Friday, August 05, 2011

Five on Friday

1. When you skip ONE day of reading blogs and your reader announces that you have 120 unread items, it's time to declutter blogs. I'm also thinking about re-categorising my blogs into those I comment on and those I don't, so that I can focus my attention if I'm pressed for time.

2. Last night I was really, really not in the mood to socialise especially after the website story (I'm sure you guys are so tired of hearing about this - imagine how I feel!) but we had our fertility babies six-weekly get together. As usual, it was lovely to get out and connect with the girls, talk nonsense, laugh at other people's parenting issues knowing you're all in the same boat and just have a good time.

3. Straight after my post, I had two coaching calls, one of them with my coach. She listened, listened and listened some more, we chatted a bit and then she prayed for me. I then sent her a section of this post and she sent me the MOST wonderfully encouraging email last night.

4. I've been on a mentoring course for the last two days and it has been fabulous. I'm not much for a lot of theory but I had tons of insights which I have noted down should I feel the need to blog these at any point :)

5. And I've got to say it's really, really nice when the thing you think you're awesome at (for me, coaching) is affirmed by total strangers. They require us to use some specific models with our mentees which I don't use in my business but despite all that, the process still felt very natural to me and the woman had to pry us out of role play (me and my partner) because we were so into it.


And for me?

Well, I have not been getting to bed quite as early as I'd like but it has been earlier than last week.

I haven't exercised this week and I won't go tomorrow morning either.

But I have been kind to myself.

I worked really hard when in the office this week (all of two days!) and even though there are things that are undone, I'm not going into my work email to work this weekend.

I cancelled a workshop that I felt was just too much to do at this point.

I have not been beating myself up about this website. I breathed and wrote to the web person and am taking it easy. Well, for me.

I asked God for clarity and the best way to fix everything and today I twigged that I could take down the hacked page while the website is being fixed. So hopefully things look alright now, otherwise tough. I am done.

What have you done for yourself this week?


  1. I haven't exercised this week either...but I love your line about "being kind to myself". The girls went to J's parents' house for two nights, and I took full advantage--including staying up late and skipping the morning walk. It's been a good 'mental health' week, and I think that is just as important as shedding these few pounds. : )

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Oh I have to comment on #1... I sorted my RSS feeds last week and it has changed my life!!! I have a category for the blogs I always comment on... yes I have a few!!! And a category for the ones I always link to ... and various others, it really is a "must read" down to a "read if you have time" hierarchy and it has been life changing!!!

    I always used to put things into categories like news, momblogs, craft blogs whatever before ... but that wasn't ranking them and I still had to read every post... now I go to the most important folders and read and comment and link and then relax... if I have time I can browse through the whole of apartment therapy but if I am busy I just click "read all" and move on...

    Hope you all have a fun weekend!!! It is so cold here in Cape Town that I may just about die!!!

  3. Yes, sort your blogs. Makes a world of difference. They seem to hover if you havne't commented!

    What did i do for myself this week? After being a single mum for 4 days as Hubby was riding the Imana Wild Ride, I spent 2 days doing NOTHING! I went for a massage and various other treatments, read my book, lazed at the pool, ate lots of divine food at Umngazi and just generally took time out.

    So good for my soul. x

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Sounds like you had kind of a rough week filled with some affirmation.
    You seem to go on all these nice courses! Wish I could do stuff like that.
    This week I exercised. I hate it and at the same time I LOVE it! I would have been insane by now if I wasn't exercising. This morning I collected all the paper piling up in my house and will work through it tomorrow late afternoon in front of the TV. I went to the movies today with my DH. First time in about a year! LOVED IT! glad you got the clarity you needed. Hang in there honey. This too shall pass.xx

  5. I too have to get back on track with my weight loss and exercising. I also need to reorganize/prioritize my Google Reader to avoid 250 new posts on my feed app on my phone. Yikes! Go for you for taking time for yourself, we all have those days and all are in need of ME Time.

  6. I am so sorry I didn't get a Happy Birthday wish sent to you yesterday! I hope you had a marvelous day! You look absolutely wonderful for 37!! :):)

    I missed a day blog reading too! I think I need to do the same! It is hard having enough time for everything!

    Take care Marcia!

  7. I had such a crappy week last week - busy and tired - I have missed much.


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