Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good news and a wake-up call

Last week Thursday I had my annual gynae appointment.

I was kept waiting for 40 minutes which does not impress me in the least, but that's not the point of this story.

When I eventually got into his rooms, this is how the conversation goes:

Him So how are you doing?

Me Fine

Him Is there anything you're worried about in your life?

Me (thinking) well, I'm 150% sure you don't want to hear about my business woes and my website that's constantly getting hacked. even my friends don't care

Me Um, a few things

Him Well, your blood results came back from the lab and your ____ levels are elevated.

Me (eyebrows shoot up) WHAT?!

Him Well, let's have a look and then we'll talk.

So he examined me, did my Pap smear, took blood pressure, checked b**bs, whatnot.... and he says, "oh, there's a cyst" (almost like a pleasant surprise - what's with that?!) when he scanned me "but otherwise you're a very healthy young lady".

(I'm loving how people call me, a 37-year-old, a young lady)

But that's good.

Anyway, so I put all my clothes back on and go have the chat.

On the bright side, the endo is under control.

So even though the birth control patches make me slightly pudgy, they are keeping the endo at bay which is FABULOUS.

I've had 4 gynaecological surgeries aside from the C-section and all of those were for endometriosis. Obviously I'm very keen to not have any more unnecessary surgeries if we can keep the endo at bay with birth control.

He feels the same as I do.

But here's the interesting thing.

Despite me thinking I'm all cool and being zen about this website/ business thing, my blood is telling another story.

Not only that, but that cyst is because of stress.

I'm quite amazed.

Amazed that there are all these other symptoms of things going on so there's no more pretending.

The cyst is not serious and will probably disappear again because those ____ levels are not crazy high, just elevated to above normal.

But I took that as a wake-up call.

I don't want other stuff going on in my body (we won't mention those other scary words!!!) when I can do something about the stress, for instance.

I need to relax more.

Last week Tuesday night I looked at my business to-do list for the week.

I'm very ambitious and love pushing myself hard to achieve. ALL self-imposed, of course.

But I thought, "I actually just want to read and relax tonight".

I had things to do though. What I did do is work out a new time schedule for the week.

I've cut down my business hours by one-third so I can build in more time to relax. And I'm taking a three-day weekend except for quick sales fulfillment that literally takes less than 5 minutes because I have my systems set up.

And since I made that decision last Tuesday, I tripled my weekly sales and got a new client.

Hmmm. Do you think God's trying to tell me something?

So that's it.

I'm going to still set my weekly goals (what is Marcia without goals?!) but once my allocated time is up for the week, then it's time to relax.

How well do you listen to your body?

Is this too woo-woo for you?

P.S. What do you think of the new blogger interface? Hmmm, I'm still finding my way around but I don't like that it looks like WP because I hate WP with a passion. One thing I'm loving is seeing how many page views vs comments I'm getting :) (the cry baby linky got 203 page views vs 18 comments)


  1. I am relatively good at listening to my body but I usually need to get a shock first. Good on you for taking active steps to relax. Awesome that your endo is under control.

  2. My body is telling me to exercise but my ears are not listening :(

  3. I'm glad that you are going to listen to your body and take it a bit easy. Sorry to hear about the cyst but like you say, it will dissapear. How do I listen to my body? My body will be physical tired or I get heart palpitations which is a strong indication that I need to stop stressing and take it easy a.s.a.p.

  4. That is a wake up call my friend. Sometimes I just push the stress away and take time out. Tomorrow is indeed anther day. And I am so going to take a 3 day weekend soon - hubby is doing it this weekend.

  5. It's amazing how our bodies react to stress. Dr's all tell me that my sicknesses are all about stress, we've started walking (big place to walk, 2,2km) during our lunch hour, and I must say, most of the symptons have gone...just still having terrible nausea...

    But ja, listen to your inner voice!! ;)

  6. Since I started yoga and pilates about 3/4 years ago I have started listen to my body more BUT I will admit to saying "yes I hear you but I cant stop right now"

  7. I haven't opted for the new interface yet.

    Stress is such a bad thing and has such a different effect on each person...I would also say...slow down and relax deserve it.

  8. Less stress is awesome...I believe it opens up all sorts of new avenues.

    That picture is too adorable for words, so I'll shut up.

    My body typically tells me to sleep, but my brain tells me to read. WTF?

  9. I don't think this is too woo-woo at all. ;-)

    Stress is like a poison, you have to take time to chill and recharge.


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