Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting my craft on: party scrapbook 1

One of the things on my 37 things list is to do two crafty/creative projects a month.

I've done number 1 and thought I'd post the results:

Also, for those of you who are TRULY crafty, don't laugh - this is HUGE for me.

  • I bought a brag book at Clicks for R9,99.
  • Used some of the party printables for the front and back covers.
  • Printed TONS of pics from the party.
  • Arranged them in an order that made me happy.
  • Put in some of the leftover cupcake toppers and tented food tags.
  • Realised I still had space for about 6 pics.
  • Went back to the photo shop to print additional pics.
  • Rearranged a little bit more.
  • Called it a day.

Am VERY happy with the result.

I showed the people at work and (just goes to show what kind of people I work with) they were all SO enthusiastic and encouraging about my efforts that 3 of them want me to do their kids' party.

Um, no thanks :)

What do you think?

P.S. I'm linking this up to Ginger's scrapbooking linky, just for laughs!


  1. yay you.

    for a non scrapper that is divine. It's a quick and easy and very ample reminder of the day. which is really all you want to do isn't it? Well done. x

  2. I love the page with the cupcake toppers next to the picture of the cute.

    And I think this is a great momento...definitely tells a story that will help you remember that special day for many, many years to come...and that's what it's all about! :)

    I am SO itching to do something crafty...but I'm SO trying hard to get caught up on home stuff after Hubby's summer vacation. [I still haven't gotten my files straight! I've been working like a NUT to get ready for the consignment sale...all that stuff is due tomorrow, though, and I'm almost done. Hope to get back on track soon!!!]

  3. That is SUPER Crafty....I love it...L-O-V-E it!! I think you are a natural! Super cute kiddies as always!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. That is really cool!

    One of the things I like to do is to type some words on A4 sheets to match the photos I have and turn it into a story for my kids. So would keep the photos as it happened so that the story would have a beginning and an end. My kids love that :-).

    I have also recently completed a scrapbook of my daughter's netball season as a thank you for the netball coach. Was a lot of fun, but I'm definitely a one of a kind, spur of the moment kind of person so wouldn't be able or willing to do something like this in bulk.

  5. I have three boxes, one for each of the girls with the plan on one day putting it all in a scrapbook. This has given me the idea that maybe I just need to do events as they happen so it doesnt seem such a monumental task!

  6. Well done...I love it!

    The main idea is to get the photos off the computer and somewhere for you to enjoy.

  7. I am with you on this - no way that I will do kids parties - will make me grey before my time :)
    Like the brag book you made. You did a great job

  8. Oh yeah - it is such a great idea.I am busy with a photobook of 2008 - as a regular photbook orderer I got a special 2- pages for free from Qphoto. Such good memories.

  9. Thank you, everyone, for your encouraging comments.

    That's exactly it - I wanted something tangible to be able to look at and the kids love looking at the "ladybugs" (they mean the party photos)

  10. I love it! I am NOT a scrapbooker, and I actually love this's much smaller and more compact than a big bulky scrapbook. It just seems like it would be more functional, at least the way we would use it.

    Great job!

  11. Thats a great idea! I'd never have thought to do anything as creative... So sentimental

  12. Thats actually such a lovely idea!!!!

    I really want to start scrapbooking again. I keep buying supplies but never find the time.

  13. LOVE it! Have never actually even considered scrapping or anything like that. I may just steal this idea. x


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