Friday, August 19, 2011

Five bits of fabulousness on Friday


1. This morning a team member (the one who likes hours and hours of meetings) walked in with 4 bunches of roses for the 4 girls.

She said she's been stressed and a bit b*tchy and this was to make up for her behaviour. My one colleague said, "well, I haven't noticed a thing but can I still keep the flowers?" LOL to which I said, "ditto for me".

So now I have a beautiful bunch of yellow/ orange roses on my dining-room table.

2. Just before she walked in I had a delivery at work. Whenever I buy online I always get the stuff delivered to work - firstly, almost everything arrives quicker and if they need someone to collect it from the post office, we have people to do that, so it's super convenient. Anyway, I'm now the proud owner of two punches (I can't stop making rounded corners - it's addictive) and some more binder rings!

3. I made my book for the 30 days of lists today. It's not quite what I had in mind but I actually like the new version better. Who's in?

4. I had lunch with my dear friend, Roz, today. I have met my match in people who give good directions. She had to direct me to her work, and then to my hair appointment, and she gives FABULOUS directions. Exactly the way I like them - road names AND landmarks :)

It was so wonderful to chat and of course, time ran out just at that point you want to get some tea and talk some more.

I don't know why we haven't done this before because it only took me 8 minutes to get to her office from mine (okay, speeding a bit, but still).

5. I had my Brazilian Blow Dry today and someone asked before if it was a South African thing - no it's not - I read about it on a US blog for the first time! Very interesting experience. I bought my voucher on Wicount for R800 (they said it cost R2000) but I think they might have inflated their prices to make the new value seem cheaper. Anyway, it took two full hours (they warned me when I made my appointment) so I took my Karen Kingsbury with me and nearly finished my book after I planned blog posts on the organising blog for the next two weeks.

The guy who did my hair obviously tried to sell me the expensive products (shampoo R200; he said you can use normal conditioner) but I was very proud of myself for saying no and that I'd look around first and come back if I wanted theirs. I'm going to see if my hairdresser stocks similar for cheaper. I'm in no rush; I'm sure I could go a week without needing to wash my hair.

My hair looks stunning except for the grey roots showing (no time to colour hair as I was sick when I had time!) so I'm going to get D to take some pics. Even Kendra said to me when I got home, "Mummy pretty hair" - my words of affirmation girl :)

plus one more

6. Tomorrow I'm meeting someone I've wanted to meet for at least a year - Cat. I can't wait!

It feels kind-of like a date but yet not, since we're both open and honest on our blogs (and in the behind-the-scenes emails) and I do feel like I know her.

I'm taking D and the kids with me as we've wanted to check out this particular venue for ages and this is a good opportunity to do so.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

How was your Friday?

P.S. Unashamedly copying MandyE with fabulous five :) (Mandy, it won't let me link to your specific post)


  1. Glad your week was FABULOUS!!! (And thanks for the link!) ;)

    I love that your co-worker brought cool! And have FUN with Cat!!!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. I can always count on you to come up with brilliant ideas for the simplest things... having online orders sent to work. Brilliant! Maybe you should rename your blog "1,2,3... Genius!"

    I'm going to look into the 30 days of lists thing. I love lists too!

  3. This weekend I'm planning french drains around the house. I'm soo excited. I just wish I didn't have to work so I could get started.

  4. Getting flowers is always a treat - D also bought me 2 bunches of roses this week.

    I had to laugh at your direction comment - D is like that road names and all - I am of the "turn left at the tree with the pretty red flower and then right at the garage that makes the best pies"

    It drives David insane!

    I want to say we have no plans for the weekend BUT right now Cam is at soccer with D, then we are popping in at a 30th and then to Ds mom for the rugby and then D and I are going out (date night) AND THEN tomorrow we have a bday party :)

  5. Lucky you to be meeting Cat!
    Can't wait to go for my brazilian blow dry. Hopefully by the end of the year.
    My Friday was OK. Have had a busy Saturday so far. Up at the crack of dawn to take Lance to the Dr (he is VERY sick), then to the knitting shop, then to buy running shoes, then some grocery shopping. Am home now, have cleaned up and will relax for the rest of the day.
    Tomorrow morning I have a run (Am only going to do it if there is no rain) and relax and wash hair.
    So glad you got your binder rings!

  6. Meeting Cat! How awesome!

    Yip, those blowdrys do cost R2000! I know a few girls who have done it. But they reckon its so worth it!


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