Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blogging by candlelight/ precious 1:1 time

Our power went out 5 minutes before I got home from work.

The kids were howling because the milk was "ice cold" according to them.

My children drink room temperature milk, not warm, but in winter I warm it for 10 seconds in the microwave to take off the chill.

Well, they kept insisting - "warm it, Mummy, warm it". Just imagine that sentence shouted at you from two different directions at increasing volumes!

Have you ever tried explaining to a 2-year-old that no power means NOTHING works? No lights, no music, no microwave, nothing.

I eventually handed Connor a torch (flashlight) and he calmed down and stopped crying. Kendra soon followed suit and I was able to go around the house and light a gazillion candles.

Can you tell I'm geared up for power failures?

D's gone to get us Debonairs pizza and fill our flask (thermos) with boiling water at my friend, C's house. She lives in the same suburb but above the main street so if we're out, they're on.


He's back and we've eaten. And now I'm enjoying a hot mug of coffee. It's the small things in life, people.

He says to me, "C's girls were in the bath when I got there but it's VERRRRRY different from how it happens around here"

I asked how.

He says, "the bath was half full of water, they're in the bath together and eating ice-lollies"

Oh how I laughed. I could just picture it.

What are bath times like around your place?


Speaking of fun, I had the BEST time with my little guy this morning.

I prepped him for our appt because he does not have the best track record with doctors.

So I said, "Connor, we're going to see the doctor later. She's going to look in your ears and in your mouth."

He couldn't wait - I think it was more the prospect of going in the car than anything else.

And that he would be alone, not with Kendra.

Yes, she wailed when we left.

We had a lovely appointment (our Dr is Scottish with a gorgeous accent which alone is worth the consultation fee) and his sinuses are blocked but his ears and lungs were clear.

She was very impressed with his vocab - so was I! He talks FAR more when his sister isn't around and is also much better behaved. Hmmm.

He said, "hello Dr Petrie" and "thank you, Dr Petrie" and "bye, Dr Petrie" beautifully ----> proud mother moment.

Then we went to get the meds and as we were walking through the mall, I happened to glance over at Connor who wanted to "walk, Mummy" and saw our reflection in a shop window.

I melted.

Is there anything cuter than a little boy with his mother?

He charmed the pharmacist too and went to see the cleaning lady's mop (he is BIG friends with Nester, our cleaning lady, I think mainly because she has cool equipment like a vacuum cleaner, broom and mop).

There's something you should know about me.

If the mall gives 15 minutes free parking, I can be in and out in 15 minutes. Because I hate taking 16 or 17 minutes and having to pay R6.

As we exited Clicks, I found myself starting to rush to make the deadline.

Again I looked down at the cutest little boy.

He was looking around, staring into the windows and at the people and I just realised, it is not worth rushing him and missing this time (even though I was HOURS late for work) just for R6.

So I slowed down, took his little hand and we took a leisurely stroll towards the exit, pointing and chatting along the way.

Yes, we missed the cut-off by about 4 - 5 minutes but it was so very worth it.


  1. We had no power for the whole day yesterday. Most frustrating. Luckily we have an Aga which heats the water so we still had hot water, were able to cook lunch and have hot tea. It's the small things!

    Bath time is great fun here. It has always been dean's time with Olivia. As she has gotten older he has eased off and she LOVES bathing - she will spend an hour or more in the bath. She plays, sings, drinks tea and has a whale of a time. it's quite cute acutally.

    Glad to hear it's nothing serious with your little man.

  2. Awww...so glad you found that joy in that moment at the mall!!!

    And I can see why that was such a proud mommy moment (on all accounts)...so sweet. :)

    Bathtimes at our house? In and out (one baby at a time), 98% business. I still talk and laugh with the girls, but bathtime is pretty exhausting for me, so I don't like to dilly-dally. Maybe when the girls are a little older we can make it more fun at times, but these days I'm almost always just trying to stay on track.

  3. We are FOREVER loosing power! For instance, THIS past Sunday we were without it for 15ish hours, and the previous Sunday we lost it for an hour or so, and I'll bet we've lost it a good 8-9 times this year! I do not handle it well.

    Totally cracked me up that you said you handed Conner a torch! It took me a second to realize that you meant a flashlight, and not this thing with fire! Love it! :)

    This summer, I've bathed one at a time by myself in the morning before their nap. I will miss that next week when I go back to teaching and we have to do baths in the evening. Usually then my husband does the bathing and I do the dressing. Although we could bathe two at a time now, probably. It may be more efficient/fun for them.

    torch! :)

    Good for Connor at the doctor's office!

  4. Also, I'm with Mandy. Bathtime, when I'm doing it alone, is all business. Wash important parts, and you're out!

  5. If it happens again just run the bottle under the warm tap for a bit - the geyser stays warm for yonks after the power goes off?

    I love that you took the time to stroll the mall with your little man. Good for you!

  6. Touching wood... The last time I think our power was out was a few weeks ago, but during the day.

    Mommies and their boys.... I always thought that if we had to have another I would like another boy. My boy was “loving” me so so much this morning, that it (again) broke my heart when I dropped him at day care. Nothing compares to having his little arms wrapped around my neck.

    Hope Connor's sinuses clear soon! (We have so many issues with those!)

  7. I also wanted to say that you could warm their milk with hot water from your tap...but see it is already mentioned;-)

    Amazing things happen when you slow down, take time to breathe and just enjoy the ride. I love how you documented the alone time with Connor...so precious.

  8. Lynette, that's exactly it - I felt i needed to write about it to firmly entrench the lesson in my mind and to document an aha for me :)

  9. Power cuts are horrible... luckily it's only happened to me once in the last five years, and it was only for three hours. I remember the impossible task of using the bathroom whilst holding a small pen torch. The real torch was somewhere in the cupboard under the stairs.

    I have to agree, there's nothing cuter than a little boy with his mum :)

  10. Ag no! Power outages suck big time. I can see that you are ever ready for them :)
    Bath times are pretty smooth at the moment. Children are now at the age where they can bathe themselves.

  11. So sweet that you slowed down (and paid the price) t enjoy the extra 1-to-1 time with Connor. I'm sure he loved it, and you'll remember those moments for years to come.

    I've actually had a fair amount of 1-to-1 time with each of my kids this week. Buba is sick, so I've been taking Tiny out on her own once or twice a day. Then, when I get home, I cuddle a bit with Buba to remind him just how much I love him and how much a want him to feel well again soon. It's amazing how different they can be when they're without their twin.

  12. I visited my mom last week (12 hours away by car) and she gave the twins a bath one afternoon.

    Her facebook status later that day? 'How do two two-year old boys and 3 inches of water make it look like a tsunami hit my bathroom??'

  13. We also have fun in the bath most nights, but the kids know if they drag with other things, bath will be shorter and less fun. BTW the OT recommends that L spend a lot of time int he bath as it integrates a lot of senses. He pours water from one container to the other, squash water out of sponges and we play with special foam.

    Oh and I love your description of your little trip with Connor.

    Do you think your doc is too far for us? I love that accent - the reason why I still think Sean Connory is the sexiest man on earth.

  14. Oh yes, and the boys bath together an the Princess either after them or in the other bathroom. Up to about a year ago we had all 3 in one bath, but she is all about privacy now.Good thing - time I think

  15. So proud you slowed down...it's so hard to put things in that perspective sometimes, but it's also so important! Love it!

    Hailey and Matt wail whenever we split them up...then they recover quite quickly.

    Explaining anything to 2-year olds is damn near impossible.

  16. Bath times in our house are the best.

    The big kids bath on their own but bath time for Jack is his special time with Dad and I love listening to D chatting to him and he loves the bath :)

  17. We are totally not geared up for power failure. I have loads of candles but that's about it. My kids LOVE bathing and they will both spend hours in there if I don't put a stop to it. It is their special time with their Dad who climbs in with them. Our bathroom is VERY wet and messy when they are done!
    Love that you took a stroll in the mall with your boy. Special time indeed...


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