Monday, August 15, 2011

Balance, bonuses and my boy

taken from the office

can you see the white patches of sleet on the grass?

Four brave souls endured the cold (it is FREEZING here today - we even had some snow!) to come listen to me talk tonight.

My talk was on balance.

Here's my definition:

It's about spending the right (not equal) amount of time in the areas of your life that you've prioritised as important.

We had a fab time with some great insights and mindset changes.

They told me I have to talk about people-pleasing and how to say no next time :)


Today our boss was back so he could hand out our bonus letters.

I try to have no expectations of these things and therefore I'm never disappointed.

I see it as all free money because all that's in the contract is my monthly salary.

All that to say... it is MUCH better than I expected.


Will definitely have to do something exciting and book a holiday.


My boy is worse today.

He's been snotty since Thursday evening and seemed to get better.

I have a gripe with V in that she doesn't tell us if the kids are sick/ getting sick during the day.

I walked in at 5:25 to find him SCREAMING and he'd been doing this on and off the whole day when he wasn't sleeping.

We all know that's not Connor so why did I not get an SMS or phone call?

When I get home, it's too late to get him to a doctor so now all of us have to endure another night of broken sleep with a screaming toddler.

At 8 am sharp I'll be phoning for an appt and taking the boy to the doctor.

Poor little sausage. Crying with snot streaming down his face.

My tricks of giving him a "sweet" weren't even working so I had to wrestle a Panado into his mouth.


Back to the cold...

Someone told me today that this sudden, extreme cold (12 degrees today, 14 degrees tomorrow) means there'll be one last cold spell and then ... spring. And I'll be dressing my kids in shorts on 1 Sept.

We'll see about that!

I'm well enough not to need to stay home but I don't feel 100% there yet.

How was your Monday?

P.S. I have some more to talk about with the nanny situation but that'll have to be for another post. My (warm) bed is calling.


  1. I told Billy that I want to move to JHB after hearing you call 15 degrees C cold. Haha! He said his company has a pretty big practice there so you never know! :)

    Poor little guy. Hope you can get a quick appointment for him. Does your pedi make you wait long? That is probably my biggest complaint about our office. I think they just have way too many patients.

  2. Brrrr... but I love the cold weather :)

    People pleasing and learning to say no - mmm, I may need to come to that one!

    Yay for a great bonus! I was unfortunately a bit disappointed with mine this year. But like you said - it is free money in any case, so it is still much appreciated.

    My Monday was good. Wanted to take my boy to a different play park after day care, but got lost...

  3. Yay on the free money - so where are you going?

    Have you tried Empamed Suppositories for pain relief/fever control with your kidlets? Much easier than forcing panado down their throat and works super quickly too.

    Hope he's on the mend soon.

    And yes, am completely fedup with the cold,rain and snow. Enuff already!

  4. Congrats on the bonus you received. Sure you will put it to good use.
    I too hope that this cold is the last one we will see. I want Spring

  5. Oh yeah for a great bonus!

    I really hope C is better very soon. Poor kids.

    And I will be blogging about the weather when I can find time today.

  6. Your Winter pictures make me cringe...I love Summer!

    Sorry your little man is sick...that's the worst, but you should be informed of it when it starts! That's ridiculous!

    Congrats on your bonus! I need one of those!!!

  7. Nicole, move! We'd love to have you :)

    Our paed does have a waiting list but when it's just colds and flu-type stuff, we go to our GP down the road.

    Fortunately for us, because our kids were prem (!) so are always seen by Dr S himself (the main dude in the practice) instead of one of the other doctors

  8. Shayne, I have NO idea - I think a city holiday because I want one without kids.

    As to the Panado, these melt in the mouth tabs literally melt within seconds. He refused medicine, this was option 2 and then Empaped is option 3. I didn't feel like holding him down and hearing all THAT screaming.

    I think I'll get properly excited about the bonus once I see the after-tax amount and have tithed :)

  9. I really like your definition of balance. I'm so not there and haven't been for quite some time. Perhaps I can make it work better this fall once the kiddos are off to preschool 3 mornings a week. We'll see.

  10. 12 is NOT cold! Are you crazy? That's sweat pant weather!

    I hope you settle things with V. I am always quick to SMS my cousin about her daughter. We chat all day. Do you ever SMS V to ask? Could that help the situation?

    Our vacation has definitely made me realize I have to work on balance, and relating my balance and the family's balance. Apparently we don't have the same priorities! Who knew?!

  11. For fevers we do Empaped suppositories and combine it with 5ml of Ponstel. Brings the fever down VERY QUICKLY. Panado is gross though I do think that I may have seen a strawberry flavoured one the last time I went to the chemist.
    That is AWESOME news on the bonus. Go you!



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