Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cry baby linky

I have so much more crying baby pics (should I even be admitting this?!) but alas, my external hard drive is not displaying them properly.

Here we go... the first three have been on the blog before

Kendra - I'm sure I said "no" to something

Connor after getting into my food colouring - didn't want it washed off

glorious summer.... with cute babies in summer pjs

Connor pulling Kendra by the neckline

and then he starts crying and she yawns (bored with me?)

proper crying - also, I miss the days when they were both contained as I had a little visitor around 5 this morning. I dragged him into bed and he slept but of course, every time I moved, he goes, "Mummy, sore" if I bumped him.

this is classic Kendra - she can WAIL

and in the next minute, she's all sneaky smiles again

who knows what this was about?

So that's us.

Link up!

Otherwise, tell me what makes your baby/ies cry?


  1. hahaha these are classic :)

    Jack cries at the moment when we kiss him - he hates it so we obviously do it over and over :-p

  2. Hey girlie! What a fun link up! These pics are too funny! Thanks for sharing the the fun! I linked up!

  3. LOL - I don't have crying baby/children pics but I can say that I can relate. Looks so familiar.
    My little daughter would cry if a drop of porridge have fallen on her lap. She hates that cause she is a neat freak :)

  4. Oh gosh, these are so cute. If I did not have that hard drive crash I would have had some pics for you - no, don't stress, I have all my pics, just safely off site on a hard drive.

  5. Oh, I feel bad saying it, but I love these pictures! Thanks for the link-up, Marcia...this should be fun! :) :)

  6. LOL I'm loving the stories :)

  7. Sooo funny! I love the crying pictures...they always make me smile, ironically!

    I sometimes take a picture if A or M is being super whiny or crying for no reason. Now we have a 'pouty face' that the girls love to make...I think I have a few pictures of it too.

    I'm at work, but I'm going to look through Flickr and see if I have any pictures to link up!

  8. This was too good to pass up!

  9. Ha! These are great, Marcia! Love Kendra, giving it all she's got!

    I just did a post this afternoon where I'm searching for protein food suggestions for the girls, and am all excited about my comments so far. But I'll link up tomorrow, promise! Addison can WAIL like crazy and I've got some awesome shots of them around 3 months belting it out!

  10. I love it! This is so cute, I will have to work on this tomorrow! :)

  11. Love it! Thanks for letting us play along!

  12. Thanks to my husband, I have one crying baby picture. These are so much fun to read about!

    If nothing else, having crying babies at one time or another is universal :)

  13. This is so timely - I just took a picture of a tantrum.

    Your kids are adorable, even when they're crying! You have some great pics. :)

    What a fun idea!!

  14. Love this linky idea! I must remember to take more crying photos. A bit easier than asking them to smile sometimes.

  15. Great post and a fun link-up!

    I added a post I did a while back--hunger still gets them going every time.

  16. Love the crying baby post. It made me go back and appreciate the small amount of pictures I have to show the girls one day to prove they did cry. Thanks for sharing, I linked up too. :)

  17. HAHA...these are classic! I actually don't have any cry baby pics. I am usually too busy walking away from it to remember to take a pic. Joel cries for everything these days but it really depends on how hungry or tired he is. He cried just now because I got out of the car to close the gate. Absolutely ridiculous!


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