Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I can't believe I'm blogging about the weather

For the past couple of months I've been wearing at least 3 layers, not counting underwear.

Long-sleeved t-shirt, thin jersey, thick jersey/ jacket.

Today I only wore the first two layers.

This is big news as it means spring is on its way.

I was thinking about this whole weather thing while driving to work this morning.

I think the reason we feel the cold so much is because we're not geared up for it.

I've been in Europe twice for their "spring" which in the UK and Ireland is much colder than our WINTER.

Side note - a few weeks ago we Skyped with our dear friends in Ireland. Of course we spent a good part of the conversation talking about the weather as we're all slightly obsessed. He is Zimbabwean, she is Brazilian and they're living in Dublin.

The following day he sent us an email saying, "it's a lovely summer's day in Dublin today. 17 degrees!"

I nearly choked on my tea I was laughing so hard :) In South Africa, that's an ICE-COLD winter's day.

The thing is that in colder climates the houses, buses, shops, malls, etc. are all well-insulated and even in 5 degree weather I never felt the cold like I'm feeling it this winter.

I think we also forget to make provision because the switch over is very sudden, in Jhb especially.

Today's high was 20, tomorrow is a whopping 23 (that's shorts weather in PE where I'm from) and before you know it I'll be complaining about the heat (as D reminded me this morning).

We only really have 3.5 - 4 months of true cold weather every year - I know this because 1 May is my date to switch to winter sheets and pillowcases and get out the heaters and sometime after my birthday is when I start wearing short sleeves and a light cardigan for the mornings.

No wonder we forget.

I don't know how some of you do it with serious cold for most of the year. No wonder you go full out and celebrate summer.

Another aside

The last time we were in Dublin it happened to be a "very lovely 18 or 19 degrees one day". Well, you'd swear it was 30 degree weather because people were out in the parks having picnics, letting their kids ride bikes, etc.

Our friend said, "the weather's so miserable here that if there's even an inkling of sunshine, people stop and take notice, and make the most of it"

Isn't that great though?

There's a lesson there for me .


In other news, I had a conversation with a girl on the mentoring course and she didn't know who Air Supply is.

I was gobsmacked.

Okay, so she's about 5 - 6 years younger than I am but come on, Air Supply!


Also, why is it that when the kids play with your CDs and they get messed up, your favourite Air Supply songs start skipping but the ones you could care less about miraculously play perfectly?!


Because of the "unofficial long weekend we had in South Africa, today feels like Monday. On the bright side, two days til the weekend.

How was your Monday/ Wednesday?

P.S. Tomorrow I'm doing a cry baby linky. Get your pics ready :) I told Mandy that I always feel guilty even thinking about posting pics of the babies crying so we decided to get it all out on one day, just for fun.
PPS Now I have to chat to my hosting company to discuss the still-hacked pages on my website. Fun times!


  1. 20 degrees sounds heavenly right about now. Here in Florida it's about 112.

  2. I am dying that you find 17 C to be freezing cold! I have every window in my house open when its that temperature. You must get crazy heat, though. I complain about weather in the 90s (33+ C) but then people in the southern United States tease me. When winter comes, they complain about weather in the 30s (0 C) which for us is a warm as it gets for nearly three straight months. No one is ever happy!! :)

  3. I love that we are at totally different seasons right now! You are where I was 5 months ago! At least the change is in sight!

  4. The weather is the reason my parents chose to move to Australia from SA. They thought about Europe but decided they would rather stick to the same latitude to make sure the weather wasnt too different to what they enjoyed in SA!

  5. The weather sounds FANTASTIC! I would certainly enjoy it. The heat wave is finally breaking and tomorrow's high is only 33C.

    I can't wait for the link up! I need to dig out some great pictures!! SOOOO excited!

    I totally know Air Supply, and I am 12 years your junior!

  6. Oh gosh, I will have to search far for crying pics - I tend not to take.

    And yes, I agree about the weather - we are so blessed, but not geared at all. And I am just fine with 33 degrees C - a summer baby.

  7. Oh yes, and last year I could not believe it when our student did not know who U2 was! I mean U2? The greatest band ever?

  8. We here in South Africa are truly blessed when it comes to the weather because like you say, we only have 3-4 months of real winter coldness. All the other months are warm/er. I also thought that what D said to you - soon we (I) will complain about the heat :)

  9. Air Supply - oh surely brings back the memories! I have started copying all the cd's i own and keeping the original somewhere safe to avoid damage to them - both my girls have inherited my love of music and play my cd's (mostly 80's) all the time.

    We are still very cold - it was 2 deg at 7h45 this morning. Today there is a biting wind which just drops the temps even further, altho the sun is shining brightly (i'm sitting in the sun room soaking it up) i doubt temps will rise above 20 today. Really am fed up with the cold to be honest.

  10. Some people (Husband) get annoyed at how quickly the weather changes, but I love it. It just reminds me that I have to start shaving my legs again though! LOL

  11. If you're somewhere long enough I guess you just just get used to the climate? ;-) One of my friends who lives in the UK now complains about the rain and snow all the time...funny, because that's half the reason she moved there, because she loved it. Cranks me up when she calls it an island though! Definitely not tropical hey?

    My favourite season is spring, without a doubt. And it starts on the 1st of September come rain or shine. On such a day I WILL wear a dress (freezing my butt off if I have to) and if it falls on a weekend I will either swim or go to the botanical gardens or both.

    This is not negotiable.

  12. I have to say that CT winter has rocked my world this season. Was storming yesterday and is warm enough for a beach walk today. I am starting to panic a bit at the lack of rain we've had this past winter. There has got to be consequences for that right?


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