome birthday - and good luck checking off on this list.

  13. It's such a great list you have written down for yourself. I love how you want to leave 4 Anonymous notes with inspirational messages on them. That is surely something someone with a good heart, will do.

  14. Happy happy Bday to you - I am sorry I missed your actual day - but weekends are not good computer times for me - as you might have noticed - I seldom blog etc.

    I love your list - and the acts of kindness.

    On a north KZN holiday I can give a huge thumbs up - we love it there. We found both Mtunzini and Zinkwazi very charming.

    And I am so glad I am one of those 5 bloggers.

    As to the babies oops - kids to school in July - you might want to reconsider. Sending them to school mid winter means they get bombarded with all those germs at once. Our paed suggested September or January. Will those 3 months make a difference to you otherwise?

    I have used Qphoto's Picassa books for photobooks and made one for every year - If you want I can bring along for you to have a look.


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