Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's that time of the year

I've written before about how I'm not a fan of the dentist.

I tend to make the appointment and then forget about it (or block it out) until the day.

She's the best dentist in the world (if you're on my side of the world tell me and I'll give you her details) so she is usually fully booked a month out. (She is also gorgeous and has been in a Colgate ad).

Well, today was the day and I successfully blocked it out.

I usually mark off all the time in my calendar, including travel time so I never know the actual appointment time.

I make a note in the actual Outlook appt to tell me the correct time.

Somehow I have a love for 3 pm appts (all the kids ones are at 3pm) as they feel like I can still do a good morning's work and then it's just late enough to not have to go back to the office :)

Naturally I assumed that today's one was at 3 pm too.

Something (God?) just made me double-check once my meeting was out and when I saw the words "actual appt time 2:30" and it was 2.14 (I'm about 30 minutes away), I grabbed my gorgeous pink leather bag and RAN out of there.

When the boss has meetings in his office, he can see all the to and fro from his seat at his meeting table and I could see the puzzled expression as I FLEW past.

Tried to phone them twice to let them know I was running late as I ran down the stairs to the basement but they weren't answering their phone.

I was 10 minutes late and then still had to brush my teeth before she could look in my mouth.

Fortunately all is well. My teeth are good and I'm okay for another year.

We were saying that I've been going to her for at least 7 years. She was pregnant a year or two after I first saw her and her daughter is 6 now.

If you're wondering why I'm so conscientious even though I'm not a fan of dentists, it's because I vowed after my one and only root canal (pre-this Dr) that I would go every single year to prevent any serious stuff from happening.

So that's me.

Do you go to the dentist regularly? Do you actually enjoy it?

PS next week it's the gynae - oy!


  1. Go you! Way to follow through!

    Here we do 6 month appointments and my next one is in October. I'm hoping for an equally impressive visit( and that I don't cancel!).

  2. Our six monthly too. Now that MiniMe has started school she is also seeing the dentist. She loves it. She had a wobbly tooth last time and the dentist quietly whispered to me that she could use a needle and put some local anesthetic in which would hurt a bit and then pull it out. MiniMe heard and beamed, 'yes please!'.

  3. Every 6 months for me, without fail. I love my dentist, too...he does all the cleaning himself, as opposed to having an assistant do it. He's the biggest control freak...he always calls me back on time for my appointments, sometimes EARLY (which is completely unheard of here!!!). I'm usually in and out in less than 30 minutes, which is amazing.

    I've never really minded the dentist, but - since the girls were born - I've found myself looking forward to those non-invasive appointments (dentist, optometrist) = adult conversation! ;)

    Glad you had a good appointment!

  4. Oops - the girls in my office tell me we're also supposed to go every 6 months. Well, what in the Sam Hill?!

    I can just about do once a year :)

  5. I'd rather go to the gynea than to the dentist - but my gynea sounds a lot like your dentist. That said, I have serious tooth issues - a combination of sickness, two draining pregnancies and a handbag thief. But let's not go there - I go, Regularly and hate it.

    I have to get my first mammogram next week - oi!

  6. Okay, so now I'm freaked out because it's been years since I've seen a dentist. My teeth seem healthy enough but I guess you can never be too sure.

    Funny though is that I'm totally vigilant about making sure my kids see their dentist every 6 months. They love her though and actually look forward to going. Maybe if I found a dentist that I loved that much, I wouldn't mind going!

  7. I avoid the dentist!!!

    I dont go regularly and when I do go its because my tooth is about to fall out or some other such emergency!

  8. I am VERY bad with the dentist and will only go in an emergency. When I had my teeth issues earlier this year I made appts for Lance and Joshua so at least this year is done. Apparently you are meant to go every six months. I'll implement that next year. Quite honestly, I would much rather go for a gynae visit than to the dentist.

  9. I hate dentists...but I seriously have to go, my wisdom teeth are giving me endless issues...

  10. I hate the feeling of almost missing an appointment.

    Husband makes me go regularly...I probably wouldn't b/c my teeth are relatively problem free.

    I love that you call it "my gorgeous pink leather bag." You rock.


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